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"So this is what I found out. The prints on the hat belong to a man named Sean Taylor." Elena told them all putting the file with the hat back on the table and the folder with all of his information along with it.

"Did you find out anything else?" Dom asked her looking in the file at the picture of the guy. Then passing it over to Brian who continued to pass it on to Tej and Roman once he looked at the picture.

"He has a large criminal record. He was wanted in Spain for grand theft auto. Then he made his way over here. Ever since he got over here, his record has been increasing rapidly. Stealing car parts, engines, and cars. He's a street racer, and has been involved in some pretty bad crimes. He's been wanted for kidnapping, aiding and abeding a criminal, and sadly sexual assault. Nobody has been able to track him down. He's too quick, and knows everyones' moves." Elena answered.

"Well not anymore. We know his move before he makes it, got it?" Dom told the team in an insisting tone while looking at each of them. Once he had heard the sexual assault charges his anger and blood pressure went through the roof.

They all nodded their heads in agreement. There was no way that they were going to let this guy get away with this. Even if he was a known criminal, and was wanted. They were going to know his every move before he made it, and Dom was going to make sure of it.

"I also read up on the people involved in some of his other crimes. They've been seen together before every job they've done. They were even seen together the day before Letty was kidnapped. The other two guys involved are Aaron Neil and Fletcher Stephens. They have been wanted for the exact same crimes that Sean is. The thing is that they aren't seen at the crime sites. Sean is the only one on the security cameras and the one at the scene. Aaron and Fletcher aren't seen." Elena told them all.

"That means Aaron and Fletcher are working behind the cameras. If anything one of them is probably the lookout while the other is driving the get away car. One of them is probably monitoring everything Sean is doing on the computers or something. Either way, they're the ones doing the unseen stuff while Sean is getting caught on the cameras." Brian added.

"There has to be more people than just the three of them involved especially if they haven't been caught yet. There is way more to the situation that meets the eye." Tej replied.

"When isn't there more is the better question." Roman responded.

"Do you think this one will be harder than Shaw and his brother?" Brian asked Dom.

"I'm not sure, but I can tell you one thing. These guys aren't messing around. Whoever they are, we obviously did or have something they want. Otherwise, they wouldn't be going through all this trouble. I mean everyone around here knows who we are. Nobody wants to mess with the ex-criminials. These guys know who we are. They know what we can do. Now we just gotta find out what they want." Dom answered.

"In those files is also a list of their most visited places. Maybe we can get the security footage linked into our computers and watch what's happening in these stores and other places." Elena told Dom.

Dom took out the list and looked over it. Almost every single one of the places on the list were common places that Dom went to. Some were unfamiliar. "I have a place set up with some equipment in a more remote location. Lets head over there and try to get everything worked out over there. Tej once we get over there start checking out the computer access on these places," he spoke handing the list to Tej with the addresses and names as Tej started to look at the list, "we need to get as much information on these places. Even if it is just some of the parts some of the garages and parts shops are ordering."

"You got it Dom. I'll get as much information and set up as possible. I got this." Tej replied.

"Let's head over to the place I have and we'll talk more once we're over there." Dom told them all grabbing his leather jacket and putting it on.

The rest of the team walked out of the door and were all getting into their cars when Dom stopped before he walked out of the door. He looked at the wedding picture of him and Letty on the beach hanging on the wall beside the door. That was the most dressed up Dom had ever seen Letty. She looked absolutely beautiful. She wanted to get married on the beach since the both of them had always loved spending their time there. The photo was just of the two of them at the reception smiling at the camera. He looked at the picture beside it of the two of them kissing at the alter. That was one of the best moments of Dom's life. He finally had his dream girl all to himself. Dom grabbed the picture frame with the picture of them kissing. He took the back off of it and slipped the picture out of it. He held it in his hands looking at it.

"I'm getting you back. Even if it's the last thing I do." Dom whispered to the picture in his hand as he slipped it in his jacket pocket and walked out the front door.