Summary: Seth Rollins is a young lawyer on his way up. He takes his prized possession a Ducati Diavel into a local bike shop for repairs where he meets shop owner, Dean Ambrose. The two are immediately attracted to each other, but Seth doesn't think it's a good idea to get involved with bad boy Dean. But Dean isn't used to hearing the word no. Will he convince Seth to let him be his Bad Boyfriend?

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I am not affiliated with the WWE or the characters mentioned and I'm making no money from this story. I also don't have any plans to nab two of the members of The Shield when they come to Texas. *shifty eyes*

A/N: Hello readers! This here is my first alternate reality fic and it features Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins. I dipped my toe into the Ambrollins pool when I wrote a one-shot for mxjoyride (check out her hot, dark, and twisted For Real) and found myself intrigued by these two. Then I read some great stuff on them, in particular xmastreelights Second Shift, and I was hooked. Anyhoo I was in the middle of another session of cyber stalking Dean Ambrose when Garbage's Bad Boyfriend came up on my playlist. I immediately pictured him as a bad boy on the back of a motorcycle and that was the inspiration for this fic. If you've read my other multi-chapter fic you know I'm wordy, but I'm not sure how long this one will be. Hope you enjoy!

Story Warning: m/m, sex (sometimes rough), cursing. I won't mention it again. Ye be warned.

Seth pulled his bike into the shop he'd been referred to. He looked around as he set the kickstand and dismounted. The place was clean and organized, bikes in different stages of repair parked in squares painted on the ground. Seth took his helmet off taking in more details. The floor was polished and painted concrete. The walls were decorated with framed posters of all sorts of bikes. The owner obviously took pride in the place. Nothing was out of place and there wasn't a single picture with curling edges of a bikini-clad chic draped over a bike to be seen. He noticed there were mostly standards and cruisers with very few racers. There was a service counter at one end of the shop but there was no one behind it. He looked through a wide window that looked into a small waiting area. There was someone in there, but it was an older man flipping through a magazine. He looked like a customer so Seth didn't bother to go in. As he walked around he finally noticed a man on the ground working on one of the bikes.

"Excuse me is the owner around? I'd like to have him take a look at my bike."

The man looked over at him for a moment before he went right back to what he was doing. "Why do you need the owner? You too good to talk to a lowly bike mechanic?"

Seth's face flushed in anger at the man's rudeness. "No," he snapped back. "But my friend referred me here and told me to ask for the owner, Dean Ambrose. So get off your high horse and get him for me."

The man stood up. "I'm Dean."

Seth colored again. "Oh." He went forward to shake the man's hand. "Seth Rollins. And I'm sorry about my rudeness." Seth assessed the shop owner as he came forward, wiping his hands on a towel. He looked like he belonged in this bike shop. He had dark blonde hair that lay in careless curls all over his head. Longer strands in front tangled with pale lashes that framed his blue-gray eyes. His jeans were clean but ripped in a few places giving him glimpses of the hard thigh muscles beneath the denim. A soft white t-shirt showed off his toned upper body, the sleeves tight around his defined biceps. Scuffed but comfortable looking black motorcycle boots were on his feet. He looked tough and wild. The type of guy Seth had always been attracted to, but never dared to approach. He got his mind back on the business at hand as Dean accepted his hand shake and spoke.

"No problem. My fault for bustin' your balls. So what's going on with your bike?"

Dean looked his new customer over as he described the problems he'd been having with his bike. He was pretty, no doubt about it. He had a great build, his frame tall and lean. His hair was so dark it was nearly black and it set off beautifully the golden tan of his skin. Seth turned to point at something and Dean saw that his hair wasn't just combed back, it was slicked back into a tight ponytail that was folded under and tucked into a tight elastic. The contrast of that long hair with the suit intrigued him. Throw in the bike and clearly this guy was more than just an uptight corporate man. A soft looking beard framed a mouth that was so pouty, Dean had to force himself not to think of all the things he wanted to make those lips do. But as Seth looked at him again it was the eyes that got him. So dark and sweet. But they were deep, and Dean wanted to know everything that was behind them.

