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The Monster Lord –

Hellgondo is the northernmost continent that isn't covered in ice. The land is home of the Monster Lord and lacking in contact from humans and their gods. Because of this it's home to the most powerful monsters known to man, it has never been inhabited by humans. Surrounded by a barren wall of unclimbable mountains, the only way to enter or leave is by flying or using the underwater tunnels that connect to the sea. The ash from the volcano vents that surround the cause the soil to be very fertile allowing much food to be grown and rich fishing, has allowed the monster numbers to grown and be strong.

A meeting with the three strongest ruling monsters has been called and a great number of monsters has gathered. They all met in the current monster lord's castle as it's in the middle of the three monster lands. Along with an escort of their top ranking monsters serving them. Monsters in this world all take the shape of women, who find the cum of men to be the best food for them. (1)

The first to come is, Xueli the demon queen of the Eastern lands. She's a white skin demon with long black hair that she keeps in twin pony tails that reach the ground. Her pale body is covered in tribal tattoos and has four pairs of wings on her back, the set on the right are demon wings and the left angel like wings. She wears a red Chinese style dress that has a hole in the middle that shows off the deep valley of her G cup breasts and expose her flat belly. The dress is also cut to show off her long shapely hips, the long sleeves aren't connected to the dress but held up by straps on the arms. Possessing enough power to enslave a continent with one hand, no demon can challenge her reign.

With her are her four generals that lead her army of monster girls. Insecta is a insect demon who controls all insect demons under her domain. Her body is that of an enormous bug covered in a hard shell with the upper half of an adult woman growing out of the carapace. She is very proud of being the largest among monsters. Her main body is that of a long white haired woman with read eyes. Her H cup size breasts are barely covered by the open black jacket she wore, she also wears a tatter brown skirt covering the lower half of her human body. She can transform herself into a full human body when it's needed.

Paula is a lamia her upper human half is that of a dusty skin woman with short dark hair, her lower half is a red scaled snake body. Unlike other lamias she has a pair of horns on her head. She wears a large necklace that covers her giant I cup breasts. She wears a white cloth around her waist. She rules over various demonic beasts. She is also a powerful magic user and commands a unique magical ability.

Milfy is a purple slime in the form of a shapely busty woman. Her body can change when ever she wants but likes to keep her breast around G cup size. She forms long spiky purple hair with hair pins on them. She normally be seen sitting on a purple ball that is the bulk of her body. She commands all synthetic and hybrid demons.

Amu is a demon of unknown race. She takes on the appearance of a young slim woman with long silver hair. She wears a loose fitting open black cloak that reveals her naked body. Besides the cloak the only other item of clothing she wears is a pair of underwear. Unlike the others with their voluptuous breasts her breasts are A Cups. She rules over the spirits and lost souls who lurk in the darkness.


On the other side of the Castle -

Stepping into the castle on the western side of the castle is the demon dragon queen of the western mountains. Dragona is a demon dragon mix of demon and woman. Her body is equal to that of Xueli , both shapely only covered by a skimpy leather armor. The armor left much of her body exposed more like an open leather coat, barely covering her G cup breasts and swimsuit like bottom. Her skin is light brown with patches of red scales here and there, mostly on her arms and her neck on her body. She has short light pink hair with two horns coming out and yellow eyes. On her back grew a large pair of leathery bat like wings and lower down is a long lizard like tail. She's an old dragon with a great horde in ancient underground city, built in a mountain where she rules over many monsters that make their home there.

She isn't alone as she is joined by her top ranking monsters that help her rule her city. Yua is a spider woman with four spider like legs growing out of her back. She wears silk robes that she made herself, the robe hide little of her busty figure. The robe is straining to contain her H cups from spilling out. She and her clan produce silk clothes that are in much demand.

Dora a plant woman who favors to go around naked as she buries herself underground. The top her head is a flower with the leaves acting as her hair. Her body is slender while having a busty figure with F cups. She can create pollen that is toxic or have other effects on beings that breath it.

Saya a blue slime woman who is related to Milfy as they both came from the same mother but with different fathers. Unlike her sister she is mostly silence any rarely shows emotions. Unlike Milfy she keeps her body more blob like then gel like. She likes to keep her breasts around F cups.

Aruba is a cat woman with two large cat ears and a long tail. She is furless expect for her head and tail of brown fur. She is flanked by her fellow clans women Marina a white furred catwoman and Merina a black furred catwoman. Their voluptuous bodies are barely covered by the white skimpy swimsuit like cloths they wear. All three sported E cups, that didn't slow them down at the slightest.

Ezelda is a blonde long haired lamia with a red scaled snake body. She only wears a cloth that covers her breasts. She's the leader of the soldiers of the mountain in charge of defending and leading raids on human settlements. The raids are to capture human males as the cum of men are the best food for the monsters.


