Flipswitch Part I

"Sorry Amy. He's not here." A young kitsune said distractedly as he wandered around his workshop, his blue eyes scanning the room carefully searching for the perfect piece of equipment for his latest innovation.

He expertly swerved around the pink hedgehog as he headed to a shelf in a corner of the room, overflowing with tiny nuts and bolts. Amy turned to watch him as he carelessly knocked things off the shelf in his search.

"Do you think he'll be home soon?" she asked, brushing her soft pink bangs out her face to get a good look at the clock balancing precariously on a pile of oddly shaped inventions.

"I'm not sure; Sonic usually just comes and goes as he pleases. He could be anything from five minutes to five hours. Is it something important?" Tails questioned as he turned to face Amy.

"Important? We have a date and he was supposed to meet me here fifteen minutes ago." She explained, her emerald eyes filling with doubt and a hint of disappointment as she spoke.

"Well, it has only been fifteen minutes. You should probably give him a little while longer before giving up hope. We all know Sonic isn't very good with time." The kitsune replied supportively.

"You're right as always Tails. It's just, I can't help feeling that-"

"I found it!" Tails yelled, as he triumphantly held up a small screw and ran over to his desk. He smiled from ear to ear as he grabbed a hold of the screwdriver and began tinkering with the device on the table.

"Tails?!" Amy said incredulously, widening her eyes in mock irritation.

"Oh, sorry Amy. You can't help but feel what?" Tails said sheepishly. He had a habit of losing himself in his inventions and it often meant he'd forget about things mid-conversation.

"Well, I just can't get over the idea that maybe this is a pity date. What if he just agreed to go because he felt sorry for me. What if it has nothing to do with whether he actually likes me?" Amy wondered, voicing the nagging doubt she'd been arguing with ever since the moment Sonic agreed to the idea.

"I'm sure that's not true Amy. I know Sonic, and he would never do something like that." The kitsune didn't skip a beat as he finished twisting the screw into place and began working on the smaller device next to it. "Sonic's the type of person to let someone down gently, not give them false hope. He wouldn't string you along. "

The pink hedgehog pondered on Tails' words for a while, gazing aimlessly around the cluttered workshop. "I guess you're right. Sonic is too nice to do that. Maybe he really does like me after all." She stated more cheerily. "Hey, since I'm here do you want some help tidying up a little. This place could do with a spring clean." Amy offered, suddenly feeling more uplifted than before.

"Errr..." Tails hesitated, his eyes flashing wildly around the room taking in the clutter. He did a quick recap of the hedgehog's own neat home, and the organising system she'd put into place in the kitchen. "Actually, that would be really helpful Amy. Thanks."

The pink hedgehog smiled widely as she merrily skipped over to the storage cabinets on one side of the room. Her green eyes skimmed over the labels quickly before she began working on the worktop closest to her. Amy gathered up the abandoned nuts and bolts strewn across the surface and sorted them into piles.

She'd cleared the worktable and an overflowing draw when a shelf in the corner of the workshop caught her attention. She wandered over slowly, twirling a spanner around in her fingers as she examined the marvellously peculiar inventions on display.

Each invention was pocket sized and covered in various types of buttons and switches. She scanned the entire shelf before picking up one that looked similar to a laser gun and only had one switch.

"Hey Tails." Amy called, turning to face where the kitsune was busily working away. "What is this thing?" She turned the contraption over in her hands and flipped it sideways, examining the way the golden metal glinted invitingly when it caught the light.

"H-h-hey, careful with that Amy." Tails stuttered, stumbling hastily across the room and snatching the device from her fingers. Amy stared wide-eyed as Tails checked the safety catch on the invention before letting out a sigh of relief.

"Is it something dangerous?" She asked, slightly confused.

"No, no. Well maybe, but only in the wrong hands." He stated as he placed it carefully back on the shelf, brushing off invisible dust as he did so.

"If it's dangerous, maybe you should put it somewhere safer than that shelf." Amy suggested, still not understanding why Tails had panicked the way he had. "What is it that thing anyway?" She asked curiously.

"Well, I call it the 'Flipswitch'. It's basically a personality adjuster." Tails stated. Amy blinked at him in a way that showed him she had no idea what he was talking about.

Tails stopped to think before trying again. "It's more of a personality switcher. If you zap someone with it, their personality transforms into one that's completely opposite to their normal one."

"Like, happy to sad?" Amy asked, her brow furrowed in thought.

"In effect, yes. If you were a happy person who hated dogs, the device would in theory 'flip' your personality and you would become a sad person who loved dogs. Complete personality switch." Tails finished proudly, waving his hands in a proud flourish.

"That's really quite impressive Tails. Your inventions never cease to amaze me." Amy said cheerily.

"Thanks. You know, this one actually came about by accident. I was really trying to invent a speed boost ray so it would be easier for us to keep up with the Blue Blur himself. I guess I must have mixed up the wires or something, but it ended up being the Flipswitch instead."

"How did you find out that it didn't speed you up? Did you try the ray on yourself or something because I don't remember you being horrible, and well, stupid." Amy said bluntly.

