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District 10

It was a hot August night when Shawn Martzell's life was ruined.

His family had been at a fireworks display that District 10 held every year. Every year the Capitol had thought it was a bad idea to let the district use explosives, but every year they did, and every year nothing bad ever happened.

Until last year.

Mr Martzell had been a rather large fellow, with a booming voice. He was a rancher since birth and when he was younger he had wanted to be a rancher like his dad, and that dream became reality. He had only one son, Shawn, who was his permanent ranch hand.

He was also in charge of the fireworks display every year.

In the Capitol President Snow and Shark Valler had been talking about the explosives.

"They're going to stockpile them," Shark Valler said, "And save them for a war"
"Exactly," said Snow. "We need to think of a way to stop it! The problem is, if we stop it without a reason then the people will get... suspicious. Restless. They'll want to know more. And they can't Valler, they can't know we fear them!"
"We don't fear them, Sir."

"I've taught you well," Snow remarked. "But deep down, yes, we do."

"Who did you say that man was, who's in charge of the thing?"
"You mean Joseph Martzell?"
"That's the one."

That year's fireworks display was supposed to be fantastic as ever, and as tradition Mr Martzell started the first one.

As it grew dark, the mosquitoes began to buzz around all the people. Shawn slapped at them angrily as dusk began to fall.

One of the girls in his class came up to him and said, "It's so cool that your dad does this every year. I really like it."
"He's about to start, look," he said, pointing to his dad who was ready to start.

But it did not go into the sky. Instead, with a deafening boom that rocked the hot, still night, it flew right at Mr Martzell.

"DAD!" Shawn exclaimed, and ran over to him. His dad was unrecognizable. Most of his hair was burning off, and his face was blackened and sickening to look at. Most of the people nearby backed off but Shawn did not.

"Dad you were... you were burned to a crisp," he said, his voice catching.

"Shawn... Sh... S..." Then it was all over.

Shawn did not try and hide his tears. The next day, District 10 was notified by the Capitol that due to the terrible and gruesome accident, they would no longer be sending the explosives every year.

Mollie Savlen was a cow rancher, she hated the job and everything that came with it, but it was... necessary.

Officially, her father ran the ranch, but there were... circumstances.

She had been running a ranch single-handedly for the last three months and it was starting to wear on her. Three months ago, in April, her family had been killed.

It had been a dreadful night, there had been a steady rain all day and that night things only got worse. Lightning flashed outside her window, and she decided to head down to the basement, where her parents were watching TV.

She came down in her slippers and bath robe. One of her older sisters was already there, drinking tea or cocoa or something.

"Hey, Mollie," said her mother cheerfully.

Her other sister, Phyllis, was not there, and Mollie was actually glad. Phyllis was not mentally stable, as some might say, she had been taking guidance counseling for the past few months but it was not really helping. The doctors said they did not exactly know what was wrong with her.

A rumble of thunder roared from the sky, and a figure appeared in the doorway holding a steak knife.

Mollie said, "I think I'm going to go upstairs and get myself some hot cocoa too." She walked right past the person with the knife, and did not notice her.

Twenty minutes later when she came back down she saw the goriest sight of her life. Her family had been slashed open by someone who had had a knife, the blood was everywhere and they were clearly dead, their eyes glazed over in shock and fear. The murder weapon was on the floor, a bloody steak knife.

The reaping was a hot day, just like any other in District 10, but for two kids this day would either be the end of their life or the beginning.

"...And the girl for this year will be Mollie Savlen!"

She froze. OH no, who would take care of the ranch now? Eventually, someone would find out her family had been killed and then...

Well, she would be dead by then anyway.

"...Shawn Martzell!" Shawn had tuned out, until he heard his name. His mind raced for a conclusion, but the only logical one was Did I just get reaped?!

His guess was confirmed when his mom dissolved into tears and sobbed, "No... Shawn... First Joseph and now you? Why... Why..."

He tried to keep a blank expression as he came onstage. First his dad, and now him...

District 11

Yugo Jaqq was what his history teacher called an "illegal immigrant."

Of course, no one knew that. He had fled from Romania when he was twelve years old, and had ended up in a place called Panem almost a year later. His hair had been almost reached his shoulders, despite the attempts to keep it short by cutting it with a knife. He had smelled terrible, and he looked even worse.

He had ran away three years before, when the first news of the Midnight Rose were starting to spread around Romania.

Miezul nopții a crescut. The Midnight Rose.

