Oh no, please God no! Not again! I contemplated hiding but for what? That would only piss him off more and we don't want that. Where the fuck would I hide anyway, under the bed? He can hear my heart beating; he can smell the fear radiating from my pores. I stood in the corner of the massive bedroom and waited. I couldn't hear his feet hitting the floor but I never did. The only way I knew he was coming for me was the fact that my subconscious was screaming at me to run. My subconscious knew my natural predator was near but there was no where I could go. The door flew open and I stared at him in all his gloriousness. Even now, in the most horrible of situations, my heart still did flip flops at how beautiful he was. My heart still ached for the love he once showed me. I quickly looked down to my left hand at his mother's ring, the only reminder I had of the love my husband used to have for me. I took a deep breath as a tear slid down my cheek and I heard him whisper my name as he stalked forward.