AN: Hey guys, surprised to see me here and not in Tangled or Rise of the Guardians? To be honest, I am too! I don't know, I was surfing the interwebs, trying to find inspiration for 'Leaves in Autumn', when I stumbled across one (or fifteen) videos for Ed, Edd, n Eddy...and I fell back in love with it. Seriously, this was my SHOW back in elementary school! I used to spend afternoon after afternoon watching reruns on Cartoon Network. Ahh, memories. Hahaha, so that brings me to now, right here, writing fiction for it. Fascinating, isn't it?

Also, I couldn't help but fall specifically for the Kankers/Eds interactions, especially Edd/Marie fluff. Don't judge, I find it adorable, okay? So yeah, hope you enjoy this fic I'm writing; it's gonna be a five-chapter story, ten little vignettes per each, all centered around Edd-Marie. Hope you guys like it, and I'll try to post the next chapter soon


She was the first one whom he willingly showed what was underneath his hat.

She didn't laugh, didn't scream or cringe like he imagined. Her expression blank, she traced the jagged scar with her thumb and remarked, "I've seen worse."


"No. I absolutely refuse to have that on my skin. Do you know what how many illnesses I can get from this?!"

"Babe, you need to calm the hell down. It's only a henna, nothing too permanent."

"What?! You said it was only face paint!"


"Awww, come ooonnn! Jus' one lil' kissss is all I'm askin' for..." she drawled out.

Edd easily pushed her clinging hands off his chest, mouth set into a taut line. "Ask me that again when you don't taste like alcohol and bile."


He should've been relieved.

Marie going out with that punk ne'er-do-well who just moved in from Apple Canyon was a good thing, right? After all, her in a relationship = her sisters probably letting up on their harrassment = three very happy, very free Ed boys. It all logically made sense inside and out, no argument about it. Therefore, he should have been dancing for joy when he heard the news, just as his friends were. But he didn't.

As luck would have it, Marie and her boyfriend walked right past them as Eddy finished talking. She didn't even spare Double D a passing glance. And that hurt in more ways than he could say.


I, Eddward Hewitt, as a last act being a high school senior, do will:

-Ed: all of the buttered toast, Chunky Puffs, and monster horror movies the world can give

-Eddy: a few inches of my height, a scam that actually works

-Marie: the knowledge of what's under my hat, every sock that I own

I, Marie Kanker, give:

-Lee: some hairclips so your eyes can see sunlight, Eddy wrapped in red ribbon

-May: a brain, braces to fix your buckteeth, and Ed chained to a metal pole

-Edd: a forever-tidy room, the secret of what's under my bangs, my love (not in a gushy sense, you idiot)


She was so close tonight. So close. Just a few minutes ago, he was attacking her lips, fumbling for the doorknob, and his jeans were a few centimeters away from coming unzipped; they weren't even through the door yet for crying out loud! And now, all of her careful planning was kaput.

Still, Marie figured that she should've seen it coming.

Even though she actually coaxed (or unknowingly slipped alcohol into, whichever sounds acceptable) a few drinks into him tonight, of course his first thought after stumbling into her bedroom would be to tidy it up. Even if his desirous girlfriend was pining for him. Of course. Only him, her lovable, analytical, neurotic, drunken moron of a boyfriend.

Marie buried her face into her pillow and groaned. Double D, groggy still from the spiked jucie, sat in the corner, trying to make sense of her mountain of dirty clothes.

"Messy, messy, messy," he slurred.


"Okay, so put your hand here-make sure to have a firm grip-then tuck your head just like that, and-"

"This is stupid! I don't know why you wanted me to try this!"

"Please, be patient! I promise, this is going to be fine."

"Well, Captain Adventure, I'm starting to get sore, so if you don't hurry up-"

"We're not even halfway done yet! Good Lord, just try to follow my instructions and you're gonna feel a lot better after this. Now, put your foot over here and your other foot-"

"That's it, I'm outta here!" She huffed and stomped out of the room, exclaiming, "I DIDN'T NEED YOGA IN THE FIRST PLACE!"


The Eds no longer cared about them. Whenever they saw her and her sisters approach, there wasn't any sign of fear, anger, or any type of emotion for that matter. Nothing. Marie laid on her bed, staring up at the ceiling, stunned by the realization. Without the fear she and sisters thrived off of, what was going to happen to them now?


Edd reached his front door, puzzled that there was a pink note attached to it. Eyebrows raised, he set his library books down slowly and pulled it off.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, try not to scream, because I'm right behind you? What in the sam hill-" A scent wafted off of the card. It smelled oddly like Crankshaft...

His voice was small. "Oh my."

"Hiya Dreamboat."



As Edd walked her to her trailer, Marie could feel the tension mounting. Tonight was the night. He was finally gonna say those three small words to her.

After sharing a long, deep kiss at her doorstep, Edd rested his forehead on hers, eyes heavy-lidded and warm like her favorite afghan. He gently brought his hand to stroke her face, and Marie mentally slapped herself for feeling so stupidly nervous. Calm down, calm down. He's going to say it right now...

Instead, Edd deftly kissed her cheek before bidding her goodnight. He turned to leave when-


Edd looked back to see Marie glaring-no, scowling at him, her narrowed eyes shadowing the hidden blue irises. She marched down and pushed him with an accusatory finger. "You wait one damn second, mister. We've been together for one whole year, and you don't have the guts to say 'I love you'?! What the hell are you waiting for?! If you don't say it in the next three seconds, we're-"

He silenced her with a swift kiss and a rare smirk on his lips. "If my memory serves me correctly, my dear, I believe that I already have declared my affections for you. In fact, I'm sure that a few people will remember that fateful day in middle school. You were pretty heavy to piggyback, remember?"


Edd slowly trudged out of the classroom, roughly grunting with the effort that each step took; curses, why did Marie have to be so heavy? He weakly brought a megaphone to his mouth and announced, "My name is Eddward...Hewitt...and I looove Marie Kanker-"

He was about to collapse on the waxed tiles when she sharply tugged his head back and practically forced the bullhorn down his throat. He offered a feeble smile to the crowd of people, continuing,"Oh yes-there's nothing...more...I like than pig-gy-back-ing my gal, Marie Kan-"

At this he dropped face-forward onto the ground. The small crowd erupted in a noisy laughter, and Edd felt a light pat on his head, no doubt from Marie. Oh, how he hoped this was worth it.


"So," Edd continued with a wider grin, "Technically, I'm still waiting for you to say it to me."

Well, how was it? Good, I hope? *gets hit with a rotten cup of yogurt* Humph. As Double D would say, "Their social skills are deplorable" (did I quote that right?) Oh well, glad you've read this so far, and I'll catch y'all later!

PS, anyone get the episode I referenced in the last one? Cuz I sure don't know the name :P Also, if anyone knows where we all legally can find the episode 'A Twist of Ed' for free, you should be a kind human being and share the info, yeah? Yeah! Thnxkaybye :)