A dance in the graveyard

"A boy. A girl. An open grave. "

The air was damp and the mood was gloomy. The buzzing sound of voices could be heard. A group of people stood around a coffin, but not many were looking at the corpse. Inside the coffin lay a man. He was in his mid-twenties, might have been handsome once but his face bore now an expression of utter horror.

Most of the people attending the funeral were dressed in black and looked solemn. They all talked together in low voices, all apart from one young man. A musical laughter rang through the graveyard. He wore a red velvet shirt and tight black trousers. His hand now and again ran through his sleek black hair. The people around him looked at him, some with reproach but most with pride. They all believed he had done it of course, but no one could prove anything. Several of the younger women giggled and shot shy glances at him, and he winked back.

That was until he noticed one particular young woman. Standing some way away from the grave, she was looking intently at him. Her pitch black eyes met his chocolate brown ones and her red lips smiled slightly. He stroked his mustache as he saw her blood red lips smirk. He approached her slowly, while marveling her beauty.

"Bonjour," she purred as he walked up to her. At that moment, when Gomez Addams heard that soft but cold velvet voice for the first time, he knew he was hopelessly devoted to this strange woman.

"Oh, Cara mia," he moaned, moving closer to her.

"Mon cher," she replied, leaning in. Now all eyes were on them, the corpse forgotten. Smiles and approving nods were to be seen everywhere. Then Gomez couldn't keep back any longer, and kissed her.

It was later, everyone else had gone. The young lovers sat on a stone bench gazing longingly into each other's eyes. They had been sitting like this for hours, holding hands as the vultures devoured the corpse. The problem with open graves…

"Mon sauvage," Morticia said, breaking the silence.

"Si?" Gomez said, kissing her hand.

"Did you do it?" she asked. Something dark flashed across Gomez's eyes. Morticia shivered, a little frightened. She moaned silently with pleasure and caressed his face.

"They can prove nothing," he whispered into her ear. "Eres divina?" he whispered as he leant over her.

"Oui?" she replied, half asking.

"Will you marry me?"

Morticia smiled and closed her eyes, lying flat upon the stone bench, Gomez' face only inches from her own. "Oui," she replied.