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Jayfeather crept silently on Riverclan land careful not to get discovered stealing there catmint when he was done collecting all of the herbs he started to walk away but before he got two steps something jumped on him it turned out to be Mistystar she whispered in his ear you shouldn't be here he said im sorry but my clan just wont get healthy well i think you need to be punished she said then started licking at his sheath until it was fully out then she sucked it roughly Jayfeather moaned has she nibbled on his member she then started to bobbed her head fast Jayfeather moaned louder he couldn't believe how good this felt but he knew this was wrong and he shouldn't enjoy it but what tom would not enjoy this then he shot his cum into her mouth and on her face when she got up she started rubbing his member and she could barley wrap her paws around his huge member and she started to rub up and down making moan loud she kept on rubbing faster and faster and then he came all over her paws she then got on top of him and lowered her core onto his member and started bonce up and down and he quickly started to cum and he was breathing heavily and she got him up and said right to him tomorrow same time or everybody will know about this little outing Jayfeather then stated to walk back home waiting for the next day to come.