In the Throne Room -

Sitting on her throne he current Monster Lord Alipheese Fateburn XVI commonly known as Alice, waited for the two other queens. She is a unique form of Echidna, which is a more advanced species of lamia. However, the family of Monster Lords possesses several unique traits; most notably the flowers on her hair which are both independent organisms and an extension of her hair. She wields magic ability far more potent than any other mortal monster as well as great physical strength. Alice may manipulate her lower body in a variety of abnormal and often unsightly ways, often revealing tentacles, an ability likely exclusive to Monster Lords. As the Monster Lord, Alice possesses extreme physical strength as well as dangerous magic. In addition, she is capable of inflicting numerous status ailments through her eyes.

Her upper body is that of a purple skinned woman, with long white hair with two horns growing on top of her head. Her lower body is that of a purple scaled snakes. But she can change her form to full human when she wants. In both forms she has a slender form that betrays her hidden strength, she wears a black skimpy top that barely covers her G cup size breasts, and a short black skirt.

Usually, when a Monster is selected, the heir to the throne has to battle a challenger. However the last coronation saw four powerful monsters vouch for power against Alice XVI, being Alma Elma, the free-spirited Queen of the Succubi, Tamamo, the kitsune tutor with a vast history, Erubetie, the Queen of all slimes and Granberia, the dragon kin with unmatched swordplay.

During the battle, the winner would become the next Monster Lord, Alma Elma left the match early on a pure whim, Tamamo and Erubetie also knocked each other out simultaneously later in battle. This left Granberia to battle Alice, although Alice managed to win after seeing every move that the dragonkin had at her disposal.

After being defeated by Alice for the right to the Monster Lord's throne, the Four Heavenly Knights were formed from the other combatants as a means of keeping power in check, though the Monster Lord does question their actions sometimes as they all tend to do their own thing. Currently they're waiting with Alice to meet the two monster queens and their escorts.

Alma Elma member of the Four Heavenly Knights, in the battle royal for the title of Monster Lord she forfeited early on, essentially coming fourth in the battle. She is the Queen of the Succubi, however she doesn't seem to lead them and, as Alice states: she doubts Alma Elma "gives a damn about her race's prosperity". Despite this, she is fiercely respective to the Monster Lord.

Alma Elma appears a tall long purple haired woman, with red eyes. Like all of her kind her body is built to be sexy. An athletic body, muscled in the calves, thighs, buttocks, and back. Yet the body frame was undeniably slender, carrying the delicateness of femininity. Her H cup size breasts, heart shape bottom, and hourglass figure made her a sight to behold. She has a pair of large demon wings on her back, two horns growing out of her head and a long tail that ends with three finger like tips that she can use as a third hand. She can also use her tail to drain men of sperm or use it to eat them by expanding it to swallow men whole. She wears nothing but a purple bikini bottom and a purple corset that showed off her goods, stockings and a long cape that opens in the middle to free her wings.

Master of the wind, she uses it to adjust her speed; almost no one can catch her. Additionally, she is surprisingly skilled in martial arts, and is a force to be reckoned with in hand-to-hand combat. Alma Elma is known to be very mysterious even amongst her fellow Heavenly Knights and Alice, only known to often forfeit battles out of pure whim and not fighting seriously.

Tamamo the leader and queen of the kitsune and one of the Four Heavenly Knights coming second alongside Erubetie when she, the other Knights and Alice clashed to decide who would be the next Monster Lord. Despite her young appearance, she is the most powerful animal-based monster and acted as a mother figure to Alice XV (Fifteenth) and Alice XVI (Sixteenth) when she was being raised to be the next Monster Lord; one rumor states that Tamamo was the mentor of the Monster Lord for five generations straight. Her hometown is Yamatai Village, and her favorite food is fried tofu.

As she takes the form of a young girl and wears a white and purple robe, making many people who first meet her think she's nothing more than a child. Which she uses to trick people, as many find her large green eyes, soft yellow hair and large nine tails and fox ears. Cause people to find her more cute then scary, as many kitsune use to their advantage. But this form isn't her true form as she can take a adult form when she wants but few have ever seen it. She is a master of earth magic, using it to make herself immune to most attacks as well as dealing incredible amounts of damage. Tamamo's personality is somewhat close to Alma Elma's in that she is fairly relaxed and easy going, however she is not malicious nor cruel.

The last is Granberia, also known as the Swordswoman of Fire of the Four Heavenly Knights. She is a dragonkin (dragons with humanoid appearances) abandoned at a young age, left in care of Salamander. She takes pride in her swordsman skills, and it is said that no one can match her abilities. She is 24 and is by far the youngest of the Heavenly Knights.

