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A storm brewed over the state of Washington. Trees blew harshly as rain heavily in its' green trescence of autumn. Lightning seemed to light the sky at any chance it had. Huge black bunched clouds bundled together as if it was embrace by the contents of huge arms that never wanted it to part to see the clear sky. It was 5:09 pm. A blurred figure ran through the forest in high speeds. Fluidly dodging everything in his path as he ran. His goal of running home excited him, for he will see the one person who cared for him for him. Lightning took its' time flashing in the sky as he passed through a clearing. Long tresses of sharp dark green hair flowed behind him as his semi bared feet picked up speed. Washingtons' forest was the biggest in United States and in its' own state it cleared more than 5,000 yards away from civilization. This state was cleared off the radar. Everyone in this state is ultimately under the protection of the one who cared for all its inhabitants. She was their protector. She was their salvation. She was their mother who cared for all her children, even if she was only 18 years old. She may rule over the state with an iron fist but she does it because she cares. She recommmended the government and congress along with the president to leave Washington off limits and off anyone else's radar. Anyone who wanted to come was to travel by car, train, bus, or on foot. Never by plane.

The green haired figure made it out of the forest past a huge and the best secured prison in the U.S. It was full of inhabitants that serve a death penalty or is a criminal that is serving prison for life. Every state that had those in that category was to send them to Washinton with no questions asked. About 100 yards from that was a mansion that could put any of the riches people on earth to their knees at the size. Both of the buildings were built from the bottom up by the people of Washington. There was a driveway and a road that goes in the direction of the town so anyone can visit. The garage was also something to drool on. Motorcycles, trucks, cars, and any type. of vehicle was available to you. The masion's design was absolutely beautiful. It may be extravigant but it does have its homey feel to it. It was about 7 stories high. Each side of it was about 50 feet long in lenght. In width it was about 35 feet long on each side. The colors of royal blue and diamond black. The exterior, mainly the whole mansion, was blue and the windows and balconies and such were black. The front entrance was wide with double doors and an over canopy. The roof was flat for those who want to sit in peace to watch the stars and moon when it came rarely in the cloudy, rainy state of Washington. The front yard was wide and the grass cut short, the fontain of the right side of the place he called home. Perfectly cut bushes and different variety of white leaved trees and some green trees surrounded the whole outside area. The figure stopped at the double doors and shook his body, ridding himself of excess water from the storm. Making sure to wipe his feet and wrigging his green hair, he stepped inside the place he would always call home. He walked through the short hallway and stepped in the living room. His amethyst eyes glowed with the lights. The interior was more beautiful than the exterior. White marbled walls with personal and created designs imbedded in. The ceiling of the room once you step in was tall, about 25 feet. The chandelir with real diamonds hung over in the center. The sanded wooden floor shined. A rug that fit two wide couches, another couch set that circled into a U shaped form around a coffee table. A 62" plasma screen TV that hung on the wall and an entertainment system that resided right under it. It was filled with pictures of different people laughing with her. Bright smiles that gave the room extra light. A antique case filled with knicknacs and vases of good smelling flowers that comforted every one who lived here.

There was another hall after this. One that had bathrooms and a meeting room on the left. The right wall was blank with more pictures. Then two very wide stairwells on each side that led to the uppers levels that consisted of bedrooms and more bathrooms. On the right was a kitchen that a professional chef that would have an orgasm over. Any chef's wet dream. On the right was a dinning room. Past the dining room was a set of double doors that were gold and embroided the initials of her. I and W on separate doors. He quickly opened one and slipped downstairs to where he past many members of his family. Everyone laughing and smiling with contentment and joy. With peace. There was only on hallway that was short. It also had black double doors that led to their theater room. Passing that he went into a large office that was more likely a huge library. Books where everywhere. Walls stacked with them. But he was entirely focused on the one woman who sat in the center, book in handwhile the other smoothed a childs' hair down as she napped in her lap. The woman who made all of this possible. The one that would become very deadly if necessary to protect the ones she love. The woman who took him in after his mother used him and his father betrayed him. The woman that he forever call his one true mother. Isabella Marie Swan-Whitlock. Her long knee length black hair braided in a french braid tossed over her shoulder. Pale skin yet very beautiful. Small dainty hands that would forever have a mother's touch. She was only 5"4 yet very powerful and deadly. Piss her off and you might as well dig your grave. Heart shaped face, high cheekbones, small button nose, full lips and aligned beautiful red eyes and black ring outline. A figure that females would die for. Huge breasts, flat toned torso, small waist, large hips with, dare he say, a perfect ass, and long legs. Her bare feet were small as well.