It had terrified him, what they were doing. So he had fled, only to end up in the place called Panem that he had been running from in the first place. The Panem country was evil, he saw on the TV. They sent two kids to an arena every year, and the alliance with Romania was to stop the people who were trying to stop that evil! It was... It was inhumane!

He did not fit in with the people of District 11, of course, because they all had dark skin and hair, while he was tanned with light brown hair that he had cut short on arriving to Panem.

But he tried his best to fit in with the people, and when one of his few friends had told him about the rebellion a year before he had come, he had smiled and thought, When there is another war, I will be fighting in it. And I know where I will stand.

Violet Rosenthal did a man's job. It killed her back, her arms, her neck to do it, but she knew she had to or everyone she loved would die.

It sounded like a bad action novel, but it was her life, and as much as she hated it, she accepted it. She spent most of her day in a wheat field with a scythe.

The schedule was strict; be at the field by 5:00 each morning, and leave at 10:00 each night. There was the tesserae, of course, but that did not do much except provide some basic food. Her seven siblings needed more than food, after all, and her parents were not around to help any. It was not their fault in the least, though.

During the rebellion, right after Rue's death, when the people had started to run around and break things, her mother had been trampled to death by the mob, and her father, who had noticed her mother fall, stopped to help her and was caught up by the crowd too.

Violet had grabbed three of her siblings, and her eighteen year old sister Sammay had gotten the rest. All of them survived the night.

The reaping was a weird event, and in some ways more terrifying than in other Districts. Since District 11 was so big, only half the people from ages 12-18 had to attend the reaping. The tributes were chosen ahead of time, and the Capitol notified two hundred or so teenagers that they would be required to attend the reaping, making sure the tribute chosen was one of them.

Violet had not been required to attend the last two years, but this year she was and was very nervous about being back in the reaping after two years of safety.

"The girl tribute for this year is Violet Rosenthal!"

No wonder she had had to come this year...

Yugo had been to one reaping before. It had been the previous year, when Erin Breadamoose and Chase Robbsandew had been chosen. Chase had been a friend of his, he had actually been the one to tell Yugo about the rebellion. His cousin Erin Breadamoose had helped him learn how to speak the language of Panem, and he taught her and Chase some basic Romanian. He was still thinking about his two friends when the name, "Yugo Jaqq" Was called!
It was him! He would meet the same fate as Erin and Chase, without ever being able to be in the rebellion that he had wanted to so badly...

District 12

Xavier Malignatious was one of the very few who had been unaffected by the bombing of District 12 four years before. That was because he had been living in the Victors Village.

Technically, he was not supposed to be living there, but he figured that as his grandfather was District 12's first ever Victor he had a right to be in his old home. He had died ten years earlier, when Xavier was eight. Xavier had not been alive when his grandfather had won, but he had heard the story many times before. He always told it the same.

It was down to the final three. Me, and two Careers. They were the guys from 1 and 2, they had been training all their life and they had more muscle than a dog has fur. But I had something that they lacked. Intellect. We Malignatiouses are known for our intellect, our quick thinking, and our sharp 'd do well to remember that Xavier.

The arena was a cold, frosty landscape, like the next Ice Age, and many tributes had frozen to death. They recently re-did that arena and it was a bit of a letdown correct?
The two Careers had heavy fur parkas that they had been sponsored, and I had only the light sweatshirt they had given out at the beginning of the Games. They had all the weapons they could have ever wanted, and I had just a small spear I had stolen from a dying tribute.

I crept up to the Cornucopia one night, knowing the Gamemakers would want to end things soon and wanting to end it on my own terms instead of theirs.

It was a dark night and the wind was howling. I had frostbite, a bad case of it, and I knew I had but hours until my very feet froze off. So I jumped on them and they did not know how to react. The fight was brutal and bloody, and it was almost dawn when I finally managed to kill one, the boy from 2. The boy from 1 looked at me with hate for the death of his ally and he attacked even more aggressively than he had been.

Then I had an idea. I knew I was going to, because Malignatious'es always have an idea. I remembered a few days before, a slippery icy place I had come across while hunting. I ran for it. The boy followed, crashing through the trees with the force of a hurricane. He was walking right into my trap. He slid ten feet on the ice and that was where I caught him. He knew he had lost, and he did not struggle. I looked at him one last time, giving him the Malignatious Look, and I stabbed him through the heart with my spear. When he was dead I kept stabbing, and stabbing until the hovercraft came and brought me back, and here I am.. The Untouchable.

Xavier loved that story. He heard it thousands upon thousands of times, but the thrill that occurred when he heard the part of the final fight never left through all those years.

