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Watching Endymion walk away I clutched the single red rose to my chest. I bent my head down and sniffed the rose, as a soft smile came across my lips I heard footsteps coming up behind me. Thinking it was just a guard, I kept my eyes closed. Suddenly there was a gloved hand covering my mouth, I tried to scream to no avail. As I felt my body go numb and my eyes began to close, I watched the single red rose drop to the floor.

The princess has been gone for quite some time. I had watched her while with Prince Endymion but decided to give them a little privacy. However, I believe that he left quite some time ago. I walked out onto the balcony and found a rose laying on the ground and Serenity nowhere. "Mars, Jupiter, Mercury! Hurry!" I watched as the three girls joined my side confused but still alarmed. As the turned to me I couldn't help but look guilty. This was surely my own fault. "Serenity…she's gone. She was out here dancing with a prince, he had given her this rose, and now she's gone."

I could feel the tears welling in my eyes. Prince Endymion must have taken her, and I was the one to let this happen. As a tear strolled down my cheek, I felt Princess Jupiter come wrap an arm around me. "We will find her Venus, don't worry. Who was the prince she was with? Perhaps she just went after him and dropped the rose. If you picked him he could not have been bad." I couldn't face her, any of them. I was their leader, how could I have failed them so miserably?

Keeping my head down I whispered, "Prince Endymion of Earth." As they gasped I felt as if I could die right there. I hoped to die, it would be better than the dishonor of this.

"Prince Endymion! Venus how could you let this happen? You know that his father killed the Queen's parents! Who knows what he might do to her!"

"I know this Mars I do not need to hear from you how catastrophic this is! We have to go down there; if he took her we will find him and get her back!" They nodded, resolved to follow my orders. However I knew that they were disappointed in me, as a leader and as a friend. "We need to wait to transform until we are out of sight of the guards. They will surely know something is wrong if they see us transform." They all nodded and we ran away from the castle.

As we all got to the edge of the castle we stopped and looked around. Seeing no one in sight, we decided to transform. "Venus Star Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Jupiter Star Power!"

Forming a circle, we grasped hands and bowed our heads, each speaking a mantra of our own that would lead us to Earth. I could only hope that Serenity was alright and for a peaceful interaction. The last thing I needed was to start another war between the Moon Kingdom and Elysion. I didn't realize I still had my eyes grasped shut until Princess Mercury tapped me on the shoulder. I took a deep breath and started walking towards Elysion.

As the girls followed behind me, I somehow felt slightly stronger. They may be upset at my choice of suitor, but they were still confidant in my ability as a leader. I stopped suddenly as I saw the Prince sitting against a tree overlooking a lake. He was reading silently and looked so relaxed it set my nerves on edge. Had he already hurt Serenity? I stormed up to him with all my fury welling up inside the pit of my stomach. "Endymion! I will not practice manners with you! Where is the Princess?!" He turned suddenly and I could see the confusion in his eyes. As he stood and took the four of us in I could see sudden fear in his eyes.

"What do you mean? When I left Princess Serenity was on the balcony. Why would I take her?" He looked down at the rose in my hand and took one step back. "My rose…where was it?"

"It was on the floor of the balcony where you say you left the Princess! I do not have time for games Endymion. If you have her let her go!" I screamed although I couldn't escape the fear I saw in his eyes that ultimately told me he did not have her.

"Princess Venus I swear I do not have her. Is there anyone else that may have wanted to take her?" I could see a tear start in his eye and sighed. He didn't have her, that was apparent. But, who did? "I will help you, please let me help you." I nodded and turned to the girls. I could tell they were taken aback by his show of emotion. We had all been told how mean and spiteful the King of Elysion was. We naturally assumed the Prince would be the same. However, he was obviously as worried about Serenity as we were.

As I opened my eyes I gasped as I realized what had happened. Staring around me I saw that I was enveloped into a glass case. I tried to bang on it and break it, but after many tries I realized that it was useless. With a resigned sigh I put my hands down at my sides. Where was this place? There were black curtains covering multiple windows. Whether to prevent me from seeing out or from someone looking in I wasn't sure. I closed my eyes as a tear trickled down my cheek. This had been such a wonderful night, how did it take this turn?

I couldn't imagine who would try to hurt me, after all the war between the Moon Kingdom and Elysion was far over. The two of our kingdoms have been in a peaceful existence for quite some time, since long before my birth. Whoever this was had to have known about the ball, and my whereabouts though. If only I had been paying more attention to my surroundings, or had gone right back inside after Endymion had left. Endymion! I hope he is alright, I don't think I could stand knowing that because of me he was in danger or hurt.

As my tears started flowing again, I wished I could be strong like my mother. She was so reserved, so strong and confidant, everything a queen should be. Yet, here I lay crying and resolved to just lay here to die. Suddenly I felt a burning in my chest that I had never felt before. Without even knowing it my body levitated and my arms shot out next to me breaking the glass. As it shattered around me, I sat up and looked at my hands. Staring down at them, I saw a faint white glow.

"Serenity," it was my mother's voice, "Serenity. Something has happened and I am not able to live much longer. All the power I have left I have sent to you. Those who have taken you have also hurt me and I can't speak long. Darling, I love you so. You will make a find queen. You now have the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, use it well." As her voice faded away I started to cry again. Mother, she's gone. I felt power well up inside me as my anger rose. Once again my body began to levitate without my command. Suddenly, my legs touched the ground but I was still looking from higher up.

As I looked down I realized not only had I grown taller, but my hair had suddenly grown longer than even my mother's. I searched around the room I was in and found a mirror. To my amazement saw that my face had matured and that I was wearing what looked like a dress but much shorter. It was white with a red skirt and a blue bow on both the back and front, and the front bow held what I knew to be the Legendary Silver Crystal contained in a broach. It was an outfit similar to my guardians when they transformed in need of strength from their planets. I had become my own guardian, my own protector. I knew now that I had to find out who had captured me and avenge my mother's death. Even if that meant that I myself died in the process.