A week went by, and the Hunger Games were over. Logan returned, weary, dirty, broken, and exhausted, but he returned as a victor; Bekah could not believe that the slender, rather squirrelly 16 year old had won. Effie escorted Logan back to the suite, where Portia, his own stylist, Bekah and Haymitch waited to congratulate him. Everyone was excited; Portia and Effie squealing repeatedly. Seeing Bekah, Logan looked puzzled, "How did…how are you…not possible."

Bekah answered, "Oh, yeah, you hadn't heard; I was removed from the arena."

"What? How come?"

"I turned 19 a few days in; apparently, they're really serious about the whole age range thing. Whatever; I'm just glad I didn't get killed."

Haymitch took her hand, "We all are."

Logan looked perplexed, but ignored it and said, "I just don't know how I'll ever be able to get over it all."

"No victor really ever forgets," Haymitch said, "We're all damaged."

Bekah frowned at him, "You're not that bad."

Putting his arm around Bekah's waist, Haymitch laughed, "Not anymore."

Logan gave Effie a look, "What…Did I miss something?"

Effie looked flustered, "Oh, it's a long story."

Frowning, Logan said, "So skip the details; start at the end."

Bekah looked to Haymitch, who briefly explained.

Unable to believe it, Logan said, "But…you're old."

Haymitch frowned at him, "Thanks."

After all of the celebrations for Logan had subsided, Effie came to Haymitch and Bekah, and explained that they would remain at the Capitol for another week before the Victory Tour commenced.

Haymitch looked concerned, "Effie, after what they did to me, I can't leave Bekah alone; they might try to finish the punishment on her."

"Oh, heavens! You're right, Haymitch, I'll see what I can do."

Haymitch thanked her as she headed to her room.

"I have to ask her something," Bekah said, and followed Effie.

She tapped on her door, heard Effie tell her to come in, and Bekah entered, her stomach twisting with nervousness. She's the only one you can talk to.

"Uh, Effie, um, I just wanted to ask you something."

Effie gave her a sympathetic look, "Oh, dear, I'll work something out. Surely I can think of a way to make it where you're not left alone here; there's no need to worry."

Bekah shook her head, "It's not that, Effie."

Following closely behind Effie, Bekah kept her eyes on the floor as they walked down an exterior hallway. Effie led Bekah to a small room, "Do you want me to stay with you?"

Bekah shook her head, "It's okay; thanks, Effie."

20 minutes later, Bekah was in another room. She hopped on a table, and a very stuffy woman entered. She gave Bekah a curt nod, then sat on a stool in front of a large machine that had a small screen on it. The woman silently put a cold jelly on Bekah's abdomen and pressing a hard wand-like object into Bekah's stomach, watching the screen intently, "How old are you?" she asked with a judgmental tone.

"19. Why?"

The woman ignored Bekah's question and frowned. She continued to slide the wand across Bekah's stomach, pressing down a little to firmly.

After ten minutes, the woman sighed, "Yes, you were right."

Bekah was a bit put off by the lady's shortness, but not enough to outweigh the glow she felt begin in her chest; she had never planned to have a baby so young, but now that she was actually carrying a tiny, 6 week old little person, she couldn't figure out how she had gone so long without that warm glow.

As the stuffy woman wiped the icy gel off Bekah's stomach, she said, "Aren't you that living tribute girl?"

Bekah nodded and slid off the table.

The lady frowned, "Hm."

Back in the suite, Haymitch asked Bekah where she had been; Effie promptly left the living area.

"Haymitch, I have to talk to you, and I don't know how you're going to take this."

A line appeared between his eyes as Haymitch furrowed his brow. He was nervous and concerned.

"What are your plans when we get back to 12?"

"I plan to marry you."

"After that."

"Hell, I figured we'd try to move past this, forget the bad stuff, and start a new life."

Bekah smiled at the double meaning he didn't know was behind his words, "My thoughts exactly. That new life you mentioned? Yeah, that's already begun, Haymitch." She beamed at him.

"What are you talking about?"

"A new life, Haymitch. Do you know where I was today?"


"I was at a doctor's office;" she placed her hand on her stomach, "That new life started 7 weeks ago."

"What? Are you serious?"

Bekah nodded and watched a smile spread across Haymitch's face, "I don't believe it!"

He hugged her, picking her up off her feet, both laughing with joy.