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'If you are reading this then you have most likely found my body. You should all be happy. I'm dead now. You all got your wish. I was a burden on all of you and I'm sorry. I should've let myself get killed while I was in Hyrule. I should have died along with my parents or something.

I'm gone now so Ordon and the rest of Hyrule won't have to live with a murderer. I've killed so many that I don't deserve life any longer.

And nobody needed me anymore. Fado didn't need me to herd goats anymore. The kids didn't hang around in my yard anymore. They never even ask me to play with them like they used to before I left.

I do not care what happens to my belongings, but I do want Epona to be shared by Colin and Ilia. Colin, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to teach you to ride.

Nobody cared for me. I wasn't Link the hero. I was Link, the foolish teenager who set off to save Hyrule. I was a monster—far away from being a hero.

I was tired of slashing my wrists and crying and the feelings of sadness, loneliness, pain, and everything. I have nothing more to say so I guess I'll end it here. I'm free now. Don't keep me in your thoughts. Forget about me. I'm not coming back.


And that was the end. Soft sobs filled the air by the massive crowd. Some people had run off in agony. Probably to hide somewhere to cry harder. At least that's what Ilia did. Tears filled her emerald eyes once the first sentence was read. The lump in her throat dissolved and she burst into tears. Once the note ending, Ilia ran off to one of the horses That carried Ordon here.

Ilia detached the wagon from the horse quickly before her father, whom was yelling her name, came outside and found her.

She mounted the horse and prayed to the goddesses that she learned enough about riding from watching Link countless times at the ranch. Link...

She got the horse into a trot and followed the path back to Ordon.

The trip was shorter than she had imagined. Once she was in front of Link's house, she dismounted. She felt angry, sad, confused and betrayed all at the same time. Ilia blinked back hot, mad tears then proceeded to climb the ladder that led to his door. Link's door was locked.

"Shit!" she cried as she tried to kick it open.

Finally, Ilia managed to break in by throwing her body against it. After several attempts, the door flew open.

Ilia walked in and looked around at the small house.

"Why?!" Ilia screamed. "Why did you kill yourself?!"

Ilia noticed a set of clothes neatly folded on a table. She grabbed them and put them up to her face. She inhaled and took in the fresh, clean scent. It smelled like him. She cried. She couldn't help but feel guilty. She felt as it was her fault Link had killed himself.

"Link, is it my fault you killed yourself?" Ilia mumbled.

She was calm now, but delirious. Ilia could vaguely hear her name being called from outside the tree house. She set the clothes on the table, took a deep breath and walked outside. She saw her father and stared at him for a moment. Her green eyes were filling with tears. Ilia hurried down the ladder and ran to her dad, embracing him. She burst into tears.

"He's gone, isn't he Daddy?" Ilia asked, her voice shaking.

"Yes, I'm afraid so. He's still in our memories, though and we must not forget that, Ilia," her dad said, hugging his daughter.

A rumble of thunder broke the heavy, agonized silence. The rest of Ordon was returning and Mayor Bo and Ilia returned home before the downpour of rain started.

As Ilia sat on her bed, listening to the rain pound against her window, she knew Link was dead. She accepted that.

Link was a hero but he had problems, there was no denying that. But at least he was now in a good place.

For eternity.

The story doesn't end there! I still have one more chapter to post and that will be it. :)