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Shizuo stared at Izaya with shocked expression, Izaya looked back at him, with blushed face. There was silent, Izaya felt like his heart was gonna burst out of the fear and tension.

''I-I Understand that y-you don't feel the same way..I- Let's just forget this..O-Okay? '', Izaya bumbled and turned to look away. 'Please say something Shizuo...anything', raven wished to himself.

''I love you too'', Shizuo said , it was Izaya's turn to look shocked. He turned to look at Shizuo, who was now blushing madly. ''Are you serious?'', Izaya asked, before letting his hopes up. Blond coughed awkwardly, looking away. ''Of course I m serious''.

Raven got up from the bed, and hugged Shizuo tighly. He could hear Shizuos heart pump loudly.

''how can you love some one like me?'', Izaya whispered.

''what do you mean some one like you?'', Shizuo asks, and pulls Izaya way, to look him to eyes. ''I m broken'',Izaya says his voice betraying him.

''I m broken too'', Shizuo says, and smile warmly at Izaya, and pulls him back to hug.

''Let's be broken together''.

They snuggled to the bed, holding eachother close. Slowly, Shizuo got closer to Izaya, and kissed him, Izaya didn't resist , he leaned against blonds chest. Shizuos hand traveled under Izaya's shirt, taking proper hold of the raven. They parted from the kiss, to stare at eachother passionately. Izaya started to unbutton Shizuos white shirt. His hand traveled against Shizuos muscular chest, making the blond shiver a bit. Izaya's hands traveled to Shizuos back, and he pulled himself against Shizuos chest. ''Are you scared?'', Shizuo murmured to Izaya's ear softly. ''No'', Izaya said smiling, feeling happines fill his heart. He knew Shizuo wouldn't try to hurt him, he knew Shizuo would wait for him to be ready.

''I want to give you all, but it will take some time'', Izaya says, he waits in silent for shizuos asnwer. ''I will always wait for you'', he says smiling.

''So I can still live with you?'', Shizuo asks after a while.

''Of course! Well if you want to, Shizu-chan'', Izaya asks playfully.

''Of course I want to'', blonds answers almost immediately.

''Someone is eager'', Izaya says, and laughs softly.

The sound of Izaya's laughing makes Shizuos chest flutter.

''you are cute when you laugh'', Shizuo says and hugs Izaya lovingly.

Raven blushes madly, he tries to hide his blushed cheeks behind his palms.

''Don't say things like that so suddenly!'', raven says weakly, making Shizuo laugh.

''but it's true! And it's also cute when you pout!'', Shizuo adds, making Izaya groan in embarrassment. ''And when you hide your face behind your hands! And when you call me ''shizu-chan'', and -mmfd'', Shizuo was stoped by Izaya's quick kiss on his lips.

''Shut up, Shizu-chan!''.