Jasper stared at the spot where his mate disappeared from. His snarls went down to a minimum. He would claim her. What he wanted to do right now is go back to her house and claim her in front of everyone, to show that she belonged to him. Yes. He was a patient man and he could wait. If she took to long he would fuck her to submission. As soon as they were mated, she would step down from her pedestal and concede to him. As a female should. She will obey him and his word. Little did he know that all that he though was easier said than done.

He looked over to Rosalie and Emmett, they were in a corner far from the family around the bed where Edward now laid like he was. Emmett was leaning against the wall with his arms around Rose's waist, nuzzling her neck. She was leaning back into his chest, relaxing slowly. He smiled at the emotions swirling around them. They were truly mated. He thought about today's events.

Peter and Charlotte. The southern Warlords, Maria and Enrique. They seemed to gravitate to Bella. He hasn't contacted Peter and Charlotte in over 40 years. When they looked at him, what he felt made him feel like shit. They were his family and cared more about him than this one did other than Rosalie and Emmett. They loved him for who he was and never judged them. He knew he needed to talk to them. But he did not know how. Now the Warlords. For all the time, he's lived with the Cullen's, he's always heard some news about Maria and the south. Until 5 years ago, it all seem to vanish. Along with vampire's around the U.S. It was unreal. That they all navigated here and lived peacefully with humans and werewolves. Maria would always try and get him back and she always lost. Now she was not interested in him anymore. She stuck with Bella and the big huge newborn she held onto. Peter and Charlotte don't harbor any negative feelings at all towards them like he did. He was confused and he hated being confused. He wanted answers and he will get them.

Bella sat there until the next morning, ignoring and making anyone who came to her door leave immediately. Envy was her only priority right now. Every once in a while he would twitch and frown, whimpering. Every time he did so, she would purr. She loved him so much. He was like a son to her. Like Jamie was. She had seen so much hurt, so much pain in his amethyst eyes. She wanted it to go away. For it to fade. And she was making progress. He may be centuries older than her but he was just an 18 year old boy. She looked down at his green hair and smiled. It made him unique. It lived up to the saying, "Green with Envy." He lived up to the name he was called but as he told her, he was not envious of others that they had her, because he had her himself. Envy stirred in her arms and his violet eyes met her onyx black orbs. They stared at each other for another moment before Bella smiled softly, rubbing his back. His eyes disappeared behind his lids and he buried his head in her stomach. Bella looked at the time and it was almost lunch time for vampires and werewolves. Tapping Envy's cheek to gain his attention, Bella softly instructed him to go take a shower. Not wanting to leave her embrace, he slowly moved at a snail's pace before jogging to the bathroom.

Rubbing her temples, Bella zipped into her closet before coming out a minute later clad in black with only a red shirt. Shorts with a small chain connected from the back to the front on the right side, black ankle boots, a leather jacket, a black scarf wrapped snugly around her neck and a choker with a cross. She knocked on the bathroom door.

"Yeah?" Envy called.

"I'm going out to get some things. You know where the stones are right?" She asked.

"Yes Bells."

"Alright, I'll be back soon and don't torment Damon."

"See you soon and no promises!"

She chuckled and ran down the stairs, greeting anyone who came her way. "Char I'll need the grocery list, hun." Peter's blonde mate was already in front of her holding out a long list with a cheeky smile. She shook her head, giving her friend a hug. "Watch everyone okay. Especially Yoda, Envy, Damon, Enrique, and Riley. I don't need the house burning to the ground." The said people who had their names called out except for Envy shouted 'Hey!'. Giggling with Char, she ran out of the house and into the forest. She stopped at the edge of the forest behind Seattle and strolled into the ally way, preparing for the oncoming assault from her little humans. Once she stepped out into the cloudy bright sky, people who walked by her stopped and stared before squealing.

"Queen Isabella!" They shouted, drawing more attention from everyone on the block. Soon she was flocked by excited citizens. It went from adults and teenagers that were working to immediately drop it and rush out of buildings to her to thugs and gangs on the street. She smiled brightly and gave hugs and handshakes around. She spotted two twins, two identical boys, in the corner that did not look no more than 4 years old huddled close together, crying softly, murmuring for their mother. Lightly pushing past the huge crowd, everyone was quiet as she stood in front of the twins. They looked up at her and she could see bright blue eyes filled with tears. Crouching down, she grinned softly without showing her teeth.