THen his grandfather had died suddenly, and his last words were quite different than his usual Hunger Games monologue.

He had come into the room to see his grandfather, sweating and appeared to be in terrible pain. He had only been an eight year old boy, too young to see his favorite person in the world die!

"Xavier... You are... a Malignatious... But... Even so... You must never lose sight of... of what... what keeps us human and not... and not animal. I... Lost sight of it... That night I won my Games and... I regretted it... to my dying day." He took one more wheezing breath, and died.

Ten years later, Xavier was still puzzling over his words.

Reese Mynin had been affected by the Games a lot more than most other people in the District, except the victors, who were still haunted by their time in the arena.

Three years ago , her cousin David had been killed in the worst way possible, he had told her when they were saying the goodbyes that if he thought he could not win he would cut out his tracker and try to escape. She had been taken away before she could ask him what if he died.

In the Games, David had had an alliance with the little boy from 9 named Warren. David had told Warren about how he had gotten his burns, and then a strange mutt invented by Shark Valler ran the poor kid into a tree and killed him. David had fought hard, but the Mutt slashed open his arm. His tracker arm.

He had made it to the cliff and cut out his tracker with a spear head, and started to climb the cliff. The Gamemakers were freaking out because they had "lost" a tribute, then Shark Valler found him on a small ledge. He had sent a Nightlock Hawk after him, that he had killed, but then he fell off the cliff and he died.

The Nightlock Hawks were such a big success in the Capitol they kept coming back year after year after year, and they were amazing every time. And Shark Valler, who had become Head Gamemaker last year, kept impressing the crowd, especially with his infamous Flower Mutt from the 78th.

That Shark Valler was her sworn enemy and she he had better watch his back.

"The girl tribute for this year will be Reese Mynin!"

She hadn't been paying attention, thinking of her cousin and the fate he had suffered. It had been pretty stupid to think David could actually escape from the arena, the only tributes who had ever done it were the 75th and they had a whole team of rebels helping them.

She could not help holding on to the thought that if it wasn't for Shark Valler and his Nightlock Hawks, he could have escaped.

But now! Her name had been called! She was going to the Capitol to fight to the death! Nightlock hawks are sure to be there, she thought bitterly. Compliments of Shark Valler.

"...And the brave young man from District 12 is Xavier Malignatious!"

Xavier looked up quickly. HIM! He would be a Victor like his grandfather and he just knew it!

District 2 Train

They were almost to the Capitol when Achilles could finally come out of his room. He took one look at Patten and almost turned around and went back.

Patten and Alexandria had been talking about the Career alliance, and Alexandria had began to feel comfortable around her District partner. He was nice, and a skilled fighter, she learned. She thought if her alliance was like this then maybe her place WAS in the Hunger Games. She was almost certain she had made the right choice.

Patten had been nice to the girl, because he knew she would be his ally and could probably kill him if she really wanted to. They were talking about what they thought their chariot costumes would be when Achilles came in.

If there was one part Patten was not looking forward to about avenging his sister's death, it was meeting his mentor, Achilles. He knew all about what had happened with his sister and his mentor, and he felt awkward being in the same room as him.

Achilles felt the same way, except for the pain. Achilles felt more pain than he had since he had won, three years ago. For her brother, volunteering.

Alexandria was just standing by, confused at the tense silence. She began to wonder if it was because of her. Did they not like her? Was she not good enough to be a Career like them? She did not voice her thoughts, but instead kept them to herself in her swirling pool of emotions.

Achilles had to try hard to keep his voice from catching as he said, "We'll be arriving in the Capitol soon, and they're going to give you the stupidest costumes you've ever seen. But you've got to wear them." He felt like he was trying to swallow a golf ball at the memory of his purple sparkly cape. As hideous and frightening as it had been, she had been there with him.

He turned to Patten. "Your stylist is going to be Ravish. He's a little off his rocker but he means well."

"Right," Patten said.

He really does look alot like her, Achilles thought.

District 4 Train

"So guys, are you ready for the infamous chariot rides?" Finnick asked.

"Well I dunno Finnick, ready as I'll ever be I suppose," Drake replied nervously.

Finnick laughed, "Haha well as long as you don't eat any hairy beef legs with fish guts you'll probably be fine."
"Hairy beef legs with..."
"Yeah avoid them." Finnick said seriously. "I'm sure both of you know AAlilian Crane?"

Met her, thought Lily. And her brother too... before Grandfather killed him. She looked over at her District partner, Drake. She didn't think very much of him. He was definitely no Career. Of course she had been ordered by her Grandfather to have no allies. Trust no one. Drake always had a sad look about him, like he was constantly mourning over something.

