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Kingdom Hearts: Haruka's Journey


"Haru, I need to tell you something. Throughout this journey I…" Riku begun and she shook her head. The red haired heartless lifted her hand to cup his face and she smiled for the last time. Then she muttered those last three words which echoed into his heart and then she was finished. Those three words she always yearned to say to him. Those three words which filled his heart with happiness yet regret. Those three words; "I love you…"and that was the end of Haruka's journey.

"Riku, Sora! We need to close the door NOW!" The King shouted and they looked up. There were heartless through the door and they got up. "But what about…" Riku begun.

"There's no time we need to hurry!" The silver haired boy turned to Haruka's body and she looked so calm and peaceful as if she was asleep. He leaned down closer to her and whispered into her ear. "I'm sorry for everything I've done." He pulled away and pecked her cold pale lips. He turned to Sora. "Sora, I leave her body in your hands. Look after her I know you can." The brown haired boy nodded as the tears kept on falling down his cheeks. Riku ran through the door along with the King and they pulled the door as Sora, Donald and Goofy pushed the door. "I can't." Sora sighed and glanced back at Haruka's body.

"Come on Sora! Together we can do it. Haruka's still alive, she's in our hearts and she needs you to do it!" Riku shouted out and Sora nodded. As the door closed Riku smiled at his best friend. "Take care of her, Sora."

"I will, I promise." Riku glanced at Haruka's body and smiled as a tear fell down his cheek. He placed a hand onto his heart. 'I love you Haru. I never wanted it to end like this.' And then the door closed shut.

Haruka's Magnificent Light appeared in her hand and started to sparkle and glow. The Keyblade emitted a magnificent light and so did the King's Keyblade too. The door also glistened and shone as it disappeared and so did the Princess's Keyblade. Sora walked up to her body and held it against him.

"Oh Haru…" He started to sob and held her tighter hoping that she would wake up but he didn't. Then he saw Kairi and she gasped when she saw Haruka.

"SORA! WHAT'S WRONG WITH HARU? WHY IS SHE ASLEEP?" Sora shut his eyes, how could he tell Kairi? How could he tell her, that because of him and Riku, Haruka's dead?


"IS SHE DEAD?" The auburn haired girl asked shocked and the boy's silence indicated that she was. Kairi gasped as the tears fell down her cheeks.

"Kairi! Remember what you said before? I'm always with you too." Sora said. "I'll come back to you

"I know you will!" Kairi cried and she started to move away from them. Sora stared at her and then Haruka. Then all of a sudden, he fell to his knees and started to cry. All the memories of him and Haruka played in his mind and he felt like this was his entire fault.

It was partially his fault that she lost her heart. If he didn't say all those things that made her sad then she wouldn't have been so upset. If her spent more time with her back on the islands then they would have been very good friends. If he didn't fight Riku, then she wouldn't have been here dead.

Sora walked up to her lifeless and limp body and wiped his tears. Jiminy jumped down from his shoulder and onto the ground. Tears kept on falling down everyone's eyes, all but the girl. The cricket took out his journal and sniffed. "Haruka told me to write this in the journal when we were on Hook's ship." He looked down and started to read;

"If Princess Haruka loses her heart or sacrifices herself, then take care of her body. Instead of carrying Haruka around her necklace will transform her into something useful."

The necklace around her neck started to shimmer and shine. This radiance spread from her head to her toes and shined brighter than a star. This made them all cover their eyes and when they opened their eyes, they gasped. Haruka's body wasn't there anymore it was replaced with a Keyblade.

But this Keyblade, it was beautiful. It was a silver Keyblade covered with Ruby and Emerald gems. The key ring of the Keyblade was the necklace's (Haruka's) pendant.

It was a garnet heart with a diamond crown on top (A/N: Like the Kingdom Hearts sign). It was the size of a large coin and had two small keyblades in the middle of the heart, the top of the keyblades were pointing in separate direction with the bottom connecting. One keyblade was white which portrayed light whilst the other was black symbolized darkness.

Sora walked up to the Keyblade and took it in his hand. He held it up and stared at the weapon. "Haruka, you live within this Keyblade." He said and Jiminy shook his head.

"No Sora, there was another thing she said." He looked down at his journal.

"Never forget Haruka and keep her cherished in your hearts, because she will live on inside people's hearts. Now, she will go to sleep and rest in peace."

Another tear fell down Sora's cheek and he nodded. They saw a stairway where the door was and they decided to go on.