"Hello little ones. My name is Isabella."

The one on the right sniffed wiping his eyes. Bella drew in his scent. Smelled of apples and oranges. "My name is Michael." He hiccuped. The other one was still crying and he smelled of pecans and cashews. "I'm Jason."

"It's nice to meet you. Where's your momma?" She asked. Worry and concern wiped the grin off their face when the started crying even more.

"We don't know," Jason hiccuped. A huge frown made way on her face and she properly checked the kids over. Their dark brown hair was dirty and battered with dirt along with their white skin and the had small cuts. Their clothes look slightly bigger on them than they should. Cocking her head to the side, she gently picked them up one at a time before dusting them off.

"Come on. You two are big boys right?" She asked watching them nod. She wiped their tears away and smiled again. "And big boys don't cry right." More sets of nods. "Then come with me, little ones. I'll help you find your mother as long as you do me a favor."

"Favor?" They asked simultaneously.

Bella nodded. "Yes, a favor. You two will come back to me to clean yourselves up and get some food in those tummies. Is that all right?"

Now they nodded so fast, it would have snapped their little necks. Now she had them in her arms, bouncing them a little. She saw that the huge crowd was still there but staring at her with smiles. She pursed her lips and would have wagged her finger at them for not going back to what they were doing.

"Now you all go back to what you are doing," She scolded lightly, grinning when they scrambled around. Turning her attention to the twins in her arms, she instructed them to hold on to her tightly before doing a mild vampire speed around to run around the mall to buy clothes and shoes before running to her prized hotel, La Bella Maris, knowing that the Cullen's where there so keeping her physical and mental shield molded around the twins for their protection, she stopped by to check in at the desk.

Of course they wanted to give her the room for free but she shook her head, giving the money and taking the keys with smile. She used the stairs to go to the top level that is her main suite but for others as well. Mi casa es su casa. She passed the 3rd floor and wrinkled her nose when she smelled the Cullens before resuming her trek up the stairs. The twins were laughing when she showed off her speed and she was happy to help them smiled. After giving them a bath and putting on their clothes, she ordered room service. She watched them watch television singing along to Spongebob. She leaned against the wall pondering to where she was going to start finding their parents. If she could not she would have to find new families for them. Soon she had gotten the food from room service and giving them a plus tip. She fixed breakfast trays in front of them at the TV so they eat and watch at the same time.

She felt something was amiss when she was about to leave to gather her things. Soon she had the kids in the corner behind her, food and television neglected, when the door slammed open harshly. Michael and Jason whimpered behind her and she snarled, baring her teeth menacingly. Her mental and physical shield formed a transparent bubble around herself and the little ones behind her. Right now she was glaring into darkening orbs of a vegetarian male named Jasper. She felt a pull to him that beckoned her to run right into his arms and have her way with him before she shook her head to rid of those thoughts. There was no way that Jasper Hale could be her mate. She did not want a mate. No, she wanted a companion and she already has one. But he had chosen to keep traveling but he was coming back. That he promised. He's been gone for about 2 weeks and she gets different types of flowers and the choker she was wearing right now from him. They knew they had mates out there and he knew that she would not take a mate. so they were fine unless he found his. And she was hoping he does. Her nomad Garrett.

"What do you want?" She snapped, ignoring his responding growl.

"I came to claim what's mine." He said calmly, walking with slow steps towards her. Like predator and prey.

"Oh!" Bella scoffed sarcastically. "There's nothin' here that belongs to you buddy, so don't ya barge in here thinkin' you have any authority 'round here. This is my state friend," She drawled. "So git down off that high horse yer ridin'." While she was verbally kicking his ass, she gathered Michael and Jason in her arms and hushed their cries inching closer to an open window she would be able to slip through.

"You're treading on thin ice, my mate." Jasper snarled at her, crouching.

