AN: This is a sequel to my story 'The 53rd Annual Hunger Games' so you might want to read that one first or this won't make a lot of sense. I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own 'The Hunger Games' (remembered to put it at the start this time)


Coby's POV:

I crouch in the brushes, so low I can feel the thin blades of grass brushing my chin. I had persued Mist into the woods but lost her after a few minutes. I now lay there, watching the events unfold, waiting to take Franklin down when his guard is down. "Save a spot for me." I can barely hear Franklin's words but they ring in my head and I wonder what they can mean.

He raises the knife and brings it down. I turn my head down and hear my heart beat in my ears, feel my pulse raising but my blood go cold. I know I should get out there and save Sephy. She's my friend, Griff's girlfriend. He's always going on about her, he really loves her. I hear Sephy scream and close my eyes tight. I really should go out there but my fear is paralyzing me. Her next scream feels like a stab in my heart and is followed by a never ending series of cries. They deafen me but I don't cover my ears. I am a coward and I deserve to hear Sephy's dying screams. The last I hear of the attack is the stab of a knife but no scream. Rage bubbles up inside me and I pull my knife from my belt. Franklin starts towards the forest, coming to finish me and Mist off. I get into a fight with him that soon fades from my memory but I'm surprised when I hear the canon and look down to see his lifeless eyes.

Sephy is still lying in the middle of the field, I cross to her and the first thing I notice is her eyes. That stunning shade of blue but the spark and light is gone now.
They stare at me, a thousand accusations and questions tugging my soul. I kneel down and close her eyes with two fingers, before setting off into the forest to find Mist.

Griff's POV:

The canon booms and the floor of Sephy's house seems to shake in reaction. Sephy's mom lets out a long, tortured scream and falls from the sofa to her knees on the floor. Dean stares at the screen, his mouth slightly open. He doesn't look away from the screen until he is holding his mom, his head buried in her hair as he rocks her back and forth. I can only cradle my head in my hands and let the tears slide down my face. When I look up, Coby is standing up in the bushes. He's been there the entire time!

Sephy's dead and he just sat there.

Sephy's dead and he could have saved her.

Sephy's dead and I hope that District 1 basterd finishes Coby off.

My best friend and I hope he dies.

Dean is on his feet now. He kicks the table, breaking it. We run outside and start what I can only describe as a riot. Only about two people join in, one of them I recognise as Sephy's friend but I couldn't recall her name. The peacekeepers manage to stop us and when we get back to Dean's house, his mom is staring at the screen, her eyes as dead as Sephy's.

"Mom?" Dean asks.

She replies so softly I can hardly hear her, "Coby, he... Coby won."