Daffy's weekend on the lake.

A/N: This is just an idea that popped in my head a few seconds ago. Hate it or Love it which ever you want this is defiantly not a very well thought out story, but it is a cross between The Looney Tunes Show and Friday the 13th, so here it is.

On a black Highway in the middle of the night, Daffy Duck's parade float is seen by an unknown figure hiding in the bushes. While inside the float Daffy is talking to his girlfriend Tina about how she are going to have the weekend of her life, as she looks at skepticly.

Tina: So, Daffy how was it you got us these 2 tickets to a romantic cabin out by the lake, again?

Daffy: Simple my love, my neighbor Sam just got the deed to this cabin from an old enemy of his, that wanted to apologies for trying to kill him and since Sam was broke, He decided to make some money selling tickets to the place and I knew our anniversary was coming up, so I used Bugs' check book to buy us a couple.

Before Tina could respond, a man stepped into the road waving his hands yelling, help! , causing the parade float to swerve and drive into a ditch. As they recovered, Daffy and Tina got out to see what was happening.

Daffy: Nooo! My beautiful parade float. Why!? Whyyyy!?

As Daffy mourned his parade float, Tina looked for whoever it was that ran into the road, but found no one and then she looked into the bushes to see what looked like another man walking away, but this man was far too large to be the same man who ran into the road, but before she could think more on this she felt a tug on her arm. She jumped, only to see Daffy who looked like he was about to break down and cry. Daffy spoke up in a whimpering voice and said.

Daffy: Tina the parade floats (sobs) gone, we're stranded out here and I'm not getting a signal and…

He started to panic, till Tina calmed him down and said.

Tina: Daffy relax; the cabin should just be down the road now. We can just wait there for tonight and go for help in the morning.

Daffy: Right, I knew that, I was ah... Just was trying to see if you knew. You know I can't have you slowing me down.

Tina: Yeah right.

She said, sarcastically at his remark.

They started to walk down the street as we cut to the woods to see Elmer Fudd being watched from the distance as he stood by his camp fire, knife in on his belt, shot-gun at his side and rifle and ammo in his tent.

Elmer: It was a gweat idea to buy this ticket from that wittle cowboy, now after I'm done hunting wabbits I can welax at my cabin by the wake.

As a figure from the woods start to walk towards the hunter, we hear the Friday the 13th theme play. Elmer notices the figure and says.

Elmer: Who awe you?

The figure moves into the camp fire to reveal a face covered by a hockey mask, he then pulls out a machete and continues to slowly make his way to the hunter.

Elmer: Stay back I'm wawning you. I'll shoot.

The man doesn't respond and keeps walking. Elmer fires both barrels knocking the man to the ground. Thinking it is safe Elmer walks up to him and pokes him with his gun. Just then, Jason slashes his legs (not enough to cut them off but deep enough to make him fall down). Elmer craws to the log he was sitting on as Jason gets back up. Elmer tries to reload, but remembers all his ammo is in the tent, he tries to crawl to the tent, but Jason kicks him to his back then pins him down under his foot. Elmer begs for his life to no success and then, in a last-ditch effort pulls out his knife and starts stabbing his attacker's leg. The knife doesn't seem to even hurt him, as he lefts up his machete to finish the hunter off. Elmer pleads for his life one last time only to be coldly silenced by a strike in the head.