Aspen, who was leaning against the door frame, looked at Lily suspiciously. He didn't like the look she gave Drake, and Finnick for that matter, like they were her next prey. It was time to give his advice.

"Don't ally with anyone you wouldn't trust with your life. That means anyone from 1, or 2, or any other district."
"I don't have allies," Lily said coldly.

"Hey come on, I don't mean to dis you or anything but you won your Games because the other guy jumped off a cliff right?" Drake asked.

"It was a tower," Aspen muttered.

"And you were passed out for half the Games. You wouldn't have made it without your allies. And most of them were from other Districts right? Like... 2? Wasn't his name Jordan or something?"

"Jolan," Aspen said through gritted teeth.

"...And you've gotta be like, 4'8" !"

"It's 5'1"," said Finnick nervously, bracing himself for what was about to happen.

Before Drake knew what had happened he had been pinned to the wall with a short spear. By Aspen.

"Think I'm not much do you? Jolan and Marcellus were no Careers! They were the most loyal allies I've ever seen in a Games! There won't be anyone like them in fifty blue moons! And Sinatalla... He was a stinking AVOX!"

"Not again..." Finnick murmured. Aspen had had this "talk" with the tributes almost every year.

"And he jumped off that tower because of love! Everything that happened in that Games happened because of..." He broke off and released Drake, who fell to the floor.

Oh here he goes off on Sabarina again, Finnick thought. We'll be to the 100000000000th Games before he forgets about her.

Lily just watched everything calmly and smiled, but the smile held no real emotion. This Drake Anthony would be easy to break.

District 7 Train

Sadie and Andrew were an awkward pair. She was at least twice as big as him, and neither of them fit in with the fancy decor.

After they sat there for a while and Johanna did not show up, Saide just stood up without a word and left to go to her room.

That left just Andrew in the dining car. He was about to go find something else to do when a hand shot out from under the table and grabbed his leg.

Andrew did not struggle because he knew it wouldn't be good for his wound, and so he relaxed but also tensed when he saw it was Joey.

"What are you doing here?!" Andrew asked disbelievingly.

"Hopefully saving your life, now keep it down," Joey whispered. "You can't go into the arena with your back, you know that,"

"Maybe you should have thought of that before you slashed it open with your stupid axe," Andrew retorted bitterly.

Joey gave him a guilty look and said, "Yeah... I know. That's why I'm here."

"To talk to me under the table? People are gonna think I've gone mad!"

"No, I'm going to take your place!" Joey said, like it was the greatest idea ever.

"No," Andrew said immediately. "We don't even look alike!"

"We have a family resemblance," Joey said. "Uhh... kinda..."

Joey was a bit taller and more muscular than Andrew was, due to his inability to work, and Andrew's brown hair was a shade or two darker than Joey's was.

"Come on dude, they've seen you on TV once. The only people who are gonna notice are family and they aren't going to snitch on us."

Andrew thought for a moment. "Fine," he said uncertainly. "But you've got to win."

Joey nodded. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Well here we are for the 79th annual tribute parade!" said Caesar Flickerman.

"You've all seen the reapings and it looks like we've got an interesting bunch this year!" Claudius Templesmith picked up where Caesar had left off. The "dynamic duo" was doing commentary that year again and the Capitol was as pumped as ever.

"Everyone in the Capitol is gathering in the streets to meet the new tributes!" Caesar said.

"Well they'll have to come in here soon to see the opening ceremonies!" Claudius replied.

"Haha we all know they're just excited to see Shark Valler's new mutts for this year! We have him with us right now so let's talk alright Shark!"

The camera panned out to Caesar and Shark.

"So are you aware that you have been voted the Capitol's favorite Gamemaker ever, and at 23 the youngest Head Gamemaker?" Caesar asked.

"Yes I am," Shark answered. "It's really great to be the most loved Gamemaker ever, it means a lot and after the ahh... issues last year I'm happy to report the Gamemakers are ready as ever for a great year."

"Can you tell us anything about the new Mutts you have planned for this year?"

"Seriously?! Who leaked that?!" Shark asked, frustrated. "I can't tell you anything about the Mutts but I can assure you that I will live up to the expectations." He winked at the cameras.

"I'm sure you're very busy Shark with the Games so close so we'll have to let you go now."

As Shark left he pulled out a radio and said into it, "We need to execute someone..."

