Hi! I'm really sorry that I disappeared off of the face of the Earth, but my flash drive died completely. I had to rewrite the chapter, and I'm only taking on one story at a time. This is the first one, then Lying Eyes.

Gravity's Child

BETA: SakuraCat96 (She's amazing!)

Barnaby slowly backed up until his back hit the door. He froze and stared at the demon in front of him. So this was what Kotetsu really looked like. The human had to admit that this was an extremely welcome change, and he knew that he was quickly becoming aroused. There was a strange scent drifting through the air that made his very nerves feel like they were on fire. Thinking quickly, Barnaby quickly realized that the scent might not mean the best thing. Little did he know how correct he really was. But of course, I'm the author, I can't tell him anything. That would be cheating.

What Barnaby didn't know was that the scent signaled to other demons that an Alpha was in heat. He was ready to rut, to take a Beta that He would fill with seed until their belly was so full that it dribbled back out. It was part of His lineage, a rule that He had to create an heir. But Lucifer didn't want too. He was sick and tired of being king, and though He already had an heir; Kaede wasn't strong enough to actually take the throne. So it left Him with the decision to sire another child, this time hopefully male. But the fact that He was interested in the human in front of Him wasn't exactly the best thing. Although, He was in heat and the urge to fuck the nearest moving thing was building. Lucifer Himself didn't know how long He could stay sane for, but the amount of arousal flooding from the human was making it extremely difficult.

Perhaps He could take this change that was being handed his way. The Demon King noticed when the human backed slowly up; the thud of the mortal's back against the wall spurred Him into action. He took a single step forward, carefully judging the emotions that flickered across that pretty face. It was interesting to see the easier ones; Lust, Hope, Envy, and one that made His blood run cold; Love. This mortal, this human was in love with him! And for some reason, He didn't seem to mind it. It was an interesting thought that flickered through His head. The fact that He didn't mind that a mortal was in love with Him was something that Lucifer relished. Perhaps He could take the young male as His mate, though He'd have to change the male from a human into a demon, but He'd wait on that one. At least for now.

Another step brought him within an arm's distance, and Lucifer knew that if He reached out, He'd be able to touch the human. His thoughts were so jumbled that He knew He'd never be able to tell who the human was or even if He knew him. It was the one thing that Lucifer had never liked about rut season, although the fact that He would be spending it with the child was a good thing. Whether the mortal knew it or not, he was going to be spending the next week or so in His bed. And there was the possibility the male would become His mate.

Barnaby swallowed heavily. Kotetsu stood barely two feet away from him and he knew that he was having a mental panic attack. It was rare for him to actually panic, but in this case Barnaby didn't know what he was supposed to do. Back away slowly and hope for the best? Maybe flee through the door by using his strength? Or just submit to the demon and allow Him to have His way with him? Barnaby briefly considered the choices and the one that actually would make him the most happy was the last one. He wouldn't mind submitting to Kotetsu… not at all. That was one of the biggest things that he had ever dreamed of, a love that he could share with the one person he actually loved.

In the beginning he hadn't liked the clumsy male, but Kotetsu's antics had grown on him, and now Barnaby found that he missed the fun side of the HERO. Now that he was an actual demon, the human didn't know or understand what would actually happen. That was the main thing that he didn't like. Barnaby liked knowing all the facts; and he certainly didn't like being left in the dark like this. It was killing him, mainly the curiosity, but it was the silence that was really getting to him. Impending silence was one of the few things that he didn't like, besides lack of knowledge, and it was definitely making him nervous. That was another thing he didn't like, nervousness. It brought in too many unknown factors for the HERO to actually create an equation where he could solve for X or more than one variable. It was just one of the many things that made Barnaby Brooks Jr. a very strange man.

Although that was one of the things that Kotetsu liked about Barnaby. He wasn't the average pushover, and he certainly seemed to think all sorts of things before anything really happened. It had been a pleasure (literally) to be Bunny-chan's partner and now He wasn't sure if He actually remembered the male in front of Him. He certainly was familiar though. Lucifer sighed under his breath and took the last step forward. It put Him less than a foot away from the mortal, and the smell of arousal was much stronger now. It flooded His senses, screaming that the mortal needed to be thrown onto the bed and fucked into the mattress, but the look in the other male's eyes was what made the demon pause.

The mortal was afraid. Of him? Or was he afraid of being rejected? Lucifer Himself didn't know the answer to those questions, but did He want to know it? That He Himself didn't know, not that He really wanted to find out. Although there was the one thing that He couldn't seem to get out of His head. That lovely image of the little mortal naked and stretched out on His bed, ass stuffed to the brim with some of Xemnas' lovely, kinky, little toys. Yes... That would be a very pleasing thing indeed. But the first thing was to get the mortal to agree to His little plan. Although Lucifer didn't seem to think that it would be very hard.

"Do you want to play, little one?"