Chapter 34 - Sorry

Clint had really abused Tony's promise to buy him anything and that was why he was now up in his room - as he had been for the past couple of days - playing video games on his new, huge TV. It hadn't even been a week yet and already Tony was annoyed at the never-ending lists that Clint would hand him, demanding that everything was delivered the next day. The billionaire didn't even care anymore, he just let Jarvis scan the paper and then order all of the items; as long as the secret was safe, Tony was happy. Bruce, on the other hand, had just wanted some new clothes and Tony gladly bought him them, pleased that it was easy enough to stop the other two Avengers from spilling his secret.

It was a quiet day in the tower and Tony made the most of this by lounging on the sofa with Loki, introducing him to the wonder that is daytime TV. They liked the change of mood that had occurred in the past couple of days, with them not as wary of the other Avengers, and they were considering telling Nat and Thor when they next saw them. The only thing stopping Tony from shouting about his new relationship from the rooftops was the fact that Loki was still a war criminal and still in need of a punishment. Although people would eventually find out, Tony would rather deal with that when it happened.

The elevator dinged, which Tony just dismissed as Clint coming with more demands until the very familiar voice of Thor echoed round the room and made him jump, "Why does Barton have a new TV? I thought you refused to buy him anything ever again after the blender incident?"

Tony looked between Thor and Loki, worried that Thor was going to go mad if he saw Loki, and was more surprised when Thor just sat opposite the two of them and barely regarded Loki. The thunder god was dressed in his full Agsardian gear and seemed a bit uncomfortable in his outfit as he attempted to get comfy on the sofa.

"Thor, how nice of you to visit," the billionaire wondered why Loki hadn't disguised himself or disappeared and decided to try and explain himself, "This isn't what it looks like. We-"

"I know about the two of you being in a relationship and I'm very happy for you both," Thor smiled at both of them but it didn't disguise that something was troubling him, "I'm afraid there's a problem, though. Odin wishes to visit Stark Tower to meet my fellow Avengers."

"Just tell him to not visit here," Tony instantly replied, wondering if the solution was really that simple, "Or just Loki to leave for the day."

"It's not that simple, he will be able to sense Loki's magic all over this place, regardless of where Loki is. I knew about your relationship due to the magic stuck all over you." Ah, that is a problem.

"Couldn't he sense Loki's magic all over you?"

"Magic is very common on Asgard and it is different to decipher the different types of magic. On Midgard, however, it is barely used so Loki's magic will stand out instantly."

"Just tell Odin to fuck off," Tony sat up defensively, not wanting to accept that there was almost nothing he could do, but there was blatant fear across his face.

Thor looked as though he wanted to either agree or argue but just sighed, "I can't. You know I can't."

"If it makes your lives easier," Loki spoke up for the first time in the conversation and it quickly drew all of the attention to him, "I'll hand myself in with no fuss."

Tony's head whipped around to face the trickster in bewilderment, "No!" He looked over to Thor and saw that he also looked as though he didn't agree with the idea, "Thor, you can't let him do this!"

"I wouldn't suggest it but-"

"Thor," Loki glared over at his brother, "I know what I'm doing and I don't want either of you to be punished for associating with a criminal."

"What's Loki's punishment?" Tony hoped with all his might it wasn't anything too harsh, even though Loki did cause the deaths of countless people.

Thor considered telling the both of them about Odin 'entertaining the idea of execution', but decided that the news had already been emotionally traumatising enough as it is. "Before Loki escaped, it was about 500 years but I'm assuming it will be increased greatly."

Tony grabbed Loki's hand, not caring that Thor was watching them, "Please, Loki, don't hand yourself in."

Loki stayed silent as he averted his eyes from Tony to instead look out of the windows at New York, the city that he had grown fond of and regretted destroying not that long ago. He had to go to Asgard - he couldn't put Tony and Thor at risk - but he didn't know how to tell them; Thor would be reluctant but understanding, Tony though… He knew how Tony would react and it would not be in favour of his decision.

"Loki, listen to me," Tony pleaded, "I don't care if I end up with consequences too, I can't just let you do something like this. I'll find a way to hide you or stop Odin coming or convince him that you're good now or anything."

Thor sighed, "I didn't want to have to do this but if you want to face the wrath of Odin, then I can't stop you." He moved to go to the balcony, where he would summon the Bifrost, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Tony saw how Loki's eyes followed Thor to the balcony and he squeezed the god's hand in reassurance. We'll get through this, I'll think of a plan.

Thor gave the two of them one last look before he yelled to the sky and rainbow-coloured light swirled around him.

The hand Tony was holding vanished and he didn't have time to look round at Loki before he saw the trickster running towards Thor. He jumped up off his seat and ran after the god, getting to the doors just as he saw Loki grab hold of Thor's cape and turn back to him.

"I'm sorry!"

Tony could just stand there in shock as he saw the two gods suddenly vanish in a flash of light, feeling numb.

Loki had just delivered himself directly to Odin.

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- Tony