"The tributes will be coming any minute now!" Claudius exclaimed. He looked over at Caesar. "Caesar... Are you all right?"

"Yes I'm fine Claudius, just excited," Caesar replied. In truth he did not feel very well but as they say the show must go on!

"Right then we'll go down to the tributes."

Cyan and Pyros were ready for the chariots to get moving. Well, Cyan was.

"I don't understand the point of this! Why do they dress us up in these idiotic costumes! This is no way to treat a Djokovic! If my father could see me now..." Pyros's rant continued.

"He IS seeing you right now," Cyan pointed out tonelessly.

"Quiet filthy Mutt! Do not interrupt!"

"I know fifty different ways to kill you with my bare hands so I'd be quiet if I were you," she said without any emotion whatsoever.

Patten and Alexandria were behind them, Alexandria feeling nervous about the chariot ride. She worried they wouldn't like her, and they wouldn't sponsor her, and then the others including Patten would see that she wasn't good enough for them and then...

"Are you all right?" Patten asked.

"Yeah... fine," said Alexandria. Even if she wasn't good enough for the Careers she could at least pretend to be.

Seth and Allie were acting like polar opposites. Allie was twirling around in circles. She loved her dress, it was a light yellow and almost seemed to glow like a light bulb.

Seth was dressed similarly, but in a suit and tie, and he kept pulling on the tie like it was trying to choke him. "...Just get it over with already..." he was muttering.

Drake leaned against his side of the chariot with crossed arms, back still aching from being slammed against the wall by Aspen. Lily was next to him, standing straight and unmoving.

Drake looked over at her. "It would probably be better to act human," he said sarcastically and mimicked her stoic pose.

Her eyes flashed angrily. If only you know who you were talking to you idiot! She remained silent but decided Drake would be her kill. No doubt about it.

Nicholas and Lenna were wearing black T-shirts and jeans with glittering silver lightning bolt patterns. Neither were looking forward to letting the public see them. Lenna self consciously crossed her arms over her chest to hide as much of the stupid costume as she could. They were going to hate her, she just knew it. They were all going to hate her...

Nicholas saw the doors opening and braced himself for the initial jolt that meant the chariot was starting to move.

"And here they are! The tributes for this year!"

Joey, pretending to be Andrew, was standing on his chariot trying to avoid Sadie's gaze. If anyone here in the Capitol noticed he wasn't Andrew, who had gone home on the return train to District 7, it would be Sadie or Johanna Mason.

"Wow I'm blinded by the tributes from 3's costumes aren't you Caesar?"

"Oh... yes," Caesar replied. He felt even worse than he had while interviewing Shark, and he wanted the opening ceremonies to get done already so he could go home. He regretted sending Lauren back to District 1 now, because she would have really been helpful, but there had been just too many complaints about how annoying she was that he could not ignore.

"Oh, there's District 6 and... oh hahaha look at their costumes! They're riding in a giant hovercraft! Isn't that clever!"

"Cl...Clever..." Caesar was sweating quite a lot now, and he felt even worse if it was possible. Then, everything went black.

The chariots were almost all pulled in and President Snow stood up to make his usual speech when he got a call from Shark Valler.

"There's a problem, sir," he said urgently. He sounded out of breath. "I just got a call from Claudius up in the commentators' balcony and it looks like Caesar's passed out..."

"He what?!" Snow said disbelievingly. Of all the things that could have gone wrong, Caesar Flickerman passing out was not one of them that had crossed his mind.

"I'm headed up there right now, sir. You can make the speech, I don't think anyone's noticed yet except Claudius of course."

Shark had just arrived in the commentators' balcony and said to Claudius, "Does he have a pulse?"

"I.. I don't know, sir... I just..."

Shark sighed. "You lost control Claudius, we're all aware of that. Now call a hovercraft, we need him airlifted to a hospital right away."

When the hovercraft came, Xavier was the first one to notice. "What's that?!" he exclaimed, and then the other tributes noticed, then the Capitol citizens.

Everyone started to shriek in terror and run all over, then a booming voice came from the commentators' balcony. "EVERYONE! SETTLE DOWN!"

They did, at the voice of their favorite Gamemaker ever. Reese's blood boiled at the sound of the voice she had heard all over TV for the past three years. And there he was in person.


More screaming and running.


Everyone calmed significantly, and then someone must have realized that this was THE Shark Valler right there. And he wasn't just on a TV screen. A large mob of people ran for the commentators' balcony.

One of those days when it's not so good to be the most popular person in Panem, Shark thought nervously. When this is over I might need to be airlifted out of here.