Second half of the previous chapter, it's short, I know. I'm trying to make the next one a little longer, so bare with me if it's a bit of a wait.


Pitch returned to his lair late in the day. He had been chasing the night around the world to bring fear to more than just Burgess, but it was very slow progress. Even when he took the form of a cultures most feared demon he was too easily written off. He could easily feed of the fear of the ignorant, destitute, and isolated, but it was never as much fun. He paced his lair as his foul mood rattled the cages above him. He knew it would be a while till his power to grow again, but to be so close to victory only to be knocked back to square one, his patience was wearing thin. He was the King of Nightmares, he was supposed to be feared everywhere, yet here he was, hiding from the light. Pitch growled in frustration, subconsciously rubbing his shoulder blade. He hated feeling weak in any sense of the word. He thought for moment, something to take his anger out on, something to amuse him.

*Maybe torturing my little slave will prove amusing.* He smirked to himself, watching her squirm really was a treat. He was also really curious about this girl, but he would never admit it.

Closing his eyes, Pitch focused on the sand that was in her possession. Once he found it he opened his eyes in surprise, it was with her, but she was in another city. Curious and suspicious, he melded into the shadows to travel to her location. Surely she was not naïve enough to think she could run from him. He regained his form in the deep shadows at the back of an abandoned theater. Looking around he recognized it as one that use to preform old plays late at night, he would come and watch when some of Shakespeare's darker plays were performed. His attention was brought to the light when he heard a familiar voice.

"Wow guys, that was really…. Sexual."

A voice smooth as honey replied "Well of course dear, it's supposed to be."

"It's your turn next Agony." Pitch sneered at the child-like hyper voice as he edge closer to see.

"Why don't you and Jester go next?"

"We don't need to practice here we do it at home. Besides, it's a surprise."

Now close enough, Pitch could see Mara shaking her head and a small blue-haired girl who was smiling proudly. Mara turned and walked back to the center of the stage.

"Whatever. Jester, would you mind playing in the order of three, one, two?"

A tall dark man nodded in understanding as the blue girl bounced down to her seat clapping like an idiot.

"YAY! Knock the socks off Agony."

*Agony?* Pitch eyed Mara oddly, eyes narrowing. *That is the oddest name I have ever heard given. And what are these children doing here?*

Pitch looked at the others seated. Three of them appeared to be in fact adults, but Mara and the blue girl were defiantly the youngest. Pitch sniffed in disdain, they were still children compared to him, only two actually carried themselves like their age. Pitch was about to leave the children to their play when the music came over the speakers. Normally he would describe it as overly loud racket and leave for a quieter place, but what truly commanded his attention was Mara. At first she didn't move, but the way she stood drew all eyes to her. As he watched with renewed interest, she began to dance. Her body moved to the music perfectly, as if the music came from her, and Pitch couldn't help but watch transfixed. The room faded away, the few people there disappeared, and to Pitch it seemed she danced only for him. As the first song ended, she used the pause to set the mood for the next. Pitch caught himself stepping from the shadows, stopping himself just outside the doorway he stood in. At the end of the second song their eyes locked. Mara held his gaze in the pause between songs, smiling at him in an inviting way as her dark eyes seemed to smolder with a playful fire. Pitch took a step back into the shadows as she broke contact to dance her last dance.

Who was the girl? That look, the way she danced, and the way he couldn't help but watch. All these thoughts ran through his head and he watch her dance to a song that seemed to have been picked for him perfectly. He snapped out of it when the music stopped and the other began to speak again.

*She is not all that she appears it seems. I will be following you a little more closely, little mouse." Pitch's eyes narrowed as if to direct his thoughts to her before disappearing again.


Mara stared at the doorway at the back of the theater. She swore she had seen Pitch watching her, but now she could see nothing back there. But how could she mistake those golden eyes, or did she imagine him?

"Woooow. That was awesome!" she was shaken out of her thoughts from a tackle hug from Bubbles.

"No darling, that was amazing. Were you dancing with someone in mind."

Mara stared at Ginger blankly before shaking her head to clear her thoughts. "What? Ah, no, I was just.. um.. feeling the rhythm."

Ginger laughed and shook her head, "No darling, there is a difference between feeling the music and dancing for someone. The first two songs, you were dancing for the music. That last song, you were dancing for a person. I could tell your movements, and your eyes." Ginger stared into Mara's eyes at her last sentence. Mara blushed as she knew she was busted.

"Alright, out with it. Who is he, because I know it's a different one."

Mara glare in a pouty way as Ginger called her out, Bubbles looked back and forth between them completely confused. Ginger sighed when she realized Mara would say until she was comfortable.

"Stryker dear, would you mind telling Jester what we discussed in another room please?"

Stryker glared back at the woman before motioning to Jester to follow him to the back room. Jester just shrugged before following him, looking at Bubbles one more time before they both disappeared in the dark. Ginger turned to sit at the edge of the stage and patted the place beside her. Mara sighed before plopping down beside her, Bubbles flopping down on her other side.

"So, is he at least real this time?"

Mara crossed her arms in defiance, "The last one was real and so is this one."

Ginger sighed, "Ok, so that means he's like the last one. Now explain what he is and how you met him."

Bubbles started to catch on and had scooted closer to Mara in anticipation. Mara sighed and twiddled her fingers together, trying to find the best way not to sound like a child.

"Well.. He's the embodiment of fear. Tall, dark, handsome, gorgeous golden eyes, feeds of people's fears, and he has me working for him."

"He sounds dreamy." The other woman looked at Bubbles as she clasped her hands together and wiggled with joy. *Probably thinking of Jester.* Mara thought to herself as she rolled her eyes.

"And why does he have you working for him?" Mara flinched slightly, Ginger never lets things go till she knows everything.

"Well.. Because I kinda, accidently, fell into his lair, where he threw me in a cage, and I had to make a deal with him so I didn't end up being torture for eternity." Mara rushed through her explanation with and awkward grin and shrugged her shoulders in helplessness.

Ginger sighed and shook her head, Bubbles was still in her own little world.

"I guess that's better than the ice boy who will never grow up. I just didn't think you would go so fast to the other end of the spectrum"

"Hey! I didn't mean to. I swear he cast a spell or something. Those golden eyes of his, that voice. I don't know why, but my heart has a spaz attack every time I see him."

"You masochistic bitch." Ginger smiled with a teasing tone, but Mara still shot her a dirty look.

"You should talk. You nearly tore Stryker's nipple ring off last time I saw you!"

"He deserved it." Mara stared at her but Ginger kept her head high in confidence as she continued.

"Anyway, at least you are actually moving on and finding someone new, Even if it would be frowned on in normal society." She smiled broadly as she hopped down and walked off. "Well I have to go, so you next week dear."

Mara just shook her head and smiled. "Hey Bubbles, it's getting really late, I should be going to."

Bubbles snapped back to reality and hugged Mara's arm. "Oh please don't go Agony. Spend the night instead!"

"I can't, what would Jester say? It's his house."

"I'll go ask him!"

Before Mara could stop her Bubbles had run off to get him. Mara rolled her eyes and went to get her things. She never minded spending the night, but she knew Jester worked an odd schedule, and more importantly, she had an unpredictable father who may or may not be home.

"You can stay over!" Bubbles shout rang out through the theater, making Mara's ears ring.

Mara hopped off the stage and smiled at Bubbles, "That's great, then let's get going."