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Seth sat with Dean in a booth at Infinity. Layla sat across from them. They'd stopped by to have dinner. Dean hated to cook and while he didn't mind it, he hadn't felt like bothering that evening. They were finished with their meal and Layla was hanging out with them for a few minutes before they left.

"I like your hair, Seth. It's wild. What made you dye it that way?"

Seth smiled. "Thanks. Dean compared me to some famous blondes twice in one night so I figured he must want me to be one."

Dean laughed and tugged on his ponytail. "I never said that. But I do like it."

Layla smiled at them both. "Who did he compare you to?"

Seth's face heated a little bit. "The Ken doll and Lady Godiva."

Lady started laughing. "A Barbie doll? And a naked lady on the back of a horse?" She laughed so hard she leaned over and laid her head on the table top, her shoulders shaking from the hilarity. When she was finished she sat up, wiping her eyes. "Well Seth you have to admit. You are pretty."

Seth rolled his eyes. "Now that I'm not working at Pretentious, Manipulative, and Stick-Up-Their-Asses anymore, I can get away with hair like this."

"Oh that's right you're flying solo now. Does that mean that you'll take me up on my offer?"

"Yeah, if you'll still have me. I've been working on getting things going during the day while Dean is at the shop."

"Of course I still want you as my lawyer!"

Seth was pleased that Layla had been serious about wanting him to work with her. She was his first client, which gave him a sense of confidence that he'd be able to find more. "We'll have to sit down and go through exactly what you need."

Dean slapped his hand on the table. "You'll have to do that some other time. We need to get going Seth."

Layla looked up at Dean as he slid out of the booth and stood. "Where are you boys off to?"

Seth followed Dean. "We're going to look at some new tires for my bike. Have I thanked you yet for sponsoring me?"

Layla laughed again and stood. "Only about a dozen times. Truly I'm glad to do it. You brought in a really big crowd with you after your race before. I'd love to get some more of that traffic."

"Well thanks again. It's really helpful and I'll be able to do so much more now," Seth said as he gave his friend a hug.

Layla squeezed him back. "Good. Get some wins. That'll make me look even better since I'll be sponsoring a winner."

Dean threw his arm around his shoulders. "Don't worry he will. I've got an incentive plan all set up for him."

Seth looked at Dean in question, but his boyfriend just winked at him and lead him out of the pub.

A couple hours later they were in Dean's garage. Seth sat on the couch made from the back seat of a classic Dodge Challenger, watching Dean put the new tires on his bike. They'd bought a set of Continental Trail Attacks, very nice expensive tires. He was going to go for a run on them and if he liked the way they felt he'd get another set to have fresh for race day. With his sponsors he'd be able to afford to swap out tires more than he had before.

He'd offered to help but Dean had laughed and said he'd be done much faster if he worked on his own. So he watched. Watched Dean. Watched his lips form a curse around the cigarette dangling from his mouth as he fit the wheel on the tire stand. Watched the smoke curl up over his head. Watched the way his long fingers gripped the tire iron as he worked the front tire off the wheel. Watched the way his jeans hugged his firm thighs and ass as he bent and rolled the old front tire off to the side.

Seth knew he was close to being obsessed with his boyfriend, but he didn't give a damn. Dean was so different from all the other men he'd ever dated and he loved it. Loved his attitude and the way he carried himself, like he didn't give a shit what anybody thought of him. Loved the way he looked with his hair tumbling over his forehead, the muscles in his shoulders and back bunching up with his movements. His dark, short-sleeved workmen's shirt he wore over a white t-shirt was frayed, his jeans torn and stained with grease. Seth loved how gritty Dean was. He couldn't imagine Byron getting dirty like this. Yeah, Seth didn't care that he was so into his boyfriend. Besides, Dean had admitted how much he thought of him. Seth bit his lip, his cock hardening as he thought of Dean getting himself off at work because he thought of him so much. Dean looked up just then and caught him staring.

