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Ben didn't know what to do.

Rose was sitting on the sofa and was staring blankly into the depths of the darkened telly. They had been home for hours and besides Ben making a pot of tea and setting a now cold cup in front of Rose, neither of them had moved. Rose was so lost in her grief and Ben had no idea what to do.

Loss was something he was beyond familiar with. The lost of his first wife and their children was painful but nothing compared to this.

Children on Gallifrey were woven from the Looms rather than created and carried by their mother. When he had changed Ben hadn't even thought of that area of things seeing as he had never had to worry about it before. But when Rose came in waving a stick with dueling pink lines crying and laughing at the same time, he had felt a part of his heart light up in a way it never had before.

It had been their creation. It had been their light.

Ben snapped out of his thoughts to see that the room had lost it's intrusive brightness and had begun to turn to dusk. Everything, including his darling girl, was in a silhouette save for her tears which still flowed freely down her cheeks.

He stood in the doorway from the kitchen looking at her and realized how long it had been since he moved when his shoulder suddenly went numb from the doorjamb.

Ben shifted slightly and brought his hand up to rub the week-old beard that had grown in. They had been going in for a routine appointment when they didn't hear the tell-tale thumping a week ago. The shadow of recognition had crossed Dr. Davidson's face and Rose picked up on it instantly.

There was nothing they could do till today. The people and things they needed weren't on the staff and it would take that long to get them clearance.

Rose hadn't wanted him in the room and Davidson had explained it might have been for the best. Being there wouldn't have made it easier for either of them, if anything it would have made it worse.

They nodded mutely when it had been explained that it wasn't their fault, there was nothing that they had done wrong and they could try again in a few months, although the thought of being given permission seemed too...unfeeling.

The drive home had been short, Ben had gotten his license a few months ago and they lived a comfortable distance from TORCHWOOD, yet they were close enough to be there right away in case something went wrong.

Rose had climbed out of the car and slowly walked through their front garden, the blooming flowers didn't seem more than a colorful blur as she went into the house. He had tried talking to her, tried asking her what she needed from him. Tried asking her what she wanted to eat, what she wanted from the shop, he had gotten to the point of begging for a simple word from her when Rose had simply shaken her head and shied away from his touch. Ben coiled back as if her movement burned him.

He was staring at a knot in a slat below his feet and absently scratching his shoulder when Rose let out a sigh. Ben could have sworn he got whiplash from how quickly his head moved up, searching her form for a answer to her sudden movement.

"Do you think we could have chips?" she said softly, turning her red-rimmed gaze to his.

Ben nodded mutely, walking back into the kitchen for his wallet and keys. As he was slipping on his shoes he felt Rose grasp his elbow and tug gently so he would face her.

Ben felt his eyes slide closed softly as her fingers cupped his cheek, tears finally breaking away from his eyes and down her fingers. His body began to jerk back and forth as strangled breaths tore from his body. "I, wanted to, give you," he forced out. "Everything. And I couldn't even give you," his words were taken from his lips by Rose placing hers on them and wrapping her arms around his back and hugging him tightly.

After wrapping his arms around her and hers around him for a while, tears staining both of their shirts, Rose slipped on her shoes and wiped the last tears from his cheek as he did the same for her.

Giving him a pained smile, Rose asked again- "chips?"

Ben returned the smile and with her arm in the crook of his shoulder, he nodded. "Chips."