The Exception of Curiosity

Curiosity killed the cat, but in Altair's case, curiosity was an exception. Evangeline - Al Mualim's daughter - rebelliously flees from Masyaf into Jerusalem, to live a life without rules and restrictions. Will she escape Altair before he forces her to return to her father. AltairxOC

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Chapter 1

Altair had been showing off his skills as Master Assassin the first time he had seen her. There had been many rumors about her beauty, but no one believed them until they saw her. She was probably twenty years of age, an average height of five foot six, with a slender, dainty physique. Her long hair was clipped back at the sides and cascaded down her back in honey blonde waves, her skin was a light porcelain, and her dress was pale blue to match that of her eyes.

"Evangeline!" The master yelled, catching the attention of the Assassin's in the training grounds.

The girl stopped in her tracks at the tone of her fathers' voice, but made no move to turn around. The grounds surrounding them were silent, most likely due to the Masters tone, but perhaps because of the daughter's presence. She took a deep breath, her chest heaving slightly as she slowly turned back to face her father, clutching the sides of her dress in her hands to keep it up from the dusty ground.

"Return to your chambers at once!" He demanded, "You know you are forbidden to leave this fortress."

"Father-" Her voice was light and feminine.

"-Now!" Al Mualim interrupted. "You've disturbed the training of my Assassin's! That is enough recklessness for one day!"

Altair - along with the other Assassins - watched as the beautiful young woman made her way back up the stairs of the fort, and pass the Master quickly without a second glance.

Al Mualim turned to face them after a violent coughing fit. The white robed males paused in their practice as the Master cleared his throat as he addressed them. "I am not as able as I once was in my youth." He began, "My daughter is currently under my own watchful gaze, my own protection, and I shan't be here to do so forever. Therefore, I have decided to hold a trial for all of you." All Assassin's sheathed their weapons and turned to face their Master, listening intently. "Whoever becomes the champion of combat…" Al Mualim took a moment of hesitation, to ensure everyone's attention was focused on his words. "Shall receive my daughter as their prize, and placed under their protection."

A Prize? A prize meant a possession, and no Assassin had any of their own possessions since they had been in the Order. This caused all the Assassin's to become interested and intrigued in the trial in which Al Mualim spoke of...especially as his daughter (as they had just seen) held much beauty.

Altair sensed the eyes of his Brothers' on him. He smirked, did they believed he - Master Assassin - was going to be a part of this trial? He was not. He didn't care for the girl's well-being, she would just be a burden to him. His rank was all that mattered.

He sheathed his sword when he felt Al Mualim's eyes rest upon him. "Altair, I wish to speak with you." The Assassin obliged to his Masters wishes and began to leave the training grounds and head into the fort.

The others resumed their practice, determined to enhance their skills in preparation for the trial to win possession of the beautiful young lady. They sparred and practised their skills in combat in preparation for the trial. There was no need for use of throwing knives or their hidden blades, as they knew Al Mualim would not have any of his Assassins fight to the death.

They trained long into the hours of the evening before there was any sign of Altair. He swaggered out of the fort, and towards the stables to saddle a horse and prepare to leave for his assignment.

Al Mualim watched him leave from the large window before him. He couldn't believe he had sent his worthiest Assassin away during the time the trial for the possession of his daughter. Nobody except for Al Mualim himself knew that she was an intended prize for Altair once the Master had passed away.

But the girl had become a constant problem for her father as soon as she had turned nineteen, and Al Mualim believed she needed a strong-willed Assassin to be able to restrain her from her rebellious attitude. She had attempted to leave the fort four times during one of their arguments so he needed an Assassin to do the job before she stopped listening to his demands for her to return to her chambers, and got herself into any trouble.

He didn't speak to his daughter for another few days, and in those days the trial was held and won by the Assassin Runam.

Runam was a very good protector of Evangeline, but Al Mualim couldn't help but notice the Assassin followed his daughter around like a leering puppy, and he was most displeased about this. He wished for his favourite to return, and with haste so he could hand the job over to him immediately, for he would not trust Runam with his own shadow.

Then Altair returned successful from his assignment.

The Master was overjoyed with the news, and he gave praise to his Master Assassin before being interrupted by rushing of footsteps. Both Al Mualim and Altair looked up when an Assassin ran into the presence of the Master, obviously out of breath. "Master!" He exclaimed, bowing his head quickly.

"What is it?" Al Mualim demanded. "What is so important that you had to disturb us?"

The Assassin apologised quickly before speaking up, "It is your daughter, Master." He stated, "Runam tried to stop her, but was unsuccessful. She left, Master, she has fled Masyaf on horseback. Runam rode on after her, but returned to us empty handed."

The Masters face went red with rage. "Kill him." He ordered. "She was to be kept under his watch!" Al Mualim brought his hand down on the table with a resounding bang before turning to face the window as the other Assassin ran off. "Altair." Al Mualim quickly composed himself. "I want you to bring her back to me." His expression turned serious. "Do anything and everything you can. You are my best assassin, which is why I require you to do this task."

"I will see that it is done, Master." Altair stated, when the Mentor began coughing. "Is there anything else you require me to do?"

Al Mualim rested his hands upon his table to catch his breath, "You know she is an intended gift for you."


Al Mualim cleared his throat as he began to pace back and forth in front of the window whilst addressing the Assassin, "Since I discovered your potential, Altair, I had decided to give her to you as a gift when you became Master Assassin. I didn't realise how quickly you were to reach the rank, and I still saw Evangeline as a child. But now she strong-willed and disobedient, and I fear I am growing too old to deal with her rebelliousness. I am entrusting you in bringing her back to Masyaf, as soon as you do this, she will be yours."

Altair didn't know what to say. Of course, he did not want the girl to be his burden, but he could not disrespect his Master. Yes, the girl would be his but he didn't have to do anything about that; he could quite easily ignore her. "Yes, Master."

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