Chapter 10: Thanks Trina

*Laney's POV*

I am blushing like mad! Corey just kissed me! Not thinking I pull him in for another kiss. We make out for a little while, and then Corey moves to my neck. I didn't mind but then after about a minute I push him away, "Core, I think you gave me a hickey!"

Corey looks at me with his amazing eyes and says, "It doesn't matter Lanes we are going out now."

Did he just ask me out! OH MY GOD! I smile, "but Core, do you want everyone to know already?"

"I guess not," he tells me.

I remind him, "You gave me a hickey! Don't you think that is suspicious?"

"I guess it kind of is, we will tell the twins if they notice," he reassures me.

"Okay," I say and we head back to Corey's room and fall asleep.

*About Eight Hours later*

We walk down stairs and make pop-tarts. Trina is already back from Mina's house and they both or in the kitchen when we get down there. She is smile, "Did my lame brother tell you? You guys can't steal my diary! I guess this dumb band is over!"

"We found another way Trina!" Corey exclaims.

I look at the three boys, "If you try to steal my diary again I'll put a lock on mine too!"

Kin and Kon look at Corey. He smiles a guilty smile. Trina looks at my neck then my face, "What do you write about? Your boyfriend?"

Kin looks confused, "Laney doesn't have a boyfriend."

"Oh really?" Trina asks, "Then why does she have a hickey on her neck."

Great. Thank you Trina. Kon looks puzzled, "Well she didn't have it yesterday."

Everybody looks at me and Corey and we blush. "Fine! I'll admit it! Corey and I are dating!" I exclaim.

Trina laughs. Mina awkwardly stands there. Kin and Kon smirk, and Corey kisses me.