"What are you looking at?"


Dean took a deep drag on the cigarette then exhaled and stubbed it out on the bottom of his boot. "Got something on your mind?"


Dean grinned. "Is that right? What are you thinking about little old me?"

"Thinking how I like watching you get your hands dirty."

Dean crooked a grimy finger at him. "Come get dirty with me."

Seth stood and walked over. "I thought you worked faster alone."

"Sometimes it's not all about speed. Didn't I tell you that I liked to take my time?"

Seth remembered back to that night, when Dean had returned his bike. "That's true, you did say that." He tskd. "Flirting with your customer. Isn't that a violation of ethics?"

Dean laughed and pulled him in between his hard body and the tire stand. "Nah. Not fucking the client is only for doctor and lawyer types like you." Dean took the band from his hair. "I don't know why you tie your hair up around me. You know I'm going to take it down." He fluffed his hair out around his shoulders. "I've wanted to run my hands through it ever since you came in with it loose and wind-blown all over your head."

"I wore it down that night on purpose. So you would know that I was more than just a suit."

Dean brushed his hair over his shoulders, baring his neck. "Oh I knew. Even though you were shy and you left, I knew that you wanted to get dirty with me and that you'd be back." Dean kissed him behind his ear. "And I was right."

Seth started to turn around, but Dean stopped him.

"We need to get this tire off." He picked up the rubber material that went between the tire iron and the wheel rim so it didn't get scratched. "Gotta use protection."

Seth looked back over his shoulder at Dean. "I thought these were called protectors."

"Oh yeah, that's right. Using protection is what you held over my head until you got your way."

Seth laughed as he popped the tire off the rim. "You should be thanking me. It was time for you to stop whoring around."

Dean kissed him behind his ear again, whispering against his skin. "Thank you, Seth." Seth shivered as Dean slipped his hand under his t-shirt to stroke across his stomach. "Go ahead and grab the new tire."

Seth did but Dean didn't move back, so when he bent over his thick erection pressed against his ass. Seth bit his lip to hold back a little moan. He was determined to do this and be as nonchalant about the arousal building between them as Dean was. He set the tire on the stand, spraying it with the soap and water mix before he started pushing it down onto the rim. Dean stayed behind him, his fingers resting on his hips as Seth worked around the entire tire. Dean whispered in his ear.

"Harder, Seth. Push harder."

Seth groaned a laugh. "Only you could make changing tires sound raunchy."

"Raunchy, huh?" Dean laughed too, his warm breath blowing over his cheek. "I know it's tight, but just keep pushing, baby. You'll get it in. I mean on." Dean grabbed his hips and ground his cock against him. "Push hard."

Seth did moan that time, thrusting back to meet Dean's hardness pressing against his ass. Finally the tire was on, but Seth didn't move. He looked down to see Dean's dirty hands glide down his forearms, rubbing grease onto his skin before he twined their fingers together. For once, his hands were just as dirty as Dean's. His voice sounded in his ear, low and seductive as ever.

"Tell me right now what you want."

Seth looked over his shoulder at his lover. "I want to suck you off, right here. I want to be on my knees for you, on the ground, getting dirty … for you."

Dean took his time answering, lighting another cigarette first. Smoke streamed from his nose when he finally gave his response. "I'm not going to say no to that."

Seth shook his head. "You and those fucking cigarettes."

Dean took another drag. "You're not going to tell me how I'm slowly killing myself are you?"

Seth pushed Dean back, walking him to where he wanted him to go. "Nope. I'm more concerned with what you can do in the immediate future. You should wear a helmet when you ride."

Dean looked at him with eyes big with surprise. His eyes widened even further when Seth gave him a quick shove, sending him toppling back onto the bench seat. "But I won't look as cool."

Seth laughed and sank to his knees. "Trust me, you'll look just as cool with a helmet on as you do without."

