The other HEROS remained silent as Yuri opened the front door to the mansion. It was lit by candles and from what the members of the group -minus Yuri- could tell, this place didn't run on electricity.

"I'm going ahead to warn Lucifer. He might not be in a good mood." Lucritia hurried off down the hall, pale green flames lighting the way. Reaching for the group of candles by the door, he handed one to everyone, even Nathan. The man began to protest, but was shut down by a glare from Lunatic. He clearly wasn't in any sort of good mood.

"None of us have ever needed candles since we can create our own light. Some of you might be able to do it," He glanced at Nathan, "But the candles allow us to tell who is a guest and who is breaking in. Since all of you have candles, then you are guests. We're less likely to mess up and accidently kill one of you." Nods of understanding came from the others, none of them really wanted to be dead before the sun rose. That really wasn't on any of their To-Do lists, and wasn't going to be for a very long time. At least, that's what they told themselves.

"He doesn't want to see anyone right now." Yuri turned to Lucritia who had just entered the halls.

"Any reason why?"

"Not that I know of. He said tomorrow morning."

"Alright. Anyway, you girls can pick the rooms on the left side of the hallway and the men can take the right. Don't wander around without your candle. I will see you tomorrow morning." And with those words, Yuri disappeared down the hallway. He wanted to find out why Lucifer (Kotetsu for those who don't know) didn't want to see anyone. It was kind of unnerving and worrying at the same time. Oh well, he was going to find out soon enough. Lunatic guessed that the HEROs would be too curious to stay in their rooms; one reason why he had given them the candles in the first place; but the candle glowed with the color of their NEXT ability, meaning that they would be able to tell who was snooping. But then again, it wasn't like he would be the one who would accidentally kill them, if anyone it would be Lucifer. The man wasn't exactly stable without a mate, and he needed one badly. His older brother had allowed himself to age with his mate, but the moment she died, Yuri thought that he would revert back to his true form. But no, he decided to keep aging and the rear his daughter himself. She was only half demon though, so it kind of made sense.

Reaching the Clan Leader's room — it went to the eldest male demon still alive — he knocked and the door opened for him. Kotetsu was inside, standing at the window, wings folded gently against his back. As he turned around, the judge could see that Lucifer was in his true form. Large black wings, tips dipped in gold and silver, black hair that fell down his back, he looked about 28 or so. But Yuri knew better. Kotetsu was thousands of years old, far beyond anything that any human could reach. He had seen many things that others hadn't and never will. And yet, he was still so young. Demonic beings lived to be millions, even billions of years old, and Lucifer was only a couple thousand. Yuri himself was about a thousand years or so younger than Lucifer, but he really couldn't complain about the aging stuff, considering that he had really let himself go. Releasing the seal that kept his powers in check, Yuri - Xemnas felt the years melt away. Color returned to his gray hair, shading it to a deep brown; almost black. His eyes remained that curious color of gray, but it didn't matter.

"Why don't you want to see them, Lucifer?"

"Fgziofu ngx fttr zg afgv qwgxz." ("Nothing you need to know about.")

"Ol ziqz lg?" ("Is that so?")

"Iqo." ("Yup.")

Yuri closed the door behind him as he slipped out of the room. It seemed that Lucifer didn't want to reveal himself, not quite yet. It was a difficult decision for him to go along with, but Lucifer was so unstable that it would be safer. Better safe than having his older sibling rip his lungs out. Oh, he'd feel bad later, but not while he was doing the deed. That's why he tended to avoid his siblings when they were in this sort of mood. Although, he did have an idea. A slim smile bloomed on his lips as Yuri began to wonder how Tiger and Bunny felt for each other. Barnaby would make a great wife for Kotetsu- err, Lucifer. Especially considering the fact that they had already spent some time together as a team. This was going to be perfect, he just knew it. However, if it didn't work out, he'd just lock the two of them in the same room and keep them in there until they fucked. It was a simple plan, but damn if it didn't present photo opportunities. The smile widened until it was a full out grin, causing many of the servants to flee down other hallways. A grinning Yuri usually meant that he had a plan in mind, though they preferred to be left out of plans.

After all, they weren't the ones who could guard themselves against their lord's fury when he got mad. They weren't the ones who could sooth the master and keep him calm. Although the blonde one smelled of arousal, hope, and desire for their master, Lucifer. It seemed that even grown, 30 year old men still got crushes. Moreover, this one took the cake. As they always said, perhaps it would be easier if "everything got shoved into a room and left to sort itself out." No one remembered who said it, but it worked in this case. And so, a bunch of brave servants stepped out to shove blondie and their master into the same room together. Hopefully it would work. However, they did not count on Master Yuri having the same basic idea. This was about to get extremely ugly, and fast.