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He pulled his hat over his red ears, embarrassed that his friends were laughing about his 'boring' future; really, what was so wrong with marrying a nice, orderly girl and living a nice, orderly life?


As she pulled back, her arm wiped the smudged lipstick. She couldn't speak for him, but her first kiss was pretty enjoyable.


He finally had the courage to tell her those three dreaded words. He felt a twinge of guilt (was that disappointment he heard form her?), but dashed those feelings aside. Oddly enough, she complied to him.


She moved on to somebody else. An idiot with a brain the size of and as empty as a walnut shell, but somebody else nonetheless. Naturally, he tried moving on too.


"Congrats, Braniac." Her smirk was wide, and he leaned in for a kiss, their graduation caps carelessly falling to the floor.


"Not yet." His eyes held a gentle, yet firm stance in them. Although she tried being mad at him, she was inwardly relieved that he wanted to wait. He kissed her forehead, saying, "In a little while, though."


Ten-year-old Marianne sat on his lap and asked, "Daddy, where do babies come from?"

A few hours later, his wife was half pummelling him to death, half comforting their scarred and weeping child.


He used his laser pointer and began rambling about each and every known element on the table. Little did he know that his 'captive audience'-which was actually his wife and grandchild-was long asleep.


"Jawbreaker? Why, I haven't had one of those in decades! Course, I'm not too sure if I was fond of the flavor or not. What was it again? Blueberry? Applesauce? No, not applesauce, but that does remind me of Mother's applesauce that she'd make whenever she was home. Or was it pear sauce? Yep, it was pear sauce all right. Oh, I remember the afternoons when I was a lad and she'd spoon it right into my mouth. But sometimes, sometimes there would be chunks and it would get stuck in my gap. Oh hoho, why did Father never get my confounded gap fixed? He was a dentist after all, and-no, that's not right. I do believe that Father was-"


"You old fool, you're rambling on again! Just go suck on the Jawbreaker and try not to bore your grandson!"

One Hundred

The next time he woke up, she felt...airy. She looked down and lo and behold, she was young again! Not any older than sixteen or eighteen, she'd say. A skinny arm wrapped around her waist. She didn't need to look up to know who it was.


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