One blonde brow arched. "Cuz safety is sexy?"

Seth pushed Dean's legs apart and crawled in between them. "That's right." Seth let the matter drop. He didn't want to push Dean, but he really did want him to start wearing a helmet. He was surprised that he didn't after what had happened to his previous boyfriend. He figured planting the seed was a good start to making that happen.

Seth opened Dean's jeans, tugging them down a little so he could get to all of him. He latched onto Dean's thighs, digging his fingers in hard as he licked up and down his shaft. When he reached the base of his cock he kept going, laving over Dean's balls, feeling the hair there soft under his tongue. He sucked one into his mouth, pulling on it hard. Dean cursed and Seth released him with a pop, moving back up to flick his tongue at that spot just underneath his cockhead.

Dean spread his legs further and Seth lost his balance for a moment. He braced a hand on the ground to steady himself and felt it slip in a spot of oil. Once he was settled again he sucked Dean's shaft into his mouth, moaning softly at the feel and taste of him. He glanced up to see Dean relaxed against the Challenger's seat back, looking up at the ceiling, clearly enjoying himself as he thrust up into his mouth. Dean put the cigarette to his mouth and breathed in, smoke billowing around his head when he exhaled. Again Seth thought of how different Dean was from all of his previous lovers. And he preferred Dean over all of them.

Seth stroked his hand up Dean's torso, leaving a trail of grease and grime on his white t-shirt. He bunched the material in his fist, yanking on it so that Dean looked down at him. He took his mouth from him for a moment. "I thought you liked to watch."

"Mmmm… you know I do." He put the cigarette between his lips again, the tip glowing bright red as he inhaled. He blew out a long breath, the gray cloud of smoke momentarily obscuring his face. "Give me a show, baby."

Seth kept his eyes on Dean as he licked all over the tip of his cock before he sucked him back down. He moved his mouth on Dean slowly, his lips sliding over the silky skin of his shaft. Dean watched him, still smoking, his eyes narrowed behind the haze. Seth stopped again for a moment. "Put it out."

Dean puffed out a smoke ring. "No."

Seth didn't say anything. He just started sucking again, going fast this time. He leaned his head forward so that his hair fell into his face, blocking Dean's view. Dean gripped his hair, trying to push it back. But he couldn't do so with one hand.

"Goddamnit, Seth," Dean cursed before he put the cigarette out on the metal arm of the couch. Now he tangled both hands in his hair, holding on to his head and thrusting up roughly into his mouth. Seth moaned, letting Dean fuck his mouth, swallowing him down as far as he could go. He kept his grip on the t-shirt, reaching up further to tug the collar down. He scratched at Dean's chest and he groaned, his fingers tightening in his hair.

"Fuck, I'm about to come."

Seth immediately pulled back and stroked Dean with his fist. Dean glared down at him.

"What the fuck, Seth? Keep going."

Seth shook his head. "No. I don't want you to come in my mouth this time." Dean continued to stare down at him, his eyes narrowed in annoyance this time instead of from the smoke. "And you can get that glare off your face or I'll stop altogether." Dean shut his eyes and Seth kept pumping, Dean's hips rolling up to his fist, until with a harsh curse he was coming. Seth watched, his gaze flicking back and forth between the creamy release spilling from Dean's cockhead to his face tight with tension as he rocked through his orgasm.

Dean finally relaxed and looked down at him. "Now who's the asshole?" he asked as he lit yet another cigarette.

Seth raised a brow. "I think I've got a long ways to go before I catch up with you."

Dean twisted his fingers in his hair and pulled him up. Seth crawled onto Dean, straddling his lap. Dean kept pulling and Seth leaned down so that his hair shut them in, their faces close together. Dean exhaled, smoke streaming from his mouth just as their lips met. Seth cursed but he opened up for Dean, their tongues licking and battling in a deep kiss flavored with the tastes of sex and smoke. Dean eased back and looked up at him, finally answering his earlier statement.