She was a beauty sent from the heavens and her status as a vampire made it all the better. There were 3 different kinds of creatures that live here. Vampires, Werewolves, and Humonculi. Two types of vampires that live are the burning original kind and the sparkly cold ones kind. There were lots more cold ones than original by hundreds. Colds ones are vampires that have cold hard diamond skin, that glitters in the sunlight. They have perks of having supernatural strenght, speed, sight, and hearing. They also bring a strong trait from their human life that evolves into a gift. Some vampires are just normal. Their diets of course consists of blood, human blood or animal blood. Though no vampire wants that. See if you feed off animals, you have gold eyes. You feed off humans and you have shiny crimson eyes. Isabella has hated any vampire that have gold eyes because of her past. So she feeds off humans, mainly criminals, hence why a prison was here next to their home. So does every vampire that lives here. Most of these are vampires that live around the U.S as nomads. Half of the south came here as well. Also hence why that vampires that come to this country never see or smell them but of their old scents of where the use to reside before they heard of Isabella. The only ones that where kept out of the loop where the animal drinking family she hates and any others that came from other countries. The Vultori does not even know of this. Even if they catch wind of it and try to come here because we have a large population here and the humans of Washington that know all of our secret and try to kill them, they would drop like flies under their Queens wrath. Humans and Supernatural creatures coexist in peace in Washington. Everyone knows everyone.

The Original Vampires, of course, are the ones who came before the Cold ones. They can get staked, burn in the sun and such. The look like humans. They also have fangs. When their vampire side shows, veins protude under their eyes as their eye color turns red. They diet of course is human blood that gives them ultimate strength. As they age, their strenght grows as well as their own gifts. If they are powerful enough they can shift in their own prefered animal. They have another weakness as well. Vervain. If vervain is in their system, it burns thems. But it can not be a weakness if they consume vervain mixed with blood everyday.

Now there are two kinds of werewolves. One that can shift into horse sized wolves at will. It was originated in a reservation of La Push after a vampire terrorized their tribe eons ago. Those who have the genes of a shifter, shift when danger comes. it starts with a fever that raises their body temperature to a permanent toasty 108 degree. They are also very short tempered if they are new. Piss them off and you have newly shifted wolves after you. Feeding them is like feeding an army sized dinner to only about 30 shifter wolves. The other kind are the ones that shifted during the full moon. Only a rare few can control their wolf side. Piss them off even though they aren't under a full moon, their eyes turn yellow.

The only supernatural creature was the Homunculus. But there was only one that lived here. The green haired figure was an Homunculus. One of the deadly sins also the most dangerous and powerful deadly sin. His name is Envy. Born out of the very emotion he was named after. He was not human. No he's an immortal. Has been this way for about 250 years. He was muscular yet slim. A tattoo of the ouroborus on his thigh. He would wear his usual attire of a tight, no sleeves shirt that stopped above his muscular torso, black fingerless gloves, shorts with a loin cloth over it just over his tattoo and bare toed and heel boots, and his usual head band that kept his hair from his face. All black. Isabella found him at his lowest and rescued him and killed his entire so called family. Then she brought him here and nurtured him back to health. He loved her and would stand by her side for the rest of his immortal life. He was the second strongest in this house hold when he still has his diet of fake philsopher stones. That and he worked out.

