CHAPTER 2: The News

*Laney's POV*

Kin and Kon both say "hi" to me, but Corey is just standing there. "Hello Core" I say and it gets his attention.

He shakes his head as if he was is some kind of trance, "Hi Lanes. Uh… let's go to the garage." We follow Corey, and once we get there he says, "Guys, I got bad news… we can't use Trina's diary for lyrics anymore… that is why I was grounded for two weeks."

Kon shakes Corey and yells, "NOOOOOOO! HOW ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE LYRICS?"

Corey sighs is disappointment, "We will find a way." Kin, Kon, and Corey look so upset.

"You guys don't get so upset. When we are famous, unless we can kidnap Nick Mallory, there would be NO WAY Trina would come with us on tours. I think this might help us for when we get famous," I tell the guys, "Let's go back in the house."

We all come back in the house and Corey leads us all to the kitchen and offers to get us tea, that his mom made earlier that day. We all drink our tea but when Kon puts his cup down he doesn't realize it but he puts it on the edge of the counter; the cup falls and gets tea all over me. Great.

"Damn it Kon!" I scream.

"I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry! Please forgive me, Laney!"

It's hard to not forgive him. He is one of my best friends. "I forgive you, but now I have to change!"

"Hey Lanes you can borrow my clothes… but if your bra has tea on it there isn't really anything I could do, unless you wear the same size as Trina. Even if you do she would probably kill us for looking through her underwear drawer…" Corey says.

"I brought and extra bra for tomorrow, but I think we are the same size. I'm pretty sure she is also size C…" the three boys' jaws drop. Why are they so surprised? "but I would like to borrow a shirt and some shorts.

"Kin, Kon, can you clean up this mess? I am going to take Lanes to my room to get clothes," I blush a little when he says my name. It's so obvious I like him; thank god they are all oblivious. We get up to Corey's room and he hands me clothes, and asks "do you want me to leave the room while you change?"

We have had to change it front tons of times so I don't know why he asked, but I tell say "No it's fine.

When I take my soaking wet shirt off Corey blushes, which makes me blush. Corey has never liked me so I don't know why he is blushing, but it is really cute! Ugh! I like him so much! Why can't he like me back? It would be incredible! These thoughts make me blush a lot.

We head back down stairs and the twins have cleaned up the mess, and Kin looks at us and says, "Why are your faces so red?" Great, Kin just had to say that. I was hoping none of them would notice.