Just few words before you can start reading; the parts where is text like this it's Izaya thinking about his past, and +

'parts like this', those are peopols thoughs!

With the eyes of the child

Lilttle raven haired boy walked happily to the living room,with a piece of paper in his arms ,''Dad! Look what I did at sch-''.

''Not now Izaya! '', His father snapped.

There was a sound of a door, Izaya's mother came home.

Izaya ranned to her immidiently.

''Heyy Mommy'', raven said and hugged her.

''Not now Izaya'', Izaya's mother muttered, and pushed his son away.

''Go to your room'', His dad ordered, and when Izaya finally reached his room door; the shouting started.

''BITCH WHERE WERE YOU AGAIN?!WITH ANOTHER MAN?'', the sound of his father yelling reached to his room well.

''Well somebody needs to work! '', His mothers argued.

''well, if had made the abortion, maybe we wouldn't have the problem, the accident you made is your burder''.

At this part Izaya went to his bed, and held his palms against his ears, to cover their arguing. tears run down his white skin.

There was the paper lying on the floor. Izaya's drawing of his family.

Raven haired young man, was sitting on his office, tapping pen against the table in rythm. The voice of the tap echoed in the empty apperment.

Namine had already left from work, Izaya had send her home. He was feeling kinda lazy today.

He got suddenly from the chair, took his jacket and left from his apparment.

Raven walked down the streets, with out a destination. But kinda from habit he ended up to Ikebukuro, where the certain 'beast' lived.

He was walking normally, when suddenly he stoped.

''D-dad?'', Izaya stuttered taking few steps back.

There was a old man, with classes, standing few meters of Izaya.

''Hello Izaya'', man said and smirked. ''Still scared of me?''.

''G-go to hell!'', Izaya snapped, he squeezed the hem of his jacket. Trying to get some comfort of it. He felt his hands starting to trembler.

''You telling me to go hell? You? the demon child, who killed his own mother? ahahahha'', the man laughed.

''I-i didn't kill her!I didn't !'', Izaya said shutted his eyes, trying to block the memories of his childhood.

''Mom?'', Izaya asked from the darkness. He turned the light on, and first thing he saw was his mother hanging on the seiling. Dead.

''No ..no...'', Izaya muttered, he backed off, turned around and started to run as fast as he could. He ran down the crowded street.

''Izaya...why did you kill your mom?'', old man with black hair asked.

''It's wasn't my fault, I swear! '', Izaya said through the tears.

''It was, you made her do it, you, the demon child..''

Izaya ran and ran, before he saw a alley, he sprinted there, and collapsed to the ground.

He slowly raised his trembling hands to his ears, to cover the noices .

''You were a horrible accident...''

''no..stop'', Izaya muttered pleading. Tears puring from his dark red eyes.

Suddenly there was sound of footsteps behind him.

''Izaya?'', Shizuo asked carefully, he wasn't sure if the person was Izaya. Izaya didn't answer anything, he tried to wipe the tears away.

Shizuo walked closer, making Izaya flinch.

''Answer me you damn flea!'', Shizuo turned Izaya to look at him.

Shizuo stared at Izaya in horror.

'His crying? Great Izaya Orihara crying?', Shizuo though, and let go of Izaya.

''Get up'', Shizuo demanded. Izaya didn't move at all. Blond could see that Izaya was sligthly trembling.

''what's wrong?'', he tried again, ''Why are you crying?''.

There was no reaction.

Izaya's eyes were completly blank, tears still streaming down his face; with out them he would have looked dead.

Shizuo sighed heavily. 'Why am I doing this?' , he though and took Izaya to his arms.

Izaya didn't say a word he just leaned against Shizuo chest, slowly falling a sleep.