Envy blurred over to Belle, his nickname for her, and used his power. he shifted into a small kitty and hopped on her lap, earning a laugh that sounded like sweet bells.

"Envy, you finally came home from your small adventure," Bella mused with a smile as she lifted her hand from the sleeping child and carefully placed a pillow under his head. Then bookmarked the page she was on before putting it one the table without a sound. Envy meowed and purred as he nuzzled her stomach when she ran her fingers through his fur. Bella stood up and perched Envy on her shoulder before grabbing the book and blurring to the second floor of the library to place it back in its right place. "And have you been playing in the mud again because you smell like Earth." She giggled when he looked away and kissed his small cheeks.

"Bells?" She ran back onto the first floor and stood in front of the man who helped her in the past. Captain Peter Whitlock, brother and everyone's full-time yoda.

"What's up Petey." She smothered the laugh that wanted to burst out of her throat at the face he made when she called him his most hated nickname.

"Don't call me that shorty." Bella huffed with a proud smirk and crossed her arms.

"Tiny but mighty, Petey, tiny but mighty."

"You got that right," He muttered under his breath. "Anyway I came here to tell you that Maria called. The Volturi destroyed her entire base and tried ta kill her but she an' several newborns are comin' this way ta live here. One has a gift of a sheild like yers but less powerful but powerful enough to hide their scents. They're comin' in first thing tomorrow mornin' at the rate they are runnin'." His southern accent was thick. Bella nodded.

"Okay I'll have her rooms set up."

"Oh an' she finally found her mate."

Bella squealed. "Oh I'm so happy fer her." Her southern accent that she obtained from Peter and his mate along with the southerner that lived her came out because of her happiness. She was bouncing on her toes. Envy finally had enough and hopped of her shoulder, landing in his human form, holding his stomach.

"Did you really have to get her that excited, Yoda," Envy groaned, shaking off his nausea. Bella 'oops' and Peter laughed. After a few minutes of chatting, a loud crash resonated in the whole house. The sleeping child on the couch eyes snapped open with a hiss. Red eyes looking around until they landed on Bella and he was crouched in front of her, hissing at the ceiling. Bella sighed and lightly ran her fingers through his hair, calming him down enough for him to have his arms around her neck, sitting on her hip, eyes staring straight at the hallway.

"Sorry about that Jamie," Bella sighed and turned to Envy and Peter. "Let's go see who did what now." One second they were standing in the library now, the next they were in the living room. There was a broken vase and two grown male vampires are trying to pick up the pieces quickly. In their minds, they want to avoid what would happen when Bella found out. A throat cleared behind them and they stiffened. As slow as a turtle, the two turned their heads to see Bella standing over them with a scowl, Jamie holding onto her leg behind them with a straight, blank face but in his childlike 10 year old red eyes was amusement, with Peter and Envy standing as far as they can away from Belle as possible.

"Riley.." The blonde male flinched. "Enrique.." The spanish black haired male winced. "What did you do!" Bella shrieked. Riley and Enrique started stuttering, trying to come up with an excuse before pointing at each other.

"He did it!" They yelled simultaniously then cowered under Bella's glare.

"I don't give a flying crap who did it!" She pointed a finger at them. "Clean it up this instant." Both men got to work. Sweeping up the glass and dusting the floor, putting the pieces in the trash. Bella smiled at their progress and gave them both kisses on the cheek. A red headed vampire burst in the room and stood by Riley, who wrapped an arm around her.

"My mate, what have you done now?" The red head asked, raising a perfect eyebrow.

Riley looked down and lightly toed the floor, embarassment flooded his face. "Enrique cheated in a game and i hit him then we got into a fight. We accidentally hit the vase and tried to clean it up before Isa found out, but she's to quick and we had to clean it up." He grumbled under his breath, and kicked the air. "Sorry Vickie, sorry Isa."

Victoria smacked him lightly. Bella just smiled. "Don't fight in the house," She admonished. Everyone laughed.

