Chapter 2- A Good Show

The train is travelling so fast I can't feel the movement of the tracks. The chairs are probably made of the most expensive and comfitable material in the Capitol but it feels hard and cold. Cold but burning into my back at the same time. I don't care for the scenery outside the window, it's just another thing that belongs to Presidant Snow.

Marina is sat in the chair next to mine, hugging her knees to her chest, creating a barrier between herself and everything else in the world. We haven't spoken yet. It's been silent in the carriage since Priscilla left about ten minutes ago.

"Why did you volunteer?" I am surprised when Marina breaks the silence.

"I don't know." I say.

"Search you mind, dig deep, you'll find a reason."

I think about it for a few moments.

"For Persephone Clarke."

"You knew her." Marina isn't asking a question.

"Yes." Is all I can bring myself to say.

"How big do you think it is?" Marina changed the subject.

"How big what is?" I am confused.

"Panem." Marina says. I shrug, "Big, I guess."

"It's ironic really," Marina smirks slightly, "All my life I've wanted to escape District 8 but now all I want to do is run back there."

Marina releases her grip on her knees and places her feet on the floor, no longer shutting me out.

"District 8 feels like the best place on Earth now." I say.

The door opens and Marina brings her legs back to their original position, the barrier back up but she winks at me to let me know it's not intended for me. The sunlight catches her orange hair, sending a shine through it. Priscilla re-enters the carriage with Coby and another man in tow. I think his name is Trake.

"We were planning on having Olive as a mentor again this year but the Gamemakers felt it would be better to have Coby." Priscilla explains.

The Gamemakers never get involved with picking mentors, why do they insist on having Coby? They can't know about the tension, the hatred between us. Then I realised they don't have to, all they have to know is I love Sephy and it won't have taken much to work out I'd be annoyed at Coby for just lying there and watching it happen. The words that my Aunt had told me years ago invade my mind.

"They just want a good show, Griff." She'd said.

If they want a good show, I'll give them a good show.