Dean ran his hand along the bike. It was a Ducati Diavel, black and gunmetal gray. An expensive racer, heavy and substantial, unlike those flimsy crotch rockets he loathed. "Great bike. Fast and pretty." He stared into Seth's eyes as he stroked his hand over the bike's seat. It was still warm from his body heat. "Very pretty." Those dark eyes stayed on his for a moment before they flicked away. Dean smiled to himself. He'd seen the flash of attraction there.

"So will you take a look at it for me?"

"Yeah, I'll get it going." He waved his hand in a wide arc indicating the other bikes in the shop. But I got people in line before you so it'll take about a week."

"That's fine. Do I pay you now or…"

Dean shook his head. "Nah. Let me see what I can do. I get it fixed I'll call you and you can take it for a run. When we get the ride as smooth as you want you pay." He headed over to the counter and picked up the parts and service brochure for his shop. "I don't bullshit around on labor hours or charge outrageous prices for parts." He handed the brochure over. "Here's a list of my prices. I'll call you to let you know what needs to be done before I get started so you can decide. That work for you?"

Seth looked up from glancing at the reasonable prices. "That works for me." He held his hand out to shake the other man's again. This time a frisson of electricity ran up his arm as soon as their palms met. He looked into those pale eyes and saw them sparkling with what looked like amusement. Seth found himself watching as a small smile quirked up the corners of that sultry mouth.

"I'll see you soon, Seth."

Seth sat in his small office in the law firm where he worked. He was supposed to be working on a brief but he was staring off into space thinking about Dean Ambrose. For three days Seth hadn't been able to get the bike mechanic off of his mind. The way those pale eyes had watched him. So close and direct, almost like Dean had been studying him. And he'd gotten a vibe of what he was pretty sure was physical attraction off the other man. Was Dean attracted to him? He certainly hoped so, because he was definitely attracted to Dean. That was amazing in itself. Lately, he hadn't really been attracted to anybody. He looked at the wall clock in his office and realized he'd been thinking about the man for a good ten minutes. He needed to get his mind on work. He wasn't going to make partner by day dreaming. But just when he'd managed to push thoughts of Dean Ambrose aside, his cell phone rang. He looked at the screen and saw the name he'd stored in his phone, Ambrose Bike Shop. Seth's heart rate increased just a tiny bit before he answered. "Hello?" That voice came across the line low and throaty, not even bothering to ask who he was talking to.

"Hey, you're bike is ready. Can you come check it out today?"

Seth was surprised but he answered quickly. "Yeah sure, no problem. But it will have to be after work. How late are you open?"

"I normally close at 6:00 but if you think you'll be later than that I can wait around for you."

Seth was grateful at the offer. "Wow, thanks I appreciate that. I'll try to get there as close to six as I can."

"Good. I'll be here."

The phone clicked in his ear. Clearly Dean wasn't one for social niceties such as saying goodbye. Seth set his cell down on his desk. His heart was definitely pounding now. He was going to see the man who'd been on his mind for days tonight.

Seth stepped out of the cab in front of Dean's shop. His helmet swung in his hand. He hadn't driven because if his bike was ready he wanted to ride it home. He was a little self-conscious as he went into the garage. He'd gone home and changed out of his suit, strangely feeling like he wanted Dean to see what he looked like when he wasn't dressed for work. He didn't want to seem like he was trying to impress the other man, this was just who he was when he wasn't working.