"You're right about that, pretty boy."

Seth looked at himself in the mirror. He'd just gotten out of the shower and he wasn't dressed yet. Roman was having a bar-b-que and Seth was about to head on over. Dean was meeting him there since it was Saturday and he had to be at the shop. Seth had a surprise for him. He ran his hand down to his hips, tugging at the material that covered him. He'd bought another pair of panties to wear, except these were black silk and lace.

As he looked at himself he smiled slightly. He didn't know what it was about the panties, but he felt … wicked wearing them. The silk was tight and low on his hips, a thick band of black lace on either side of them. And a little gray silk bow perched in the front of the panties, just above where the head of his cock rested. Seth imagined Dean's reaction when he realized what he had on under his jeans. He knew his boyfriend would be excited. He trailed his fingers over the panties until he reached the bulge of his shaft pressing against the front of them. He lightly brushed his fingers back and forth, his eyes drifting closed as he dipped down to cup his balls. Seth moaned. He was hard now as he thought of the way Dean liked to squeeze him. He imagined Dean's hand between his legs, sliding over the slippery silk to touch him … everywhere.

Seth opened his eyes and looked at himself again in the mirror. The signs of arousal were all over his body, from his stiff cock, to his stomach sucked in tight, to the flush on his face, and to his heavy lidded eyes. He looked like he was ready for sex. Seth forced his hand away from himself. He didn't want to come right then, he wanted to save it until he was with Dean. He pulled on his jeans, holding off on zipping them until his erection went down. Thankfully, the phone rang just then, distracting him from his thoughts. Seth jogged out to Dean's bedroom to catch it before it rolled over to voice mail. He looked at the screen and saw it was Cameron.

"Cameron! What's up?"

"Don't what's up me, Seth. You roll out of there in the most spectacular exit I've ever seen and I don't hear from you for two weeks? All I got was your framed accolades shoved in my face. What's up with you?"

Seth laughed. "I'm sorry. I was so out of my head that day I couldn't even think except to realize I couldn't ride my bike home with those under my arm. Thanks for holding on to them for me."

"Whatever, Seth."

Seth could just imagine her slowly rolling her eyes as she said it. He zipped his jeans and settled on the bed with his back against the headboard. "So what's going on with you?"

"I guess things are okay."

He noticed the usual sassy snap had disappeared from Cameron's voice. "It doesn't sound like everything's okay. What's wrong?"

"You know how it is. You date a boy. Think he's great. Then he up and dumps you for a fitness model from some damn where in Europe."

"Damn, Cameron. I'm sorry to hear that." Seth didn't bother to voice his opinion on her now ex-boyfriend, Brad. He'd thought the guy was slime from the beginning. He'd had a wandering eye every time he'd seen the two of them together and Seth wondered about his orientation. What straight man wore his clothes that tight? He heard Cameron sniffling through the phone.

"It's alright. Guess it just wasn't meant to be."

Seth had an idea. "Listen Cameron, you've got to return my diplomas right?"


"Well then why don't we meet up tonight? I've got a party to go to and you can join me."

"I would … but I don't want to crash."

"Don't worry about it. The guy who is throwing it has a giant family and their big group of friends show up to everything. One more tiny little thing won't matter."

Cameron's voice brightened a bit. "I guess I could come. It'll be nice to get out of the house."

"Definitely. It'll be good for you. Here's the address."

Seth sat in one of the big chairs on Roman's wraparound front porch. He was outside waiting for Cameron to show up, he wanted to make sure she found the house okay. Dean was on his way as well, he'd just texted to say he'd be there in ten. Roman came out the front door with a bottle of beer in his hand.

"Your boy here yet?"

"No, but he should be here soon. I'm mostly waiting on my friend I invited. That's okay right?"

"Fine with me. Already got a house full." He shook his head, a grin tugging at his mouth. "Samoans, man."