She wears black metal armor with a long purple cape all the time. The armor doesn't cover much of her body but her green scaled dragon hide is as strong as armor. Her body is slender while being very strong as all dragonkin are. She has the smallest breasts of the Knights at an A cup which she doesn't really care about, as she focus more on improving her sword skills.

An expert in the arts of fire, she douses her blade with it to deal sharp damage. However, despite her title and main elemental attribute, Granberia is also capable of using wind, earth and water, having mastered the power of water at the age of five as well as showing mastery of the wind and earth. She mentions that these abilities are "natural" for a warrior, and the "attribute it's associated with is meaningless". She also despises the weak being bullied. As a swordswoman, she continuously holds back on her power and does not prefer killing others. She also longs to battle a powerful warrior. However, when it comes to rape, she can't help herself, but play with her defeated opponents. Most of the time, she will take the defeated man back to the Monster Lord's Castle and keep him as a sex slave.

Unlike the other Heavenly Knights, Granberia is the only one seen upholding her duties. She is known to be fiercely loyal to Alice, and most of Granberia's actions are done under the Monster Lord's will. However, like the other Knights, the monster swordswoman sometimes does things she wants, some of which Alice does not approve.

Erubetie last of the Four Heavenly Knights, she came joint second in a battle royal for the title of Monster Lord when she and Tamamo knocked each other out, leaving Granberia and Alice as the final combatants. The Queen of the slimes, Erubetie is embittered over humanity's pollution of water, drastically reducing the slime population in the process. She is calm and emotionless, and often keeps to herself, as she shut herself in the Undine's Spring, the largest home of slimes. She's a blue slime woman who's body is always changing to suit her needs.

Erubetie is a collective consciousness of approximately ten thousand women who she has absorbed throughout her life, pulled together by one iron will. Her personality is therefore said by the encyclopedia to be warped by these multiple individuals absorbed. All of those absorbed by Erubetie were female, while all of the males were dissolved into food. Manipulator of water, she can use her body to create powerful whirlpools. Hateful of humans for their actions, she will kill them without mercy.

The main doors open as the two queens and their escorts entered the throne room. Standing on the sides are many monsters from the 3 kingdoms. They came to the castle to watch. For the 3 queens have came together to fight each other and the winner will become the lord of the 3 strongest monsters kingdoms of the world. For they have been fighting among themselves for too long over which piece of land belongs to who, or fighting over their food source of men. While they can eat normal foods sperm from human men is something that all monsters need to survive. Which is why they decided to combine their 3 kingdoms together under one rule.

"Welcome to my castle," Alice said greeting her two fellow rulers.

"Nice place," Dragona said.

"But it is rather old," Xueli said having her castle built with more up to date features.

"It has been here since the first monster lord," Alice said.

"But talking about castles isn't why we're here," Dragona said.

"No it isn't. It's time for us to see who will be the true monster lord," Xueli said.

"Yes we have been fighting each other too much of late. We only need one monster lord," Alice said as she got off her throne and move towards the two queens. In the center of the large throne room is a circle drawn on the ground. The circle once turn on would prevent any powerful attacks from hitting the bystanders watching the fight.

"Now before you three fight remember the rules," Tamamo said stepping next to the three. "Once the match begins you can't leave the circle for the protection of the bystanders. No cheating or having someone help you during the fight as it's a royal rumble between just the 3 of you. No outside weapons except for what you have on you right now. You win by either killing, knocking out, or pinning the others to the ground for more then 10 seconds."

"We already know that," Xueli said.

"And let's all agree not to use any attacks that are powerful enough to destroy the castle," Alice said. "Or we'll have to fight at the one who use it and destroyed my home."

"Okay we won't go overboard," Dragona said.

"Good now wait till, I'm out of the circle," Tamamo said as she takes her leave.

"Does anyone want to join? There's still time to try your luck," Xueli said.

"No thanks," Dora said as she and the other monsters just wanted to watch. Because they didn't want to step into the ring with the big 3 in the monster world.

"Is everyone ready?" Alice ask looking at the two other queens.

"Ready," Dragona said.

Before the three could start their match, a tear in time and space open in front of them. Flying out of the tear that close behind him, is a young man. Who slam into the three queens knocking them down flat on their backs. The young man is dress in a silk red shirt and black pants, wearing black slippers. He has black hair tied in a pigtail, he has a slender but powerful built body, large blue eyes and handsome face. Which is between Alice's breasts as he had landed on top of her, while his hands are now on top of both Xueli's and Dragona's breasts.

"I told Akane not to use the mirror," Ranma said as Akane had found the mirror and after her finding him with Ukyo, Shampoo and Kodachi made a wish to send him to a land of perverts.

Ranma finally took note that he fell on top of three women, his face between one ample mounds while his hands between the other two. Looking up to the face of the woman he has his face between her breasts, she is beautiful but Ranma knows she isn't a normal human, as she has purple skin and white hair, with horns poking out. Looking to his right he sees another beauty, dusty skin, pink hair, scales on her neck, and horns. To his left is a pale blue skin beauty with long black hair. And all three of them are glaring death daggers at him.

