A/N: I just had to make a story of Niko Bellic and a young struggling prostitute who encounters the handsome man. It's just a short story about Niko and the people he encounters. It will be adult and for mature audiences only. This is my first attempt at making a GTA fanfiction. Please read and enjoy!

Warnings: These are ALL WARNINGS IN STORY! Alcohol use, drug use, violence, child abuse, and sexual themes.

Messing With the Flames: GTA:IV


Sunday morning, throbbing head. Niko sat up in bed the thin cream sheets twisted around his bare fuzzy legs, fuck! He managed to get his ass out of bed, his back sore and his eyes blood shot in the mirror in his bathroom, what the hell was he going to do with the rest of this day? He looked himself over in the cracked mirror tracing his imperfections like he was almost sick of them or maybe even proud?"Fuck!" he heard himself curse as he left the bathroom back to his closet where he began to dress. The atmosphere was pretty decent in the current spot he was in but just as soon as he left that certain spot, the temperature instantly grew 5 times warmer. Niko really needed to get on with this day even if the clock read 5:35 am, he actually liked how he was an early person instead of being some bum who doesn't give a shit. As he finished himself up and guzzled down last nights glass of vodka, he left his shitty apartment and took a walk down main street. No calls, how strange usually Roman calls hours after 8:00 pm to 5:00 am if he wanted to talk to Niko and blow his minutes, but the Serb wasn't complaining, who would when Roman was sometimes a bother?

Strolling down main street in his brown jacket and track pants, Niko couldn't help but realize just how much time he really had to spend doing pretty much nothing if he wanted, but that was clearly out of Niko's plans.

Walking right passed Cluckin' Bell, the Serb took notice of a dark skinned man to his left, backed up against the brick alley-way and right underneath his big arm was a young woman who looked barely 20; no reason why he needed to get himself involved with them so he cautiously went by, and that's why the Latino man gave her a slap across the face that sent the helpless girl to the ground.

Niko wasn't the only pedestrian that peeked over his shoulder but he was the only one that truly helped her get back on her feet. He surely wasn't looking for a fight, but a fucking fight he got; he couldn't just stand by and watch that fucking spick slap her around all day. "Who the fuck are you, man?" the Latino stepped up in front of Niko and gave him a stare down before shoving the man. Niko didn't retaliate just yet, he looked down himself, gave his clothing a little brush down before actually bunching those hands in to fists and he got him hard right between those surprising blue eyes. The girl held her hands near her mouth, afraid of how her pimp was going to react after the fight and afraid that he was going to lose by the amount of pain the stranger was causing.

"Let's just say, I'm someone you should look out for," Niko continued to wail on the pimp even as he tried to guard his face from the man. Pedestrians of all colors and all ages watched this crazy fight right from the beginning and now as it began to finally die down, a few people made their way arond and left, walking like they had no idea of what just happened. Once Niko left the man lying on the ground halfway in the alley, he looked at the young girl and left as well. The girl wasn't really a fan of speaking but she was afraid and had no one else to turn to but the man that defended her. "Please, please don't leave," her little voice ended up sending Niko right back to where he was just moments ago. He looked down at her, she was little in height and body size, and still not old enough to be in this kind of filthy employment.

"He wont bother you just get yourself out of this mess, you're too young," Niko touched her shoulder and as soon as his hand left the Latino man got to his feet, was a struggle but he managed to even in the shitty condition he was in and he kicked Niko in the back of the knee, sending him to his knees like a little bitch; Niko didn't appreciate that and while the man laughed, spitting blood, Niko jumped right back up and knocked the deuche in the balls with a swift swing of his elbow. The Latino man dropped in seconds and once the Serb got back up he knocked him in the teeth and he hit the ground, unconscious.

The young girl looked down at her bloodied bare chested pimp, and wiped away unwanted tears in her eye. Niko looked in her direction and that's when the loud ringing of an ambulence came flooding their hearing. They both knew it was for that bastard so Niko turned in one direction and the girl looked at him "Thank you," she said with a voice so soft and quiet. He looked down at her; she was dressed in a deep red tube top, her skin the wonderful peach color, her little waist covered by a black mini-skirt and on her legs were torn fishnet stockings that only went to her knees. The girl had no shoes on her feet, nothing on her face but several bruises and lovely brown eyes with natural pink lips. Niko didn't know what to say to her, he would have done that for any young woman in trouble as long as they weren't a bitch, that is. She was far from being a bitch though.

The Serb really couldn't take her home with him only because of the crazy life he's lived and is currently living and he barely knew the young girl, it'd be pointless. "Be careful out here," was all he really could say to her before walking away for good. She didn't even call after him again, she needed to take his advice and leave this shitty-life she's in.


As the day moved on, Niko checked his cell only to realize he's missed a call from Roman.. He went back to Cluckin' Bell and sat down to call him back. No answer at first until after the third try. He didn't seem too happy, or sad, nothing he was just content as he talked, Roman was going on and on about some Italian prostitute he picked up last night and Niko just sat there eating a few fries laughing and spitting food in the process.

"Fuck!" he spat again wiping his mouth off with the only napkin he had, and just as he saw the blood on his hands, he stopped and fled to the restroom with the cell still by his ear. "Well cousin, just remember all the women around here are crazy," saying that, Niko said his goodbye and put the cell in his jacket pocket as he picked up the last of those fatty fries and tossed them before leaving.

He headed for home and ever since beating the shit out of that spick, he couldn't stop thinking about that young girl, he's never met one so young and sweet. Just before getting his ass in that pull-out bed, he pulled out another bottle of vodka from his cupboard and drank until he grew tired.


E/N: So how was that? I hope it was good for a start, I really adore Niko so stay tuned for upcoming chapter!