Seth laughed. "There are a lot of you. But why do you have this big house? You don't have a passel of your own kids running around yet."

Roman sat in the chair next to him. "Yeah, but I know I will eventually. No sense getting something small and then moving later on."

"So you want your own big family then."

Roman nodded. "Just haven't met the right woman yet."

A rumble echoed down the street and Seth looked up, recognizing the sound of Dean's bike. When he came into view Seth was surprised. Dean had on a helmet, solid black like his Indian. He hadn't thought Dean would take his advice so soon, but he was glad he had. Roman interrupted his thoughts.

"So has he told you yet?"

"Told me what?"

"That he loves you."

Seth was taken aback. He hadn't expected Roman to say that. "No he hasn't –wait, what makes you think that he does?"

"I've known Dean for a long time. And I've never seen him wearing a helmet. Five bucks says he's wearing it because of you. And I bet if you think about it you'll come up with plenty more examples to prove that he does." Roman took a pull of his beer. "He's got a few things he's going to have to get straightened out in his head before he says it. But pay attention Seth. He's telling you."

Seth was still surprised both at the helmet and Roman's revelation, but he got that expression off his face and stood up as Dean walked up to the porch. The first thing Dean did was grip his ponytail and kiss him, greeting him with Hey, baby in his low voice. Then he greeted Roman. The big man grinned at him, his eyebrows raised as if to say, See? I told you so. Seth just shook his head as he looked at Dean talking to his friend. Maybe … maybe Dean did love him.

Fifteen minutes later, they were still on the porch. A few more people had migrated out to join them. Seth looked towards the street as a red Chrysler 200 convertible rolled down the street, Eminem and Rhianna's The Way You Lie blasting from the stereo. Seth smiled at his dramatic friend. He knew Brad hadn't laid a hand on her. But if he had he'd hunt that motherfucker down and beat the shit out of him. He watched as Cameron smoothly parallel parked then got out, leaving the top down.

"Who is that?" Roman asked.

"That's my friend, Cameron." Seth looked at Roman and noticed the interest on his face. He looked back at Cameron as she approached the house in tight jeans and a snug fitting top, showing off her small but curvy figure. Her long hair blew in the wind as she walked, the sun glinting off the gold hoops in her ears. He could see why Roman would be attracted to her. But as her friend he had to let him know what was going on with her. "She was just dumped by her boyfriend for another woman. So she's probably kind of fragile right now."

Roman stood up. "Fragile, huh? Well I'll be sure to be a good host and take care of her."

Seth let it go. If Roman was that into her he wasn't going to cock block. And he knew Cameron. If she wasn't interested, she'd shoot him down fast.


Later on in the evening Seth stood with Dean in the living room. They were watching two of his cousins perform their Sasa. He'd never seen it before and he was impressed. Apparently the family was too as they all chanted and stomped along with them. Seth looked over and saw Roman leaning down to speak into Cameron's ear. He pointed at his cousins, obviously explaining the dance. He'd been true to his word, showing her around and taking care of her. In fact, Seth had barely had a chance to catch up with her. But she didn't seem to mind the attention the big man was showing her, so Seth let it go. If there was about to be a budding romance between the two, he wasn't going to interfere.

The formal dance ended and now it was just a bunch of people kicking it up to the rap music playing. Seth kept his eyes on the group but spoke to Dean. "So these panties you like, do they have to be pink?" Out of the corner of his eye he saw Dean look at him sharply.

"They don't have to be. Why?"

He shrugged. "No reason."

Dean moved closer to him, whispering in his ear. "Seth, are you wearing panties for me?"

Seth shrugged again, still not looking at Dean. "Maybe."

"You are. Let me see."

"No. We're in a room full of people."

Dean leaned in so close that his hair brushed Seth's cheek. "No one will see. Give me a peek."

