My two favs are Star Trek and Avengers and for months wondered of a situation that would bring them together. After seeing ST: Into Darkness (several times) an idea has occurred and is now a long work in progress. Since I'm finding out that there is much research involved (and some guesswork) I would love to hear your opinions as to whether this is worth continuing or not.

So here is the prologue...

"Scotty, what is happening!?"

The loss of control, it reverberated through every fiber of his being. He feared it, despised it, and at times tried to believe it to be something else, even fooling himself at times to think that the loss never happened and that it had been something else entirely. Beautifully reminiscent of the Kobayashi Maru where he had refused to accept that loss of control and no win scenario.

This was his way, the way James Kirk looked at life around him. But the alarm that sounded the red alert told him otherwise.

Montgomery Scott, the chief engineer of the Enterprise, one of the best in Starfleet, was also taken with the same feeling as his captain. Since lifted from the proverbial doghouse on Delta Vega he proved to be a miracle worker. No matter the problem, no matter how much out-of-the-box thinking was required, he always found a way and an answer…until now.

"I dinna know captain!" It was the truth he found hard to admit, even to himself.

"What if we jettison the core," the suggestion from the bridge was indicative of a last option. No bloody captain wanted to do that unless they were out of alternatives.

Scotty groaned. He didn't want to admit the idea had already crossed his mind. The outcome would not be "pretty" to say the least. Traveling at warp 9.1, he might as well just have the ship self destruct because the results wouldn't be much different.

His attempt at a response was useless with the sudden termination of the link.

"Captain!" Nyota Uhura called from her station. "All ship wide communications are dead. We can't reach Starfleet."

Lieutenant Sulu's hands flew effortlessly across his familiar board. However, the readouts of the systems continued to be unchanged. He clenched his jaw and turned his seat. "Sir, we've lost all helm control."

Beside him, the young, yet brilliant mind of Ensign Chekov, realized his similar situation. However, his console allowed for their course to continue to be viewed and he reluctantly added, "Keptin, on our current trajectory, we will be crossing the Neutral Zone in 9 minutes."

The crew's reports were acknowledged with nothing more than a hasty glance in their direction. Kirk flipped his communicator open. "Kirk to Spock."

Moments later the science officer responded. "Yes captain."

"How does it look?"

"As in my previous analysis, I have been unable to determine the reason as to why the computer is locking down ship wide functions. I may be able to bypass the systems compromised to allow for manual control, however that would take time and no guarantees."

"Time is a luxury we do not have. Stand by…" Jim Kirk cut his first officer off. Racing into the neutral zone was not a pleasant thought, especially on a ship that was locked on course and picking up speed.

The captain's eyes scanned across the bridge. Noting that some of the crew were now looking to him for an answer or even an idea he returned his attention to the communicator with his first officer still waiting. "Meet me in the brig."

A small pause and he knew that if it had been anybody else except for Spock, he would have gotten an 'are you crazy?' answer. However, since it was his Vulcan first officer the reply was "Aye Captain."

"Sulu, you have the conn…" He noted the helmsman's tentative look and added, "…whatever is left of it." He then quickly strode towards the turbo lift fully aware of the trepidation that plagued everyone left on the bridge.