They started walking on a path down a steep hill and there were trees and it was sunny. Sora was in between Donald and Goofy who were in their normal clothes.

"Well, now what do we do?" Donald asked breaking the silence.

"We've gotta find Riku and King Mickey." Sora answered.

"But, uh, where do we start lookin' for that there door to the light?" Goofy asked a valid question and they stopped walking. They went quiet and then sighed hopelessly. Sora looked up and saw a yellow dog.

"Pluto?" Donald asked.

"Hey Pluto, where have you been?" Goofy smiled and then they noticed a letter with a little mark which meant that it was from the King.

"Gawrsh, that's the King's seal!" Goofy pointed out.

"Hey, have you seen King Mickey?" Sora asked the dog and he started running. They looked at each other with smiles and started running after the dog with a bit more hope in their hearts.

(A/N: I'm gonna skip Chain of Memories till the last bit. Riku doesn't get confronted by Kairi/Namine about the light and darkness; he sees Haruka's grandmother and a younger Haruka too.)

"Our memories are connected." Namine said and Sora looked down as he remembered his friend with her bright flaming red hair, those green eyes and that personality which couldn't match any other. "Many pieces are linked together like they're in a chain that makes up each of us." The blonde haired witch clasped her hands together. "I don't actually erase memories, just take apart the links and rearrange them. You still have all your memories"

"So you can put 'em back together?" Jiminy asked.

"Yes, but first, I have to undo the chains of the memories I made on my own. After I've done that, I have to gather up the memories shattered across each of your hearts and then reconnect them. It might take some time but I think it might work. No, it will work, I'm sure. It's my turn to look after you."

Sora raised his arms in front of him and the silver Keyblade appeared in his hands. Then the Keyblade turned into a teenager with red curly hair, green eyes, fair skin which only had a few scratches; Haruka.

"Who's that girl?" Namine asked and Sora frowned as a tear fell down his cheek.

"One of my best friends, Haruka. She's a Princess, Princess of light and darkness. She, doesn't have her heart this is just what's left." Sora said.

"Oh…" Namine's eyes lowered. Jiminy opened his journal.

"I think Haruka knew you were going to exist Namine." He said and she gasped. "Haruka said that there will be a special person who will help people with their memories." Namine placed a hand onto her chest and smiled. 'Special person…'

"Namine, can you do something for Haruka?" She looked up at Jiminy.

"Of course I can, what is it?"

"Can you try and find Haruka's memories of when she was a child, her home, family and past? And can you implant them in her?" Namine smiled at this.

"Of course I can." She mumbled.

"Will she be able to wake up?" Sora asked and Namine's smile dropped.

"I'm not sure. There's a strong chance that she might never wake up. But let's just hope for the best. I need all of you to go to sleep, but unfortunately, you won't remember anything about what happened here." She sighed.

"Not even you?" Sora asked.

"I'm sorry, it's the only way I'm afraid." Then they walked into this white abyss with two machines, one looked like a pod which had petals, whilst the other looked like Kingdom Hearts. Donald and Goofy left and Jiminy made a note in his journal. 'Thank Namine'. Namine held onto Haruka as Sora stood there. He placed a hand onto the red haired teen's cheek and kissed her forehead.

"Sleep well Haru." He mumbled sadly.

"Goodnight Sora." Namine said and he turned to the pod with the petals. He walked up to it and Namine spoke again. "All of this may have started with a lie…" He turned to her. "But I really am glad that I have met you Sora and Haruka too. She's really beautiful and I bet she's even more beautiful inside." Namine smiled at the sleeping Haruka.

"Yeah me too. When I finally found you and even when I remembered your name, I was happy. The way I felt then, that was no lie." Namine smiled at this.

"Well, goodbye." Sora shook his head.

"No, not goodbye. When I wake up, someday I'll find you. And then there will be no lies. We're gonna be friends for real. I promise."

"You're going to forget that promise."

"The promise will always be inside of me somewhere."

"Yeah you're right. Alright it's a promise." Namine smiled.

"Good until later." Sora said and ran into the pod which closed its petals.

"Goodnight, Haru…I'm sorry for everything I've done." Sora sighed.

Namine placed Haruka into the other pod and stared at her. "I bet she's gone through a lot, but now it's time to rest and sleep in peace. I promise I'll get your memories and implant them in your heart." The pod closed and Haruka smiled in her sleep.

KH 358/2 Days: Phoenix's Fate

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