Seth finally looked at Dean. He tucked his hands into the front pocket of his jeans, pushing down so that they slid down his hips a little bit. The black panties peeked over the waist of his jeans, the little bow in front visible to Dean's riveted gaze.

Dean sucked in a breath and looked back up at him. "Come with me."

"Where are we going?" he asked as Dean tugged him down the hallway.

"Somewhere private. You think you can show me those and not have me want to see all of them?" Dean led them into what looked like Roman's study, closing and locking the door behind them.

"Now let me see 'em."

Seth started to open his jeans so that he could show Dean what he wanted. But Dean stopped him.

"No. I want the full effect. Take all your clothes off, but save the jeans for last."

Seth's eyebrows shot up. "You want me to strip here in Roman's study?"

Dean grinned, his dimple showing up in his cheek. "Yep. He'll never know. He's busy going gaga over your friend."

Seth had to admit that was true. So he pulled his sweatshirt over his head and kicked his shoes off. Then he finally unzipped his jeans, pushing them over his hips and down his legs until he was able to step out of them. A low groan of appreciation rumbled from Dean.

"You would pick the classiest pair out there."

Dean came close to him and ran his hand over his hip where the silk gave way to lace. He smoothed both hands around to his ass, cupping and squeezing him. Seth moaned, wiggling slightly in his grip.

Dean smiled real slow and tucked a finger underneath the waistband, stroking over the sensitive skin of his pelvis. "I think it's time to get you dirty again. Come here."

Dean walked backwards, tugging him after him with the finger he still had hooked into his underwear. He sat in a big arm chair, unzipped his jeans and pulled Seth down into his lap. Seth rose up slightly about to pull the panties down but Dean knocked his hands away.

"Don't. As bad as I want to fuck you, I want to come all over these classy black panties more."

Seth moaned, sliding fully onto Dean's lap. Dean thrust up against him and Seth circled his hips, pressing his ass tight against Dean's cock. Dean locked his hand over his throat and pulled him back into a kiss. Seth parted his lips, his breath coming fast as Dean licked into his mouth, sucking on his tongue. He kept fucking his hips up against him, his cock pushing between his ass to brush against his entrance. Seth moaned, rocking his hips back hard in Dean's lap. Dean broke their kiss, his voice sounding quiet over the sounds of their heavy breathing and their bodies coming together.

"Fuck, Seth. You in these tiny little panties, letting me rub my cock all over them. I swear you're fucking perfect for me."

"I told you … told you can do whatever you want to me," Seth moaned out as Dean grabbed his hips, pulling him even tighter against him. He thrust up, his cock sliding against the silky fabric of the panties. It felt good, the heat of him burning Seth through the thin material. Dean took one of Seth's hands from where he gripped the arm of the chair and brought it between his legs, twining their fingers together and cupping his sack. Seth whispered a curse until Dean squeezed. Then the curse word burst from his mouth. Dean laughed and yanked the panties down in front, freeing Seth's cock.

"Get yourself off for me, pretty boy."

Seth stroked himself, still rocking back and forth in rhythm with Dean's thrusts. Dean sucked at his neck and he jerked his head away.

"Don't mark me."

"Why not?"

"Because everybody will know what we've been doing in here."

Dean nipped at his ear. "So what? If they don't already know, they will when they smell the sex on you."

Seth didn't back down. "That's not the fucking point. Don't mark me."

"Fine. I won't mark you … where anyone can see."

Dean wrapped his arms tight around his waist pumping against him quick and hard, groaning that he was about to come. When he came he bit down on the back of his shoulder sharply, making him jerk forward in surprise. But Dean grabbed him and pulled him back, grinding against him until he no longer felt his hot cum wetting his ass. Seth worked himself faster, his hand sliding wetly as he stroked up and down his shaft. Dean shoved his hand between his legs again, groping and squeezing at the heavy weight of his balls. Seth moaned that he was coming and Dean bit him again, sucking the skin into his mouth. Seth cursed and his hips shot forward as he came into his fist.

