This is a romance story with Pitch Black from RofG and my OC. While I do have pretty much the whole story in my head, I'll see how this first chptr goes first. It might start of a little slow, but I hope you enjoy. :)

Mara gazed out her window at the golden sand that visited every child. She knew that none of it would visit her to drift her off to sleep, but she still liked to watch. At age 19 one would think Mara wouldn't even believe in the Sandman, let alone watch the work he did. But she had always been like that, from a very early age she had a belief in everything, and had even seen Santa and the little tooth fairy. At first her parents were happy to indulge her, but as she got older they worried if she was having delusions. So what if she still believed in magic and the unseen? Mara soon realized she was better keeping her believes to herself, even getting to the point where she secluded herself from everyone else.

Turning from the window she went back to her drawing table. She didn't sleep often, ever since she "grew up" she never had the same dreams as she did when she was a child. She picked up one of her old drawing and stared head in hand. It was covered in sketches of misty black horses, and a dark figure that looked human. Something from a nightmare she had when she was young, though she could never remember much. Setting it aside, she resumed her current work. The dark figure sat astride one of the horses, set on a hill against a stormy sky. Though she couldn't remember much from that dream she was sure that figure was a man, though she wasn't certain he was human at all. She had researched to see if maybe she got him from some fairy tale, but could find nothing. "Maybe he's the Boogeyman." she chuckled as she finished the horses glowing eyes. Satisfied with the finished work she turned her light out and flopped on the bed, waiting for sleep to come.

"Hey, there goes Miss Creepy. What cha doin today little goth girl?" Rolling her eyes at the boys jeers she kept walking as if she didn't hear them. Just because she liked wearing dark colors and keeping to herself doesn't make her a goth. She did admit she likes the style and mixed it with her own, but she never took the label. "Hey! I'm talking to you!" Mara shifted her bag more securely as she headed for the woods outside Burgess. Suddenly she heard something whiz through the air and a sharp pain hit her in the back of the head. "Ah!" grabbing the back of her head she turned to see the group of boys all pick up more rocks. Not waiting to see what happened next she ran.

As she ran though the forest she could hear the boys crashing after her. She had spent a lot of her time in these woods, and could move quickly and quietly, but she needed a place to hide. Looking back she tripped over a low bush into a clearing. Picking herself up she noticed a hole just big enough for her a few feet ahead. Crawling forward she saw it was deep enough that she wouldn't be seen. Without a second thought she tumbled in, sliding down until she hit the bottom. As she looked around the dark chamber she had fallen into the thumping of footsteps stopped over head. Mara held her breath as she listened for their voices. "Where'd she go?" "I don't know, maybe the little witch flew away." "Ah, I'm bored anyway, let's go."

As the footsteps faded Mara listened a bit longer before breathing a sigh of relief. "Stupid boys, act like such savages..." muttering darkly to herself she stood and brushed the dirt from her clothes and hair. She glanced at the hole she had fallen through. There was no visible way to go back up that way, so she decided to explore for a bit. Cautiously she made her way until she found a large room with large cages hanging from the ceiling and some glowing globe in the center. "Whoa, it's like some weird dungeon or something." Mara approached the globe and touched one of the lights. It had no visible power source, yet didn't go out when she covered it either. "Magic?" she wondered out loud as she searched for something that would make it glow.

"Would someone your age really believe in magic?" a smooth british voice questioned from the shadows behind her. Startled, Mara whipped around to find the source, "Who's there?" She looked all around but saw no one. "Oh, you can hear me?" the voice sounded intrigued, and plotting. The shadows to her left shifted, but before she could respond Mara was thrown into the nearest cage. A sinister chuckle rang though the air.

I'll stop it here, if you like it let me know. Course to be honest I plan of finishing it whether anyone likes it or not :p