I've been working on this story for about a week now. This is my first Legend of Zelda story so forgive me if any of the characters seem OOC. Enjoy and review, please!

Link stared aimlessly out of his window in his treehouse. He couldn't help but let a few tears escape from his deep, blue eyes. His yard was empty.

Malo, Talo and Beth no longer hung around outside his house anymore. He missed their laughter, joy and company.

He also missed the village people. The same people that took care of him when his parents died years ago barely took notice of him anymore. Fado did not need his help at the ranch anymore. When Link was gone saving Hyrule, Fado learned to herd the goats by himself. He did not need Link to do it for him any longer. That made Link feel rejected and depressed.

Link felt almost like he deserved to be ignored by the village. He became a monster and a murderer. No one deserved to witness that.

Link cried himself to sleep every night now. He also started to cut his wrists with quick swipes of a small knife to help deal with the feeling of loneliness, rejection and sadness take over him. It made him feel better—but only temporarily until he needed to repeat his actions.

He remembered the good times he had in his hometown. Fado would wake him up at odd hours to herd goats. The children would ask him to play with them. Colin would just stand by silently watching as he practiced his sword moves, admiring him for his bravery. And the village people would call on him to do silly odd jobs such as gathering escaped Cuccos.

But he was no longer the Link everyone needed. He was just simply Link, the kid who was a burden on the whole town when his parents died. Link, the foolish teenager.

Depression took over him and now proceeded to take over his mind. He was certain that the entire village wished he was dead. That he died with his parents or was slaughtered in Hyrule while on his journey. He was sure that they all were irritated that he remained alive after saving their world. Link was a wasted space and he knew it.

Link glanced down at his sword that laid in front of him.

"One stab is all it takes," Link thought sadly. "And everyone in Ordon would get their wish for me to be dead."

He touched the cold metal. It had killed many. Link felt like a murderer. A murderer did not deserve to live.

Link took the sword and walked outside. He put his sword away and climbed down the ladder. Once on the ground, he walked over to Epona. She was happy to see her master. She nudged Link, telling him to pet her. Link obeyed.

"I'm sorry, girl," Link muttered into her ear. "But I can no longer be your master. I will not be alive."

Link put his suicide note on her saddle. He walked away and stood in front of his tree house. He could hear the shouts and laughter of the kids. His heart ached.

He unsheathed his sword. Tears rolled down the young hero's cheeks. Nobody needed him anymore. All it took was a few long months of agony to prove that Ordon could get along fine without Link.

He raised his sword. The sunlight hit the metal.

"I'm doing Hyrule a favor by doing this." Link said with tears running down his face.

He plunged it deep into his chest.

The sharp sword ripped and knifed its way into his body.

Link pulled it out.

Blood dripped off of it.

Poor Epona didn't know what was going on. Her master bled as she watched.

Link collapsed to the ground and laid face down as a pool of thick, crimson liquid surrounded him. His blood.

He stopped breathing.

He laid there dead.