Dean pushed him out of his lap. But when Seth tried to turn around he stopped him. So he looked over his shoulder, watching as Dean ran his fingers over the mess of his cum soaking the back of the black panties. He pressed his fingers down, pushing the panties in between his ass, rubbing a finger and the silk against his entrance. Then he spanked him once.

"Look at that ass, perky in silk and sticky wet with cum." He leaned forward and ran his tongue over and between his cheeks. "Fucking beautiful."

Seth turned around and looked at Dean. He sat there with his legs casually lolling open, his jeans still unzipped. His cock was still slightly hard and rested shiny and wet against his belly. Sweat beaded on his forehead, making some of his curls stick to his skin. Seth braced his hands on his shoulders and leaned down. He kissed him lightly once then pulled back. "You are the dirtiest, trashiest motherfucker I've ever met."

Dean laughed. "I'm not surprised with the crowd you were used to running around with." He gave him a light kiss of his own. "A classy pretty boy and a trashy mechanic with grease under his fingernails. I guess opposites attract."

Seth was in the kitchen getting drinks for him and Dean. The party had moved outside where the meat was ready on Roman's big brick grill. He heard a pair of heels clicking on the tile and turned to see who it was. He recognized the woman. Even though they'd never been introduced he knew her name. Alicia. There was no way he could forget her. She had a big smile plastered across her face as she approached him. Seth didn't trust it for an instant.

"Hi! It's Seth right?"

Seth nodded. "That's right."

She held her hand out. "It's nice to meet you under less embarrassing circumstances."

Seth shook her hand, but raised his eyebrow. "Is that what they were?"

Alicia shrugged. "You know how it is. You can't trust Dean alone for more than a second. Take your eyes off him and he's got his hand up somebody's skirt."

"That might have been the case before, but those days are over for him."


"That's right. Dean is with me. Exclusively." He had no shame in warning her off approaching Dean again.

Alicia gave him a little smile. "Oh honey. Dean couldn't be exclusive with one person if his life depended on it. Not with all the wild shit he likes to get up to."

"He doesn't need to seek anybody else out for anything. I can give him whatever he wants."

Alicia cocked her head to the side, that smile still on her face. "I wouldn't have pegged you as somebody down for threesomes and kinky sex while high on X." She ran her eyes over his head. "I mean the hair is cute and all, but you seem pretty vanilla."

Seth let the part about threesomes go. And as far as he was concerned Dean was welcome to get as kinky with him as he liked. But he had to address the last part. "Dean doesn't do any drugs anymore."

"Is that what he told you?" she asked with a laugh.

"Yes. And I believe him."

Another voice sounded behind him before Alicia could say anything else.

"Alicia what are you doing? Stirring up trouble as usual?"

They both turned to see Layla walking into the kitchen.

"Not at all. Just discussing our mutual love for Dean with Seth here."

"Somehow I doubt that. You've never loved anyone but yourself. Now why don't you run along and stop with whatever lies you were putting in Seth's head."

Seth slung an arm around Layla's shoulders when she stopped next to him. "Yeah Alicia, run along. Dean doesn't need or want anything you have to offer. And if you get in my face again with that bullshit, I'll sic Layla on you."

Alicia flounced off. The two of them laughed then headed outside to the backyard. When Seth's feet hit the grass he stopped for a moment. Dean was there but he wasn't alone. He stood close to a young man with smooth dark skin, his long dreads brushing the arm that Dean had thrown over his shoulder. Seth didn't want to jump to the conclusion that Dean was doing anything untoward, especially since the two men were surrounded by people. But when Dean playfully pretended to punch the guy in the stomach, then appeared to tickle him Seth frowned. Tonight, two people who knew Dean very well had expressed their opinions on who Dean was and where he was in their relationship. And Seth wondered who was right. Roman? Or Alicia?


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