"Oh no, I think I'm perfectly on solid, thick ice. An' don't call me yer mate." Yup she was pissed and her southern drawl will never go away. "You really think that after what happened with yer soil-headed coven, that I would accept anyone, let alone an animal drinker," She scrunched her nose. "as a mate. No thanks. I already have a companion anyway." She watched emotions run across his face. Pain and rejection were the main ones. She may not be an empath like the one in front of her but she knew how to read anyone. That was the exact feeling she felt after Edward coldly dumped her and the whole family left. Under the depression she went through, there was also pain, anger, rejection, and vengeance. As soon as he opened his mouth to talk, she told the boys to shut their eyes and she jumped out of the window. The ground looked as if it was coming in slow motion. Her hair was blowing back as she closed the shield around her to the point where it would hide her scent and raced around Seattle to find a store where she usually got her groceries from and hurry back to her home. She knew if that he was her mate that he would be able to find her with the pull. Michael had his eyes wide opened with a huge smile on his face. His grip on her surprised her. He would be a very strong man when he grows up. Little did she know that he would be very strong. Not as an average human man or a pro wrestler or MMA fighter, but as a supernatural without actually being a supernatural. Jason as well. She looked behind her a couple of times to make sure she lost him and slowed down as soon as she stepped into the store.

She quickly ran around the store and paid it in her usual 300 dollars and ran out. She almost hissed when she spotted Jasper looking around. She ran into the ally way and zipped into the forest pushing past her usual speed to a sprint that would leave a vampire to think that he was watching a blur. She made it to her home after breaking through the tree line into the clearing and into the house. She slammed the door and stood still. The heavy bags in her arms, which were really not heavy at all, and the twins in her arms all came down as she slid down the wall. Jason wiggled around in her arms before escaping and walking around. Michael was staring at her with his stormy blue eyes. She was not surprised to see intelligence shining back at her. She smiled softly to him and rubbed his back before turning to the vampires that gathered around watching Jason with curious eyes to her who looked worn. She let Michael stand on his own and walked towards the kitchen, blocking her negative emotions with a bright smile.

"I finally got the food and stuff. This is Michael," She pointed to the boy that stood by her legs. Then she pointed to the boy that was looking around. "And that is Jason. I found them before I could go to the store. They looked as if they fended for themselves without a mother for several days before I found them. So I brought them here. I'm going to look for their parents as soon as I'm done here and don't eat them." She warned pointing a finger with a warning glare. They backed up with their hands up in surrender. She smiled triumphantly and stomped in the kitchen.

For the next few days, as she went into town and avoiding Jasper whenever he popped up, she tried to search for the twins parents. She reported them as missing children and even broadcasted it through the state yet no one called. She was getting frustrated that someone had might potentially abandoned the twins. She wanted to take care of them. She really did but she could not. Especially with the Volturi looming over their heads. The Social Services had came by to pick them up and she went with them. Michael and Jason did not want to leave her and she saw that but she had no choice but she would give them something to remember her by. She gave them both a gold chain locket that had their pictures in it. She was in the middle with both of them on each side. So she did something that would bond them to know when they wanted her. She did it in secret. She bit them over the heart. She did not dispel venom to change them but to bond them to her. She would know when they are in danger. She was crouched in front of them holding their hands.

"Remember when you truly need me, I would come." She told them, not giving the reason away. "Be good, okay." She wipe their tears when they nodded. Giving them a peck on the cheek, she waved at them as they walked into the vehicle to leave. Blue eyes locked on red as the car drove away. She stood there for a few more minutes before looking over her shoulder.

"What do you want, Hale?" She asked tiredly. She honestly did not want to deal with him at all. She's dodged every chance when he came at her. He almost sunk his teeth in her neck to mark her too. She did not have time for this shit. She was dead serious about her not taking a mate no matter what. And this man right here was trying to control her. She was not a child. She is not a pet and she would never be treated like shit every time the Cullen's came back. She promise herself. This man was a Cullen. A yellow eye animal muncher. The thing of having a mate was to be sure that he could take care of you, be your equal but the Cullen's and Edwards have proved her otherwise. Garrett has done that with her even though he was her companion. He was a violent yet passionate, dominant male and he would fight for her. Which is why she let him mark her on her hip and right breast and not her neck.

"Jasper's not here, sugar." Her eyebrows went up as she fully turned to see the male that was her destined one. His eyes were pitch black. Cold, calculating and an aura that demanded respect. His accent is thicker as well. She sighed and crossed her arms.

"Hello Major. What can I do for you?"

"I want you, my mate." He growled, walking closer. Bella stood her ground.

"And I don't want you." He launched at her and she crouched low. Before he could get to her, someone tumbled into him from the side and stood in front of Bella. Bella looked up and smiled.

"Took you long enough."