Chapter 10

(The whole second half is completely different, starting with Sirius's arrival, so please read it!)

"And then while I'm away, I'll write home every day! And I'll send all my loving to you!"

I was sitting in my bed, rocking out to a Beatles album Lilly got me for Christmas yesterday. For my birthday last year, she got me a record player, and I use it all the time. She charmed it, so it will work around magic. I just have to make sure to put a dissolution charm on it when I'm not around, so my parents don't find it, and sound proof my room when using it.

I'm trying to finish my transfiguration essay on transfiguring body parts, but it's so boring to write! I mean I can do them fine, but writing 10 inches about the wand movements, and pronunciation was torture.

"All my loving, I will send to you! All my loving, darling I'll be true!"

Sighing, I tossed my essay on the floor, fed up with explaining how to correctly "flick your wand to the right". I lay back on my pillows, my ridiculously big hair fluffing o it behind me. It was even bigger than usual, as I had slept on it funny.

Yesterday was Christmas, and it was shit. My parents were supposed to be at a ball all evening, but they had come home early, and my mother made us have a family dinner. Those never go well. We always fight, and my mother tries to stick her nose in where it doesn't belong. Then of course she lectured me about not telling her about Regulus, and my father went on a rant about just how bad it was, and how it made the family look even worse, because there was no engagement. And then of course my mother interrupted to add things like, "It makes you look like a tramp".

Finally when I got fed up, I screamed that it was my choice, and that would have to fucking deal with it. Now I think about it, it probably wasn't the best way to resolve the problem. Especially because later that night, my father gave me a "Christmas present".

Thankfully, Rabastan caught on to what was happening when he couldn't find me, and managed to get me out. This time it wasn't as bad, only two broken ribs, and a few fingers.

Gingerly, I got up, to change the record. After a little consideration, I decide on Revolver, by the Beatles. I was in a Beatles mood.

"Did I tell you I need you! Every single day of my life! Got to get you into my life!"

I went into my bathroom, and over to the mirror to check how the bruise on my temple was doing. But of course, it has to be blue, with a hint of yellow.


I assumed it was 'Bas, and I walked back into my room, calling, "Bas I need more bruise cre-." I broke off. It wasn't Rabastan who just entered my room.

Sirius Black was standing in the middle of the room.

"Sirius?" I asked confusedly, "What are you doing here?"

"I really need to talk to someone." He looked very conflicted, and was wringing his hands nervously. "But you have to promise not to tell anyone, even Regulus."

"Ok." I replied, still very confused. I motioned for him to take a seat on bed, and went to turn down the music.

Sitting down next to him, I asked, "What's wrong Siri?"

"Well-" He stopped short when he looked at my face. "What happened to you Curly."


"I, ahh, tennis injury." I said lamely, hoping it would fool him.

"What's tennis?" Sirius asked confusedly. he knew very little about the muggle world.

"It's a muggle sport I play with my brother. You play of a court, and you basically hit a small ball over a net in the middle of the court with rackets. " I gave the short answer, knowing it was pointless to go into detail. " The ball had a sharp bounce, and hit me in the face" I lied, hoping he would by it. we were friends, but I never even told Lily. It was my business, and it was pointless to make a big deal over it, and worry people.

I was fine.

"If you say so, but just I'm here if you ever need me, and so is Reg. If you need help, we're there for you. Ok?"

"Ok." I was eager to leave the subject behind. "So what did you want to talk about?"

"I need advice."

"About what?"


"Sirius, I am hardly the person to ask about relationships."


"I haven't had one healthy relationship, not counting Regulus, but we just started dating." I shrugged.

It was true. I hadn't ever had a serious relationship that ended well. I dated a guy named Ethan one term last year, but he turned out to be a jackass, who just wanted a pretty girl friend, so that had been over quick. And Tristan… I don't even know if that would even be considered a relationship. Calling it just unhealthy would be like calling shooting yourself in the head totally safe. It was self-destructive, diseased, and yes, unhealthy.

"Well, it's more like advice on… I don't even know how to describe it anymore. I just need to talk to someone, and I can't talk to Regulus about it."

I thought for a moment before using a method Rabastan used with me all the time, when I needed to talk, but didn't really want to give details. "Well explain the situation, without using specifics. like if you were talking about some call them 'person a' of something like that."

"Ok. I'll try that." He thought for a moment. "This is confidential right?" He double checked, eyes narrowed.

"Of course ." I replied, not hesitating in the slightest.

"Ok." Sirius took a deep breath, and plunged into his story.

"So I've been in a relationship with a person for about two years, and I and this person, haven't ever told anyone, cause we don't want it to mess up any friendships. Also, our relationship wouldn't be accepted by a lot, and it might be hard to deal with all the dickheads against us." He stopped for a minute to take a calming breath, as the thought of those people obviously was a bit of a sore spot. "Anyway, we have been debating whether to make your relationship public for a while, and I want to, because I'm tired of hiding, and not being able to show affection for this person in public, and I cannot STAND lying about it anymore!" Sirius's eyes were burning with anger now, and I understood why. It was hard to keep things secret, especially who you love.

But the anger died from his eyes as he continued. "But the person is still hesitant, because they don't know how their parents will take it, and their worried about all the people who will try to make life hard for us." He sounded pretty down by the end, and I couldn't help but feel the same way.

"I just… I just love this person so much, and I don't want to disguise it anymore. I want the whole world to know I love them."

I was speechless. I really didn't know what to say.

"Sirius, I don't even know what to say, but I understand how hard it is to keep something like that in." I put an arm around his shoulder. "I can't say it gets easier either. From what you've said, It's gonna be really hard to make this public. But, if you both agree to do it, I think overall, it will get better." I smiled, hoping this wasn't the worst advice anyone had ever given.

Sirius turned his head toward me, a small smile on his face too. "I think anything would be better at this point. It eats at me to not be able to take their hand in the hallway, or say I love you at dinner, and I just can't do it anymore." His eyes were starting to fill with tears now, and I embraced my new friend letting him silently cry on my shoulder. Something told me he needed a good cry.

"Ana I got you- Oh, Sorry."

This time it was Rabastan, and he had a cold look on his face, that I was curious to find out about.

"No it's fine." Sirius said, standing up, and wiping his eyes, back to the door were Rabastan stood, glaring daggers at… Sirius? "I was just leaving." Sirius walked over to the fire, and turned back to say goodbye.

" Bye then."

"Bye. Remember, I'm here if you ever need me, ok?" I smiled. He nodded, and retuned my smile, before disappearing into the fireplace.

The moment the green flames Had died from the hearth, Rabastan snapped.

"What the hell was THAT!" He demanded, furious.

"What are you talking about?" I was so confused, then it dawned on me.

"You're screwing his brother now, really Anastasia, one wasn't enough."

"What the fuck are you talking about!" I was beyond mad now. "You don't know-"

"Oh pleease don't act all innocent." He cut in, disgusted. "I'm not stupid. I know what you did with Tristan, and now you're-"


"Why not?" He challenged, eyes flashing. "If I'm so clueless, why don't you tell me just went on between you and your fuckbuddy, cause I'd really like to know."



"GET OUT!" I screamed, huddled on the ground now, tears streaming down my red face, and Rabastan standing over me.




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