A/N: Set in KH 1. I remember writing a fanfic with a girl named Haruka, and it was an AU (Alternate Universe) fanfic as well as RikuXOC. But this is going to be an in universe fanfic with the same pairing. You don't have to read Improvement Not Changes at all. Let's just say that if you already have, Harumi (in Improvements not Changes, Harumi is Haruka's mother) is Haruka's sister instead. She won't appear in this story but I just wanted you guys to have this in mind for the future. Thank you to the amazing A Nobody's Fate for inspiring me to do an in universe fanfic for Haruka! :D

Kingdom Hearts: Haruka's Journey

Name: Haruka (Far off in Japanese)

Age: 15

Height: 5ft

Nickname: 'Haru' (Spring in Japanese)

Home World: Unknown

Best Friend: Riku

Crush/Love interest: Riku

Best Friends: Riku and Sora

Likes: Being with friends, talking about stuff, being happy, having fun and adventures

Usual attire of clothes: White and red striped tank top, royal blue jean shorts up to her knees, blue fingerless biker gloves and red trainers (like high tops). Haruka always wears this bracelet she had since she was a child, a silver bracelet with 3 gems; Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire.

Dislikes: Not being noticed, Kairi and mean people.

Looks: Wavy vibrant red hair up to her shoulders, short side fringe, bright green eyes, long eyelashes, fair skin cupid shaped naturally red lips and slim body.

Personality: Bright, simple minded at times, clumsy, competitive, short tempered, tomboyish, envious (of Kairi), kind, and caring.

Information: She arrived on Destiny Islands with Kairi without any memories whatsoever, just her name and age. Haruka was supposed to be adopted by the Mayor too but he said that Kairi was much more adorable and better than Haruka and adopts Kairi alone, very much to Haruka's dismay. The 5 year old girl was left alone until Riku's parents, Kyo and Kimiko adopt her. Riku and Haruka become closer as friends not as adopted brother and sister.

Chapter 1

'I've been having these weird dreams lately… like, is any of this for real… or not? But what if they aren't dreams, what if they're mere memories?'

The bright rays of sunshine and harmonious singing of birds woke Haruka up. The red haired teen sat up whilst yawning and stretching like a lazy cat. The green eyed girl got up and made her way to the bathroom, took a cool shower, brushed her teeth and got changed.

Haruka slid down the staircase banister, "Weeeeee!" She giggled and jumped to the ground. "Good morning Mom!" She said as she entered the kitchen.

"Good morning Haruka." Kimiko smiled and kissed her adoptive daughter's forehead. The teenager sat at the table opposite her adoptive father who was reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.

"Good morning Dad!" Kyo looked up from the paper and smiled.

"Good Morning Haru dear." He replied. Kimiko placed a bowl of cereal in front of Haruka who ate it wholeheartedly.

"Where's Riku?" She asked whilst looking down, trying to hide her blush.

"He's gone to the play islands." Kyo replied and she looked up with wide eyes.

"Oh god, they're working on the raft and I woke up late!" Haruka panicked.

"Don't worry Haruka," Kimiko placed her hand on her adoptive daughter's shoulder reassuringly "Riku wanted you to sleep. He said that he didn't want to wake you up." Haruka gulped and couldn't help but smile at this; he was so sweet. When Haruka finished her breakfast, she washed her bowl and walked up to the door.

"I'm going to the play islands!" She called out.

"Okay dear, bye and we love you." Her adoptive parents said in unison.

Haruka started to walk the usual path to the beach and hummed a sweet little melody. She got to the beach and took a boat to the play islands. As she rowed the boat, she couldn't help but think about him, with his silver shiny hair which reached his collarbone and those amazing cyan eyes.

But then she frowned when she thought about her. That girl who she despised, that girl who was so much prettier, sweeter and more perfect that her, that girl who every guy wants to share a Paopu fruit with, that girl Kairi. What made her so frustrated was that her best friends always competed for Kairi's attention, not to mention that Haruka were their friends before Kairi. Everyone noticed Kairi, but no one noticed Haruka.

When Haruka neared the play islands, she saw Sora, one of her best friends sitting upright on the ground, Kairi standing up next to him on his right and Riku telling them off on Sora's left. The auburn haired girl was smiling at Riku with her eyes sparkling and Haruka hissed at this. 'He's mine!' She thought.

Haruka whistled at her best friends. They turned to her and Riku smiled with Sora grinning. "Hey guys!" Haruka stood on the boats and waved.

"Hey Haru." The trio replied. Haruka didn't watch her feet and her right foot stepped over the boat. She was too excited that she tripped over the boat with her left foot. "Woah!" The red haired girl fell flat face first into the shallow water which made it worse. Sora and Kairi snickered at this and Riku shot them a warning look which told them, 'Stop laughing.'

The silver haired teen ran up to her, Haruka looked up and spat some water out of her mouth. "Yuck!" Her face twisted with disgust.

"Hey Haru, you okay?" She heard his voice and gulped a bit of leftover seawater in her mouth. That was vile but it was replaced with sweetness when she looked at him.

"Oh, um yeah." Haruka mumbled and he held out his hand for him. With faint pink cheeks, she took his hand and he pulled her up. But then her hand slipped from his hand purely because of his slippery gloves. His cyan eyes widened and he stepped to save her. Riku's arms wrapped around her waist, Haruka fell backwards and Riku fell forward. Bang, whoosh, "OUCH!" Even Sora and Kairi could hear that. Haruka hit her head on the boat, Riku fell as well and the red haired girl shrieked.

They opened their eyes and looked into each other's eyes. They were extremely close, like less than an inch. Just one little move until they kiss. Riku's cheeks were the colour of a beet red and so were hers. It was very awkward, his body was on top of hers and her arms were around his neck. But when Riku stared into her eyes, he felt like there was no one but him and Haruka. He's never been so close to her before in his life. Internally they were both enjoying this moment. Riku closed his eyes and was about to move closer until…

"Hey guys!" Kairi called out and Haruka felt like swearing at her like a mental person.

'God damn you Kairi. Thanks for ruining everything!' The green eyed girl thought. Riku pulled away and stood up as Haruka joined him. She rubbed the back of her head and mumbled, "Damn you stupid boat." Riku couldn't help but smile at this. They walked to the coast of the beach where Sora and Kairi were.

"You guys need to get a room!" Sora whined and Riku shook his head, but Haruka's eyes widened. She felt her blood pressure increase and grinded her teeth together. She clenched her hand into fists and felt her nails sinking into her skin. It was as if you could hear and see the steam coming out from Haruka. "Sora, if I were you, I would run away, now!" Riku said and Sora rose an eyebrow.


"SORA!" Haruka started to shout and the brown haired boy stood up and ran for his life with Haruka chasing after him whilst shaking a fist, "Get back here so I can kill you!" Kairi and Riku watched on. The cyan eyed boy smiled dreamily as he stared at Haruka, 'You're never gonna change.' He thought.

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