This fanfiction is based on Tamiki Wakaki-san's The World God Only Knows. Franchise ain't mine, y'hear? Er, y'read? XD

Hell's Power Outage

Chapter 0: Prologue

It was all over…


Vintage was completely obliterated…


The present is now a world that God only knows…


At that, we find ourselves in a familiar setting.


"Uu~, Kami-sama, come out of there! It's 1 in the morning, and you haven't eaten for three days straight!"

A familiar voice echoed all over the Katsuragi household.

It was Elsie knocking on the door of the room her buddy was in for quite a long time now.

"Kami-sama! Kami-niisama! Nii-sa—"

The door creaked open slowly. As the dark room shone, Elsie's eyes widened from shock. Her buddy is on the ground face-down in front of her.


"L…-L…-Love Tears… finish… again… what's with… me…"


Her buddy fell unconscious.

Keima Katsuragi, the 17-year-old self-proclaimed "God of Conquests" was that buddy. He wasn't like this before. Normally, for him, he would immerse himself into his world of galges[1]. He'd lock himself up in his room for days, even weeks, just for the sake of completing those games. He claims that his games are "the only bodily nutrients he needs." That phrase failed him about two times, the third one being right now. Some people would say he's baby-faced, but some say because of that, he's considered a good-looking teenager. One might say, "If only he wasn't such a game addict, he would've been such a suitable partner."

Going back to the current matter, he still lies unconscious. Elsie doesn't know what to do. As she flails around panicking, she trips on a wire, and her buxom body lands on a game's CD, eventually breaking it. Her broom, on the other hand, takes out half of Keima's game console area, creating a hole in the room. At the sound of the ruckus, Keima stood up in reaction to the sound as if nothing happened to him.

"Elsie, what the hell…-"

Seeing the damage the klutzy demon did to his room, Keima shouted at the top of his lungs.


"You freaking bug demon! You never do things right… Oh, NOOO! You even broke One Leaf! *sniff* Yokkyun…"

After saying this, he collapsed once again as his body can no longer take whatever he has endured.

It has been so long between the buddies since the words "bug" and "demon" were in the same sentence. Keima only called Elsie a "bug[2] demon" once, and it really made the little cry her heart out before being comforted by a classmate of hers.

God's lightning strikes twice in the same place at this time. Puffing her cheeks hard, the teary-eyed demon muttered to herself, "Nii-sama is an idiot… Baka! Baka! Baka! Hmph!"

She leaves her buddy lying on the ground as she walks away slowly, like she's about to burst into tears.

Author's Notes:

Oh, hey, people! P3r50n5_UnKnWn writing here for the NOHK. Yes, I am a member of it, a very proud member! I only did this part in a span of two days without rethinking stuffs. Haah, that "what-if" question... I may not release the first chapter for some time due to me and my authenticity problems, but rest assured, it will arrive. I've already started it, so there's no use turning back... Here are the first two footnotes. XD

[1]: Galges: Bishoujo dating sims (Yeah, if you don't know this, you really haven't read the series yet. Please do so. :D)

[2]: Bug: Bug as in programming errors.