Daffy's weekend at the lake Ch2

A/N: Ok this is chapter 2. In the first chapter Tina and Daffy were walking to the cabin, after Daffy's parade float crashed, meanwhile Elmer Fudd was the first Looney Tune to meet Jason and it did not end well, to say the least. Now in this chapter we introduce the camp itself and with that in mind I will start this off. Remember to Read and Review please. P.S. If anyone is unhappy with me killing off Elmer so early in the story or in general, I'm sorry.

While Daffy and Tina continued to walk to the cabins they passed an odd sign, that read Camp Crystal Lake, but with the Crystal Lake part was crossed off in red paint and with the word blood painted under it. This caused Tina to start to think of an old ghost story she heard.

Tina: Hey Daffy, does something about the name Crystal Lake sound familiar to you?

Daffy: How the hell should I know? There's probably a million Crystal Lakes in the world!

Tina: Daffy, remember that old ghost story about, this guy named Jason, who's supposed to haunt someplace called Crystal Lake.

Daffy: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I heard that somewhere, just another ghost story.

Tina: I don't know, they don't just paint blood over the name for nothing.

Daffy: Eh, probably some kids trying to mess with us. Don't think about it.

Tina sighed, and they kept walking towards the camp. Meanwhile, back at home, Bugs was getting was enjoying the fact that Daffy was away even more than he was when Lola walked in crying.

Lola: Bun Bun!

Bugs jumped up from the couch where he was enjoying the first bit of peace and quiet he had in months, and ran to see what was wrong.

Bugs: What's wrong Lola?

Lola: I had a really bad dream, and it was so awful and he said I had to go to this weird camp out in the woods and find some guy in a hockey mask and tell him something, then ….

Bugs gave a frustrated look, before rolling his eyes and saying.

Bugs: Alright, calm down calm down and tell me. What was the dream about?

Lola: Owe, Bugs it was awful. This really creepy guy with a funny looking hat, and tacky red and black sweater told me to come with him and I did and he took me into this scary building thingy with pipes and steam and it was hot and sweaty, then he cut me in the arm with his finger nails that were so long they looked like knives, and he said if I didn't take him to some place called crystal lake he was going to do bad things to my parent, my friends, you, then he said he would kill me!

Bugs stopped her there and told her.

Bugs: Calm down I'm here, it was all just a bad dream. None of it was real.

Lola returned to her normal tone and said.

Lola: Owe, I know that, or at least I thought I did, till I found this funny looking cut on my arm. Which is really not appealing and now I'll have to cover it up and you know I'm not much for long sleeves and….

As she kept talking, Bugs just sat there speechless.

Meanwhile, Daffy and Tina, had just made it to the camp, where they absorbed its abounded looking structures and over grown vegetation. Daffy then stated.

Daffy: Whelp, this was a rip off.

As, Tina gave him a certain look that summed up all of her thoughts. They were then both startled by a voice that sounded very familiar.

Porky: High guys. What are you 2 doing here?

Both: Porky?!

Daffy: What are we doing here, why are you here?! You scared her half to death and if I ever got scared, I would've been to.

Porky: Owe sorry, I've had this recurring dream about this guy who keeps telling me to come here and…..

Daffy: Just get to the point!

Tina: Daffy!

Daffy: What?

Porky: Owe, well anyway your neighbor Sam was selling tickets to this place and I figured I needed a vacation, so here I am.