Author's Note: Yes, I have fallen in love with this game. I'm not usually much for RPGs (one exception being HetaOni of course) but this one clearly stole my breath away - I'm not even used to feeling with the characters of RPGs, but "Ib" is made so brilliantly that you can't help but feel their pain... I want to pay tribute to this little fandom of mine as well, and since an AMV would be difficult to make, it is time to write a fanfiction ^^

Or rather, while this is definitely a fanfiction, it is also a collection of new alternate endings that I came up with. Five stories at the price of one, so to speak ^^

There are five different endings; one of them is premature, one dark, two sad and one happy.

Enjoy :)


Bring You Back


Garry is sleeping.

...But she knew very well that he wasn't. He was already beyond the level of unresponsiveness, and this world had also taught her to understand the meaning of having had every last petal plucked from his rose... what the inevitable consequence was.

Garry is dead.

For a while, all Ib could do was stand in front of his slumped figure and stare. She had no idea what to do now... at this point, a simple slap would do nothing to bring Garry back anymore...

Eventually, she kneeled down beside him - wordlessly, as was her nature - and taking hold of the boy's unresisting face, gently pressed her forehead onto his gradually cooling one. She allowed herself a few moments to feel comfort in the presence of this peculiar person that she had known only for a day, and had yet become so very important to her.

However, for all that she knew of the correlation between roses and life in this world, and for all that she knew of the absoluteness of death, Ib had not given up hope yet. Adamantly, she stood up again, her young but strong heart determined to save her friend.

This is the world of Guertena. Dead things become alive here. I just have to believe that there is some way to bring him back. Any way at all.

Pushing all thoughts of Mary or even leaving aside, she spared a last glance at Garry's still body before setting out to find a way.

Their surroundings, a world mostly made of and painted with crayon, made it difficult to find anything useful, it did not give her much to work with... But eventually, after looking for what felt like an eternity, she finally found something.

Mary had yet to return from wherever she had gone after destroying his rose, so Ib was free to search the one room she had not accessed up until then - the room that harboured an empty painting called "Mary". Amidst dolls and mannequin heads littering the floor, she spotted the items she needed.

A thick paint brush, along with two small watercolour sets. Together, they offered only the six most basic colours, but they would do. In fact, they were more than enough to realise the idea that formed in her mind.


A: Pick set "Red, Blue, Yellow" - Go to chapter 2

B: Pick set "Orange, Green, Purple" - Go to chapter 3