The world had ended, just like that. No big bangs, no warning, the whole world's population just seemed to turn to stone. That is to say, everyone but the five member super hero team.

"See Raven, we didn't lose out right! There is still hope!" Cheer the all too happy green teen, wrapping her arms around his neck from beside him.

"We lost all right." The dark teen countered back removing the green arms around his neck. "I don't have any of my powers left, the worlds on fire, and everyone else that could help became petrified. So how did we not lose, 'out RIGHT?!" He shouted before stomping away from the group.

"Don't worry about him Beast Girl, he blames himself." Cyborg offered, watching the dark teen leave with his human eye while his robotic eye worked with his sensors scanning for any other 'unstoned' lifeforms. "We'll find some how to save the world... we did every other time, right? Maths on our side!"

"Friend Beast Girl and Friend Cyborg are correct, when there's a way there's a will!"

"Close enough... Titans GO!" Nightwing called out as the rest of the Titans walk past him.

"Where to exactly?" Beast Girl asked as she past.

"Yeah more like Titans WALK!" Cyborg joked with her. Causing all the Titans to laugh including Raven.

"But... it's our catch phase... guys?" Nightwing looked up to see his team in the distance.


"We're not going to get away..." Beast Girls said slowing to a stop inside what could be described as a church. Looking back towards the impending doom that Trigon's armies would bring. "I... I think..."

"Beast Girl don't ever say it." The four other Titans looked at their youngest member. "I'm not letting a member of my team play Suicide Squad."


"Nightwing's right, we all need to stay together."

"And die together?"

"Friend Beast Girl, do you want to stay?"


The team all stood around her, the sounds of all of their deaths growing louder and louder. Sad faces gazed upon her slumping form. "You believe in me that much... huh?" An unexpected monotone voiced broke the heavy tension. "I will not let you down." "Stay alive... I don't like this but that's an order." "Be safe best friend Beast Girl." "This is just like you BG, always in the spot light. Don't make us go to hell to get your green bean of a soul back."

The youngest member of the Teen Titans nodded at her fellow team mates. Flashing a quick smile before running towards the Church doors. Pulling them opening, watching the massive waves of soldiers coming her way. "Titans GO! Beast Girl, for of... GRRRRAHHHHH!" Shout what was once Girl, and is now all Beast.

A/N Sorry for the long wait. Writers block and all that. And all I am going to say is that, it is the Beast but before the chemical bath's.