Chapter 1 – Stalking

Finding Loki's evil lair was easier said than done. After relentless research and producing ground-breaking magic detectors, Tony had finally narrowed down where Loki was living to an apartment not that far from the Avengers Tower. Was it stalking or research? The billionaire didn't know any more.

It was a cool Thursday evening, and since he had nothing better to do, Tony decided to check out his results by investigating the possible evil lair. After a long argument with himself over whether he needed his iron suit, he erred towards invisibility instead of safety. The genius walked out of Stark Tower dressed in casual attire – jeans and a jumper – with huge sunglasses and a beanie hat; he could be recognized easily if somebody looked close enough, but he just intended to say nothing and leave before Loki guessed who he was. He was glad that nobody else knew of his month-long search for the trickster, because if someone had it wouldn't have been so easy to walk from his tower to the apartments without both his suit and a platoon of S.H.I.E.L.D. backup. It wasn't until he reached door 42A that he remembered who he was dealing with, and he wished fervently that he had brought a weapon. But no. He was here only to see if the trickster was actually living here and then he'd leave quickly before the god recognized who he was.

The door was on the latch, surprisingly, and was opened easily with a slight nudge as Tony went to knock. Behind it, a dark hallway with a few doors to either side stretched off to a point the billionaire couldn't discern, considering it was so dark. The only light was coming from the lights where he stood and around the edges of the first door to the left, an eerie green glow that definitely wasn't normal. Tony cautiously stepped into the hallway, trying to not make a sound because A) he didn't want to be caught going into a random person's house if Loki wasn't here and B) he didn't want to be caught going into Loki's house if he did live here. He wasn't sure which situation would be easiest to try and talk himself out of: "Hi, I've just walked into your house because I thought a criminal was living here." or "Oh hi Loki, I managed to find where you live by stalking you and it worked!"? The billionaire prayed to whatever god was up there that he wasn't caught.

Tony crept almost ninja-like over to the door with the creepy green outline, leaving the front door open for light and a quick escape, and pressed his ear to the wood, hoping to hear what was causing the light. All he could hear was heavy breathing and a faint humming sound that didn't sound like any machine he'd ever heard; and as a mechanic he'd heard a lot of machines. His curiosity was almost unbearable after a few seconds of listening to the room just behind the thin sheet of wood, so he gripped the handle firmly and hoped for the best.

The door opened smoothly and silently until it hit a slightly squishy obstacle in its way; he assumed it was someone sitting or standing behind the door because the heavy breathing stopped momentarily and Tony noticed how close the sound of breathing was on the other side of the wood. His breath caught in his throat: he was doomed. Before he could turn to run, a blindingly bright light filled the room. It was like he was looking into the sun itself.

The light died down after a couple of seconds, even though it felt far longer, and Tony had to blink rapidly before he stopped seeing dots dancing in the air. When his vision cleared, the first two things he saw nearly gave him a heart attack: the walls around him seemed to have grown a lot, like he had shrunk to about a foot tall, and the trickster god, dressed in just a black vest and jeans, towered over him. Loki was tall. Very tall. A lot taller than when Tony had last seen him. Tony was just over ankle-height on him.

"Fuck." The billionaire said just as the trickster cooed "Aww! Hello little kitty cat!"

Loki's words didn't register immediately as Tony realized that he didn't speak, he mewed. Looking downwards in horror, his brain registered two tiny paws covered in fur, and when he whipped his head around he saw two more behind him, accompanied by a tail. With a sinking feeling in his heart, he finally realized that he had been turned into a cat.

He was a fucking cat.

And he was a tiny kitten, as if being an animal wasn't bad enough!

Loki picked him up easily and carried the shocked genius over to a shabby black couch on the other side of what Tony assumed was the living room. The god gave him a reassuring smile and said he was off to get Tony some food before leaving swiftly. The billionaire was too shocked to even attempt to speak again; five minutes ago he was being a ninja and now he was a cat and in Loki's house.

Was Tony obsessed with Loki? A bit.

Was he so obsessed that he wanted to be Loki's pet? Not really.

Well, you know what they say; curiosity killed the cat.