Hey there! Out of nowhere, The Fosters has quickly become my new favourite TV show! I didn't really expect much from it but I really love it right now, especially the whole Brandon/Callie chemistry. In the first episode, I could sense the chemistry between the two characters, but I wasn't sure how I felt about them as a couple. But now, I am shipping Brallie all the way! So this story is based on 1x04 and the promos for 1x05. I hope you enjoy some Brallie love. xx

"Hey, B?" said his biological Mom as he headed upstairs. "Hey."

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Everything okay with you and Talya?"

"Yeah," said Brandon. "Why wouldn't it be?"

"I don't know, it's just…" Stef said, not quite sure how to put all this. But it had to be done.

"Brandon, listen. You know that- well, I'm assuming that you know that- that…" She cleared her throat and steadied herself. "Well, you know, foster siblings are not allowed to, to… I don't know, hook up?"

"Of course," Brandon thought. He didn't understand where all this concern was coming from; first Talya, and now his Mom. "I don't know what you guys call it these days.," She finished.

"There's nothing going on between Callie and I," Brandon said honestly.

"Callie and Me," his Mom corrected.

Brandon almost laughed. "Yeah, okay."

"Umm, it's just when the twins got here you were nine-"

"Right, and now I'm a horny teenager," Brandon joked.


"Hmmm." Brandon knew he had to make it clear to Stef. "Mom, I have a girlfriend, and I know the rules."

"Okay," Stef replied, seemingly satisfied with his answer.


As he walked away to take a pair of shoes to Jesus, Brandon couldn't help but think of one thing. While he said he knew he couldn't be with Callie for a number of different reasons, the whole time his Mom had questioned him, he never actually denied having feelings for her.

Dance lessons.

Callie couldn't believe she had been roped into this. If anyone had told her in juvie, that when she got out, she would be taking dance lessons for someone's 'Quince-sen-yeah-a' or something, she would have laughed in their face. The twins and Lexi had already arrived when Callie got there, although only Mariana seemed excited about it. Brandon and Talya were there too. Talya sat and watched as they all rehearsed, her eyes intently on Brandon and Callie.

Callie didn't know why she was so nervous to dance with Brandon. He was a great guy and made her feel comfortable. She put it down to Talya and the threat she posed on her life, as she now knew it.

Suddenly they were learning to dance and before Callie could protest or do anything, she and Brandon were in the centre of the room playing puppets for everyone to see.

"Don't be shy!" said the dance instructor, obviously enthusiastic. "Place your right hand, on your partner's waist."

Brandon nervously complied, putting his hand gently on her back.

"And slightly around to the small of her back."

As his hand moved tentatively around to her back, she fought tingling sensation on her skin.

"Extend the left hand; palm raised. Callie, rest your hand gently in his. Other hand up on his shoulder, like so." As they did as the instructor told them, Callie wanted nothing more than to be anywhere but there; dancing.

"Little closer."

As they took a step towards one another, Brandon tried his best to ignore and suppress the feeling of static electricity between them.

"Good, hold that position. In partner dancing, connection is key. So, Brandon and Callie. Look into each others eyes." Callie looked up at Brandon, feeling her breath caught in her chest for reasons she couldn't explain. Though she managed to keep a straight face.

"Breathe." Brandon took a deep breath and looked down at Callie. What he felt in that moment was the strangest combination of awe and confusion. He couldn't work out what it was. All he knew was Callie was looking up at him with these deep brown eyes he'd never really noticed before. And he couldn't look away.


Brandon's face seemed so serious looking down at her; Callie couldn't help but almost crumble and lock his graze. That was until he made a quick glance at Talya, and both Brandon and Callie came crashing back to reality.

Callie walked down the stairs as gracefully as she possibly could. While she felt kind of stupid in this dress, a part of her; a part she wasn't even sure existed, actually didn't mind. Although she didn't dare let it show.

Brandon was collecting a box full of gift bags to take to the car when he heard high heels, clicking down the stairs. He turned around to see Callie standing before him. Brandon was thrown. It was the same Callie who usually wore jeans with a baggy top and sneakers and her hair straight and more than likely covering her face, but suddenly she was in a bright pink gown and her hair in delicate curls. He stared at her, for only an instant, forgetting every rule and concern about her. Callie didn't know exactly what to say, as he felt Brandon's eyes looking her up and down in surprise. Brandon could feel the voice in his head telling him the right thing to do, being unexpectedly silenced.

"Ahhh," Callie said in her typical non-chalaunt way. "You need help?"

"What?" Brandon stumbled (which was unusual for him in the first place), with his mouth open in what could only be described as amazement.

Callie gave him a look, indicating to the box in his arms.

"Oh. Ahhhh. No, I-I-I-I- I got it." There he went again stuttering like a blithering idiot.

"You look…" Brandon said. "Beautiful," he thought for a split second before his better judgement took over and said, "-nice."

Callie suddenly looked to her right, where Talya was standing.

He politely went up to greet her, acting as natural as possible. As she kissed him hello, Brandon struggled to take his eyes off Callie. Until he suddenly came back to his senses and rushed out the room as quickly as he could, stinging with an agony and ecstasy he couldn't explain.

How did our two worlds entwine?

How do I fit into your life

How did you get into mine?

Song: The Agony and the Ecstasy by Smokey Robinson