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Messing With the Flames: GTA IV


Tuesday morning, 12:44 early afternoon. Jewel was the first human being he saw as soon as his eyes opened and the light of day shining in through the window was a totally blinding experience for Niko. Jewel smiled behind a hand and went over towards the far end of the room to close the curtain. "How do you feel?" she asked, her voice still as sweet as ever. Niko sat up or at least tried and those fucking iv tubes were still pissing him off.

"When am I leaving this hell?" he looked around the room, finding no sign of Roman. He wiggled underneath the sheets, and looked down at his arm that was completely covered in a pearl white cast.

"What the fuck even happened?" he questioned, his voice loud and hard, and she took a seat on the very edge of the bed beside Niko. She looked down at her hands collected in her lap, and fell quiet. There was no need to tell him yet, she wanted to wait a while.

While she played with her fingers, Niko leaned over her only slightly and he noticed the few patches she had on her arms and her legs. "Answer me, I want to know what happened?" he growled his tone scaring her away from him. She continued to look down herself; it was her fault. She made him slam on the break but she couldn't remind him of it, he would hate her. "The doctor said you will be able to leave today, Roman is down in the lobby," she totally changed the fucking subject and Niko leaned back in to the pillows trying to forget what she had just said.

The room went silent and still for about two minutes and that's when Roman came through the door. "We're leaving cousin!" he said with a jolly smile that was maybe even a bit too jolly, even for Roman, while he helped the Serb get his ass out of bed. Finally feeling the cold floor below, Niko was so releaved to know that he wasn't broken at all below, he loved the cool feeling and soon that same cool feeling eventually came to a much more sensitive area; Roman neither laughed nor smiled as he witnessed before him his own cousin's bare ass, because he knew what it was like wearing such a dirty hospital gown, and while Roman was trying his best to keep Jewel from seeing, no matter how many bare asses she's seen in her life, she still somehow saw, and her face turned red.


They checked out, stepped in to Roman's beloved black Cavalcade and were far from the hospital within seconds. Roman turned the radio up only a few knotches and turned to look back at Niko who was still in that pathetic hospital gown that reeked of death and latex. "What are you looking at?" Niko cawed, his hands rested over his lap to hide the outline of his dick, already embarassed enough that Roman saw his ass.

Roman turned back to the road just a minute after with a smile. "Don't be so angry Cousin, and if it makes you feel any better, your ass is greater looking than mine," he really didn't make the situation any more comfortable, in fact he made it worse, when he heard Jewel giggling up front.


Roman dropped Niko off at his apartment, along with Jewel who wanted to stay for the night, just to see how Niko lived in such a shitty apartment. He didn't agree with it at first but she was young and had nowhere else to go besides Roman's place, but if she stayed there, they would probably share another night together fucking each other senseless and that didn't sit well with Niko.

With a cast on his right arm, his life was going to be a little bit different for a few weeks or months but Jewel was here, she knew how to care for him. She fed him, cleaned the place for him, made sure he kept far away from the booze and made sure he slept well at night.

Days went by and Jewel was still around. He still didn't know much about her and although he knew getting too close to her would be wrong, he allowed her to get closer to him, telling her dark secrets, her hobbies, life experiences, boyfriends, girlfriends, all of those things. Niko Bellic became like a close friend and she liked that a lot. But one day she took things a bit too far; Niko was on the phone with Roman, and Jewel was sitting right beside him on the sofa. She let herself wiggle close to him, hoping just hoping he'd put an arm around her and pull her even closer but no, he just sat there, talking on and on and on with someone he normally gotten annoyed by, day after day.

She knew a lot about him even, but not enough to say they knew each other for years; he was holding back things, but she could understand that. "Niko, just put the phone down," she said in the most girliest, almost childish voice she could speak, and it wasn't much of a turn on for him, it was more of an annoyance to him.

Day after day, Niko wouldn't even say one word to her, unless she spoke first and she hated it; she knew she loved him very much, but the feeling in her heart was begining to starve and she knew eventually she'd leave and never come back. Tonight was a friday night, 8:34 pm and there was a party downtown at the old strip joint where Gracy used to do her thing. She was 35 and no one wanted a woman that age these days, so she gave up, well the true reason for her quitting was that she'd been raped and never told anyone, so he got away with everything, that was so many years ago, pointless to brag about it now.

Niko was dressed to kill, just like those nights ago before the accident and even with that thick cast, in that dark red suit of his, well he looked fucking amazing!

Jewel dolled herself up as well, a matching red-cocktail dress that only fell to her knees, her hair up in the cutest bun, with two delicate curls in front, and lets not forget those large golden hoops and the cross around her neck that slipped so perfectly between her two small breasts. She was as ready as ever, taking Niko as her date.

The girls stared, whispered and giggled at the man Jewel brought in; the place wasn't stuffed full of people but it definitely was a wild ass party, with all the young dancers swinging round and round the poles, the lights flashing, alcoholics drinking.

Jewel decided to introduce Niko to the girls. Niko wasn't nervous as the others but he was slightly uncomfortable at all the beautiful young women that wanted so desperately to talk to him, just to have a little touch or two. What a night this was going to be!


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