AN: Doctor Who doesn't belong to me. Takes place after 'The End of The World' and 'Dalek' Short, sweet, sad, just needed to get it out of my head.

The Doctor stood in the middle of the console room watching Rose's retreating form down the corridor. They had barely escaped again, this time the exploding building had left fragments of dust and stone in their skin. Blood smearing across their conjoined fingers while walking away from the ruin. That there was nothing for them to do besides grieve for whoever was lost and rebuild.

It had been months that Rose had been traveling and although it wasn't the first time they were in danger, it was the first time he had been afraid of losing her. He didn't even realize he was following her as The Doctor replayed the fear that had crossed her features when a flaming beam had landed between them, effectively trapping Rose in a corner. He closed his eyes as he approached her door, the music muffled by the steel door and the running shower.

He should back away, he shouldn't see if she needed comforting. The lies he told himself he thought with a small smile. He needed comforting, the years of war and pain and heartbreak was wearing on him. It would take nothing big to tear him down at this point, losing her would… 'No,' he thought, mentally and physically shaking his head. "Don't even go there mate," he said softly while turning the door handle.

"-Mistaken for a vision, something of my own creation, I wake up alone, with only daylight between us, last night the world was beneath us, tonight comes, dear love-"

The Doctor shut his eyes and felt the low vibrations from the music wash over him. He didn't call to her, it was unlikely she could hear him over everything. He paused for a minute and stared at the floorboards below his feet. His dark and dusty boots clashed with the light clean wood. Clenching his hands at his side, The Doctor tried to turn himself around, tried to argue with logic that he needed no one and he didn't need the woman in the shower. Her crying was the unraveling of his last thread of resolve. It was faint but he could hear her. His companion, his friend, his Rose.

"-Were we torn apart by the break of day? You're more than I can believe, would ever come my way, Fiction, when we're not together, mistaken for a vision, something of my own creation, come real love, why do I refuse you? Cause if my fear's right, I risk to lose you, And if I just might wake up alone-"

Her hair was matted and falling over her face, the long blonde tresses covered her face and gently caressed her shoulders that shook softly. The scalding water ran down her back and the dirt slid gracefully down her body. The Doctors hands turned her into his body, his clothes becoming soaked in seconds and his fingers clinging to her shoulders.

Her eyes were dark and sad, fluttering closed as The Doctor kissed his way from her temple down to her pulse. "I need you Rose Tyler," he whispered reverently against her skin. "I need you more than I can ever admit. I almost lost you today and I never had the chance to say just how much-" His words were halted by Rose crashing her lips to his. Her fingers tearing his jumper to pieces and their fingers fighting each other to catch the button of his trousers.

Finally his skin was free and under the burning water, mentally he asked the T.A.R.D.I.S to turn down the water and it cooled slightly. Rose shivered and pulled his arms around her, kissing his shoulder gently before hovering her lips above his. "I told you, I'm not going anywhere. I was just so scared of never seeing you again, of being alone when I died…" The Doctor closed the distance between their lips and bruised her lower lip with his teeth asking for entrance.

They moved with a grace of familiarity as he picked up her hips with one hand and she wrapped her legs around his narrow legs as The Doctor pushed her hair away from her face with the other. Blue eyes met brown, both filled to the brim with tears.

"I can't lose you Rose, after everything I have lost I can not lose you," he said as his manhood pressed against her folds. Rose dropped herself onto him and they both gasped into each others ears as the falling water crashed around them. Moving together feverously they both reached completion within minutes.

Rose let her head fall back onto the slick tile before feeling The Doctors head at her breast and sobs wracked his body. She placed her head on top of his and tightened her hands and legs around him, holding him as close as possible.

"I am never leaving you love," she said softly, stroking his arms soothingly. "Never."

"-Fiction, when we're not together, mistaken for a vision, something of my own creation, any certainties, how am I to tell? I know your face all too well, still I wake up alone, Fiction, when we're not together"

The Doctor watched Rose as she slept, his arms folded below his chin and his chest on the warm sheets. They had talked for hours about Gallifrey, his family and friends. Everything he had lost. With every breath she took though, he found the darkness was slowly ebbing away.