Touching the lighter through the fabric of his coat, Garry approached the frame with a dark expression.

All of this happened because of you. I cannot forgive you...

But as he took the lighter into his hand, his mind wandered back to how, in the mirror room, Ib had stopped him from kicking the mannequin head when his temper had gotten the better of him once again. It made him falter in his actions.

You... you would not have wanted me to destroy her, would you..?

With a shaky sigh he let the lighter slide back into his pocket.

"You're right... It's not like it's entirely her fault either... and what would I stand to gain anyway?" he muttered.

Keeping his saddened gaze at the ground beneath him, Garry turned away and left. He ascended the stairs opposite of Mary's room, and found himself back at the sketchbook. Heading for the pink house he and Ib had acquired the key to in the toy box, he narrowly avoided being spotted by Mary, who was still roaming the area, appearing to be looking for Ib.

Her eyes were tinged with a desperation and deep-seated loneliness that made Garry feel grateful that he had not blindly burned her like he almost had. In the end, how much could a being unable to define cruelty be held responsible for its wrongdoings?

Garry decided to let it go.

Using the pink key, he reached a place that closely resembled the art gallery. He soon found a huge painting titled "Fabricated World". It depicted the gallery in the real world, telling him that he had finally found the exit to this waking nightmare.

He stood still for a few moments. Keeping the blue rose close to his heart, Garry sighed a last time before jumping through the painting.


You can't remember what you were doing...


Garry did not know how he had ended up in this area of the art gallery. The last he remembered was beholding a picture called "The Hanged Man", but now he was standing in front of a wholly different painting.

I was probably just not paying attention to where I was going...

Thinking nothing further of it, he decided to continue his tour around the gallery.

Downstairs, he found a big sculpture of a rose. Coming to a halt before it, he inspected it closely, stared at it for minutes.

Something is off about this... Don't know what though...

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw two adults - a married couple - several feet to his right.

"Come, Ib, it's time to go home..!" the woman shouted down the hall.

Garry noted a flash of blonde hair, almost the same yellow colour as the artificial rose in front of him, as a girl ran past him towards the couple.

"Yayy! I'm hungry, mommy!" she giggled.

"Really now, Ib... Is food all you think about?" the woman laughed good-naturedly as the three of them walked away towards the exit.

Garry turned his head and watched them leave until they were out of sight.

"...'Ib'?" he said.

He began to walk down the hall, beholding the other works of art.

"What an unusual name..."


End - Ib Of The Yellow Rose


You received a sad ending. Yellow roses... they can either mean friendship or betrayal.