Dean sat behind the counter and watched Seth walk in. He'd finished the bike earlier than he anticipated solely because he wanted to see its owner again. Seth looked very different tonight. Instead of a suit like before, he was in jeans that looked soft and well-worn as they hung off his narrow hips. A dark gray tee clung to his broad shoulders, just tight enough for him to see that his abs were smooth and hard. And his hair was down in a cloud of dark curls around his shoulders. Dean's hand clenched into a fist. He wanted to grab up all that pretty hair and hold the man still so he could get his tongue deep into his mouth and find out what he tasted like. He hardened slightly imagining it. He'd probably taste like cherries. Sweet, with just a little bit of tart to keep him interested. Dean pushed the thought aside. Seth was at the counter with an eager smile on his face.

"My bike is already done? Shit, you work fast man."

Dean let his lips curl in a slow smile. "Not always. I usually like to take my time." He watched as Seth caught his meaning and then quickly looked away. His smile grew. He loved that this pretty boy was slightly shy. That meant he'd get to corrupt him. He pulled the Diavel's keys from the drawer in front of him. "Take it out. See what you think." But instead of sliding the keys across the counter he held them out in his open palm so that Seth would have to touch his skin to get them. Seth's eyes locked on his as he reached out and took the keys. His teeth briefly bit at his full bottom lip as his fingers brushed his palm. But once he had the keys in his hand he grinned, his excitement obvious.

"I'll be right back."

Seth strode quickly over to his bike. In one motion he swung his leg over to settle on the seat and pulled his helmet on. Once his face was covered he felt free to look over at Dean as he started the engine. Jesus that man had him tied up in knots. This time he had no doubt the mechanic was attracted to him. But he didn't know if it was something he wanted to pursue. The feeling he got whenever Dean looked at him or whenever their skin touched was excitement laced with a little bit of fear. He could tell Dean wasn't like the men he usually dated. He was calm here in his shop, but Seth sensed that there was wildness lurking just beneath that façade. And he was thinking that maybe he ought to keep his distance.

He wheeled the bike around and pulled up to the garage opening. When he looked and saw the street was clear he tore out of there. He bent low over the handle bars as he weaved in and out of the light traffic. The Diavel was performing beautifully, responding immediately to every twist of the gears. The roar of power beneath him was clear and throaty. He grinned and gave a happy shout inside his helmet and pushed the bike even faster. He leaned far to the side as he rounded the street corners, but eventually he slowed. Seth hated to end his ride but he knew Dean was probably ready to close up shop so he turned and went flying back the way he'd come. He could go for a longer ride whenever he wanted. He drove back into the garage, revving the engine unnecessarily out of pure joy as he rode almost right up to the counter. Seth shut the bike down and took off his helmet. He ran a careless hand through his hair and grinned at Dean.

"You do good work." He hopped off the bike and went up to the counter. "She rides like a dream."

Dean arched an eyebrow. "Your bike is a chic?"

Seth laughed. "Yep. She's the only female I ride." Seth's eyes widened and his laughter came to a choked halt. Jesus, did he really just say that?

But Dean just shrugged unconcernedly. "Nothing wrong with that."

His face still hot with embarrassment, Seth reached in his back pocket for his wallet. Dean had told him the cost over the phone so he handed over his credit card without any question. He waited there quietly as Dean took care of the transaction. Since he'd pretty much come out and said he was gay he might as well go ahead and ask him out. But he hesitated. Even though he was pretty sure the other man was attracted to him, that didn't mean that he was openly gay. Besides, something about Dean Ambrose intimidated him. One look at him and it was obvious he was a bad boy. Seth didn't know if he could handle that. So he didn't say anything about it. He just made small talk about the way the bike had performed and said thanks as he signed the receipt and paperwork. When he was finished he held his hand out for Dean to shake. "Thanks, man. I really appreciate it." Dean's warm hand wrapped around his.

"You're welcome, Seth."

Seth had to suppress a shiver. The way those pale eyes watched him and the way Dean said his name in that low voice … It got to him more than the smooth pick-up lines of the guys he normally dated. He cleared his throat and pulled his hand back. "Thanks again." He mounted his bike and put his helmet back on without looking back, but he knew Dean was watching him. And as he rode out of the garage, the taste of regret was bitter on his tongue.


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