Entering Forks were four vehicles. A Benz Mercedes, a red convertible, a silver volvo, and Jeep. They drove of the highway into the forest where a dirt road led to a clearing. As they came to a stop, the passengers in the cars gasped, except for two. There was nothing there. No glass house, no garage. Nothing. The gardens were even gone. Just dirt. The storm had cleared away but the clouds haven't. The first couple to exit their vehicles was a blonde haired vampire and a carmel haired woman standing beside him. Carlisle and Esme Cullen. The next were Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen from the convertible. Then Edward Cullen and Alice Cullen from the Volvo and a human who stood immediately at Edwards side. Last but not least was Jasper Hale who drove the Jeep.

"What happened to our house Carlisle?" Esme asked with venom tears shining in her eyes. Never to fall.

"I don't know sweetie, but we are going to find out." They reentered the vehicles and sped down the driveway, intending to go to Forks and Port Angelos for answers. As soon as they did enter PA, something stange happened. Everyone who was walking on the side walk and were driving, immediately stopped what they were doing and ran inside the buildings. Doors were locked, windows shut and covered. Steel bars slammed in front of each and every opening and the town went quiet. But Edward could read their minds. Well mostly since they hid their thoughts.

I can't believe they have the audacity to come back in this state...

I wonder what the Queen would say if she ever catches wind of the...

The Queen is going to be pissed...

They definitely have a death wish...

Should we alarm them immediately...

The vampires and werewolves are not going to like this. The Cullens are not invited in this state. EVER...

Damn piss eyed leeches, coming in our home...

This state is off limits to those who have gold eyes...

I wonder if our Queen would let us kill them ourselves...

Edward's eyes widened at the bits and pieces of information he gathered. He wanted more but every human though went blank. Jasper who was standing of to side against the window, arms crossed, scowl that it painted permanently on his face, eyes black as the night, could feel their emotions. Bloodlust, determination, rage and hate. All directed towards them. He felt Edwards emotion go to shock and had to ask.

"What did you hear Edward?" He asked gruffly, gaining the rests' attention.

"These humans...they know and I can't read their minds anymore. They are blocking my power." Everyone but Jasper gasped.

"I say we should just killed them off already. Humans can expose us." Rosalie snapped.

"Hey don't you smell that?" Emmett asked, sniffing the air. The vampires took a whiff and were baffled at the sheer size of vampires that ever crossed here. On their travels from state to state, it's as if every vampire and nomad just dropped off the face of the Earth. Washington was off the radar as well. Alice can't see anything in Washington at all. Ever since they left her, everything that involved this state went black. Now they are smelling hundreds of vampires here and it doesn't look like they are leaving any time soon and had informed the humans of their existence. How the Vultori did not catch wind of this, no one will ever know.

"We should consult with the wolves about this." Carlisle's voice rang. And again they left PA that became a vacant ghost town back onto the highway into the forest where their home was suppost to stand. Edward pulled the human on their back and they were off to the treaty line. A stong stench of wet dog smell and vampire scents were clouded together. As they exited the trees, the Cullens and Hales were on high alert. 15 huge La Push wolves were standing in a straight line behind their line, growling and snapping. The black wolf in the middle along with a russet furred one ran into the tree line. A few seconds later two tall natives came out. They stood slightly in front of the wolves and crossed their arms in a strong intimidating military stance.

Edward tried to read their minds but also came up blank. Jasper tried to calm them all down, but it was bouncing off the wolves and they became more hostile.

"What are you doing back here leeches," The one that Edward recognized as Jacob Black, hissed.

"We came to inform you of the growing population of vampires in the entire state." Carlisle said trying to diffuse the violence.

"We know about the vamps, what about them." The second one asked, named Sam Uley.

"Sure you know it's dangerous and that they have exposed the secret to humans."

"So?" Jacob snipped. "They know our secret to, what of it."

"The Volturi can kill us all for this, mutts," Rosalie hissed.

"Rose." Esme chided.

"That's no way of our problem." Sam said shrugging. "What our problem is, is that you and your coven had to come back on Washington lands."