"Sorry about this," Ranma said leaping to his feet and getting his first good look at the place where he ended up. And blink as he saw he's in the middle of a room full of female monsters right out of a hentai.

"Looks like one of those heroes that pop up now and then," Xueli said as she, Dragona, and Alice got off the floor.

"You have to give him credit for thinking he's strong enough to fight against the three of us. Not to mention that he has the nerve to feel us up," Alice said.

"Well can you blame him. It's something that he got to enjoy before we kill him," Dragona said.

"Wait I don't want to fight," Ranma said.

"Too bad!" Alice growls as she launches herself at Ranma followed by Xueli and Dragona.

Ranma quickly found himself reliving his fight with the bird prince and the dragon prince. The three monster girls attacking him are very strong and powerful. The snake one is very fact and has a quick reaction time, just like a real snake. The dragon girl was like hitting a metal plate, and as strong as one. The pale blue one, has transformed the tips of her wings into tentacles, reminded him of the fights with Pantyhose. He knows that he needed to think of something and quick.

"He's not bad," Alma Elma said watching the fight. "He just doesn't have the strength to back up his skill. He's strong for a human but using nothing but your fist against monsters is just foolhardy."

"I hope they won't just kill him," Paula said eying the young man fighting off the combine efforts of the three queens.

"It's rare to see a human as strong as he is," Granberia said wondering how he would be with a sword.

Ranma gathered enough energy after making the three attacking monster women madder then they already were. Unleashed the Hiryu Shoten, causing a cyclone to appear in the middle of the room. The three queens were taken by surprise as they were suck into the turning wind. The wind died down as the three queens fell to the ground out cold.

"How did he do that?" Yue ask seeing the three queens defeated.

"Does this mean he's the new Monster Lord?" Aruba ask.

"Yes it does as the rule said nothing about the new Monster Lord having to be a monster," Amu said.

"No he's not," Insecta said stepping into the circle. The other high ranking monsters seeing this also entered the circle, surrounding Ranma on all sides.

"So you all want to take me on?" Ranma ask wondering if he'll be able to take them all on. The three queens gave him enough trouble as it is.

"Not without us," Alice said as she and the other two queens pick themselves up.

"That was a impressive attack," Xueli said.

"But we're not going to be playing around anymore," Dragona said.

"You three were just playing?" Ranma ask worried then blush seeing that the wind had blown off the garments that passed off as clothing revealing their bodies to him. Which the monsters noticed causing them to smirk.

"Not use to seeing naked bodies?" Dragona ask cupping her breasts, and making Ranma gulp.

"Well then let's fight sexy," Tamamo said as she got naked and transformed into her adult form sporting large F cups. The other monsters also took off their clothes showing off their sexy bodies to Ranma.

"Would you mind putting on some clothes," Ranma ask as the women around him are much sexier then the girls back home.

Saya, Milfy, and Erubetie launch themselves at Ranma, who found his feet stuck to the ground. The three slimes had pooled port of themselves along the floor trapping Ranma's feet. Ranma could do nothing as the three slimes slam into his body, trapping him between their surprisingly dense bodies. Milfy has a more gel like body, while Erubetie has a more liquid one, and Saya has a incredibly soft and sticky one. It seems like each slime's body is unique. Their slimy bodies mix together, as each of their unique temperatures and consistencies wrap and absorb different parts of Ranma's body. Ranma couldn't fight his way out as the slimes bodies were just too soft while dense at the same time, leaving him trap.

"Got you now," Milfy giggles as she forms her upper body so she's wrap around his front.

"There is no escape," Saya said on his left.

"Let's just eat him," Erubetie suggested.

"Not yet just eat away his clothes first so we can have a good look at him," Alice said enjoying the look of helplessness on Ranma's face.

The slime girls ate away at Ranma's clothes leaving him naked. Thanks to their bodies being semi-transparent the other monsters got to see all the good bits. And because of the warmth and softness of the slime girls bodies, cause him to get a hard on in front of the monster girls. Ranma saw the looks of a hungry animal in the eyes of the women while they blush staring at him.

"Well built, handsome, and is well equip to pleasure a woman," Dragona said licking her lips.

"Since he did beat us that makes him the new Monster Lord," Alice said. "What is your name?"

"Ranma," he answers.

"Well Lord Ranma you might have won the title but you still need to earn it," Xueli said. "You just have to please all of us before we'll honor the title."

"Wait all of you?" Ranma ask seeing the hungry looks.

"That's right all of us," Alice said as she and the others piled on Ranma.


Author's Notes -

1 – I have combine Monster Girl Quest and Violated Hero worlds together.