"What did we do?" Emmett asked confused.

A few wolves almost lunged over the line if Sam hadn't barked at them. Their rage went into their highest peak. Jasper struggled to keep it from consuming him. A small grey wolf phased in front of everyone, not caring that she was naked at the least.

"You sons of bitches, I hope our Queen kills you!" She screeched, stalking over to them. Jacob grabbed her around the waist and held her thrashing body. "You all deserve to die for what your family put her through!"

Some of the Cullens hissed. The human hidden behind Edward whimpered.

"Leah calm down," Jacob soothed, rubbing her back.

"No I'm telling the Queen!" She barked, pulling away. "She deserves to know this!" Then she sniffed in their direction, scowling at Edward. "I see you found yourself another human bitch, you gay virgin priss. You do get distracted quickly, breaking other girls hearts. You're worse than your family of piss colored eyes." With that insult, she phased and hopped over the line running towards her destination. Emmett had to hold Rosalie down from chasing after Leah. Jasper had gotten control of his emotions. Alice rubbed her temples, muttering about how she couldn't see. Edward was trying to console his human. Carlisle was holding Esme, who buried her head in his chest.

Sam and Jacob looked after the wolves, who bounded over the line after Leah, heading straight for the Queen's home. Jacob was the next one, after flipping off the Cullens. Sam stood there alone, looking at each Cullen, distrust and disgust radiating from him.

"And leech?" He called to Carlisle, who snapped his head to him." Consider the treaty between the you and the wolves over."

"What?" Carlisle asked in shock.

"The treaty died the day you endangered a human five years ago and left her in the forest. Good day." His monotone voice made them shiver. Sam leaped over the line and phase, sprinting after his brothers and sister. The Cullens looked at each other and Jasper just pushed away from the tree he was leaning on.

"I'm leaving." He said before running back to where the cars were. The rest followed.

"I guess the only option is to ask Charlie and Bella, if they're still alive." Carlisle sighed.

"I am not endangering my Bella again," Edward hissed, only to be punch by Rosalie.

"Shut up! It's because of you that any of this happened." She hissed at him. "And they are probably dead or changed anyway."

"Let's just go!" Alice snapped. "I want to see my sister!"

"You lost that right to call her your sister the day you guys made us leave her." Emmett snapped for the first time of his vampire life. The happy go lucky burly vamp was glaring at Edward and Alice who had the decency to be ashamed.

"But it was for the best," Edward said weakly.


"Emmett, language." Esme reprimended. Emmett didn't even apologize. Just grabbed Rosalie and jumped in his Jeep with Jasper in the back seat before peeling out of the clearing, a scowl that looked out of place on his usual happy face. The four scrambled after them. Charlie's house looked much different. It was now three stories high and much bigger. His police cruiser was park in the front so they knew they didn't get the wrong house. Carlisle knocked on the door. Esme standing next to him, Edward, his human and Alice behind. While Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie all stood in the back, glaring.

The door opened and a very human Charlie stood in front of them. The Cullen watched as many emotions passed on his face, until one clear one his face. Rage. Before Carlisle could open his mouth, Charlie lashed out.

"Get the fuck off my property and out of this state, you weren't and never will be invited here. Never come near me again, you piss eyed thumper cannibles." The door slammed in their faces before a change to the house happened. The windows were barred so were the doors. Then electricity came on. It crackled around the house. It seemed to be over 1000 volts of it. Alice reached out and touched it and ended up on her back on the sidewalk. While the Cullen parents and Edward and his human went to console Alice, who, by the way, was smoking - literally. The three heard the phone call from inside.

"Hey, it's me." Charlie said.


"Yeah it's a code yellow. I want them here pronto."


"Alright thanks Enrique and tell Yoda to put up Washington's defense system. Nobody goes out and nothing comes in, got it."


"Okay, tell her I love her and I'll be there as soon as I can.


"Alright Bye."

Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett looked at each other. What was that all about? What happened after they left Washington five years ago?

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