"Well actually, I tried it out on Cubot once. Watching Eggman try to figure what was wrong with him was pretty funny." Tails said with a sly grin, remembering how the bewildered Doctor had gone into a screaming frenzy at the 'broken' robot.

Amy giggled quietly as she turned back to clean up the desk behind her. She'd almost finished when she shot a quick glance at the time and frowned.

"Sonic's still not here..." She said in a half whisper, letting out a soft sigh before looking out the window again.

"Hey, I'm really sorry Amy. Maybe he just forgot it was today?" Tails said comfortingly.

"Thanks Tails, but I don't know. It's pretty hard to forget something you're looking forward too." Amy said, thinking back on all the time she'd spent planning for the date the days before. "Anyway, it's not your fault. It's not like we can just change who is."

Tails crystal blue eyes widened in shock. "No Amy. I know what you're thinking, and it's a no."

"No to what?" Amy asked confused.

"No we can't try out the Flipswitch on Sonic. Ideas like that never lead anywhere good." Tails said firmly, hoping the pink hedgehog wouldn't push the idea further.

The pink hedgehogs emerald eyes flashed with realisation and drifted to the shelf before she spoke. "I wasn't actually thinking any of that. I was just being figurative." She explained.

"Oh." Tails said awkwardly. "I thought..."

"It's alright Tails. Hey, speaking of the Flipswitch. What do you think would happen if we used it on Eggman?"

"I don't know. Eggman's dangerous so there's a lot of risks to factor in. I don't even know how long it lasts, or whether there's any side effects. Who knows what would happen if we blasted him with it. Worst case scenario, we could end up with an Eggman more dark and twisty than our own." Tails shuddered at the thought.

"I guess you're right. Until then, I guess we'll just have to take him down the old fashioned way." Amy replied.

"Your right about that." Tails said looking at a list he'd compiled earlier. "Hey, I need to pop out to make a couple of orders. You're welcome to stay if you'd like, just in case Sonic turns up." Tails offered, gathering up his side bag and stashing a few of his unfinished devices inside and the list inside.

"Thanks Tails. I'll just finish up sorting the desk I started and then I'll head off. I doubt Sonic's going to turn up to be honest."

Tails nodded in response. "I'll see ya later then Amy. Bye."

Amy responded with her own goodbye before letting out a deep sigh as she looked over the messy desk. She scooped a pile of bolts into her gloved hand and poured them into the correct draw. 'Looks like you've been blown off yet again Amy. Good going. What is wrong with me?'

Amy spun round and leaned against the desk, blowing a stray quill out of her face. 'Maybe I should just zap myself with the ray, maybe it'll turn me into someone Sonic will actually notice.'

"Or maybe I'm not the problem..." She wondered out loud, the clogs clicking in her head.

'Sonic did agree to the date. If only he didn't have such a short attention span.' She thought. 'The Flipswitch switches things over, so it would improve his memory right? And if he doesn't feel anything for me now, surely he'll love me after? Being a hero isn't a personality trait so I'm sure that won't be affected.' She reasoned to herself.

The more she considered it, the more Amy realised that she wanted this. She wanted the Sonic who would love her, be the hero and maybe even remember a date now and then. Without giving herself any time to consider the half baked idea, she grabbed the golden device from its shelf.

She twirled the machine in between her gloved hands. 'One hit and I get the Sonic I've always dreamed of having. Tails isn't going to miss this for one night, I'll have it right back tomorrow. Besides, it's the perfect opportunity for him to gather data. Sonic's not dangerous like Eggman.'

Before she could convince herself otherwise, Amy dropped the Flipswitch into her purse and headed for the front door.

'All I have to do is find Sonic and everything will be perfect.'

With that, Amy walked out into the breezy mid-morning sun and began her search for Mobius favourite blue hero.

The soft wind blew around the glossy leaves of the tree branch, lifting them up and down lazily as it wandered past. Sonic stretched idly as he sat up and let out a long yawn. Brushing the sleep from his eyes he looked out through the leaves.

'This weather is just perfect. Cool breeze, bird's singing the song of nature, no Eggman, just me and-' A shrill voice cut off his thoughts and instantly his eyes were drawn downwards to the source of the noise.

"SONIC! SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!" Amy shouted as loudly as she could. She was sure the hedgehog would be around here somewhere.

'Yikes, Amy does not sound happy. I wonder what- wait, what time is it?' A quick glance at his watch told the hedgehog that it was now 11 o'clock.

'I missed the date again!?' Sonic thought incredulously. 'Aw man, I'd take a showdown with Eggman any day over facing Amy right now."

He tapped his fingers nervously on the branch as she called out to him again. 'I guess I better go before she gets mad at me for ignoring her too.' The blue speedster jumped down from the branch he was resting on, taking a second to recover from the jump. He the turned and headed towards the direction of Amy's voice.

"SONIC" Amy shouted angrily. The pink hedgehog scanned the area around her for a flash of blue. 'Come on Sonic, I know you're around here somewhere!' She was about to shout for him once again when she felt a familiar breeze rush past her and die down. She spun on her heels and glared at the blue hedgehog who was looking at her guiltily.

"Sonic..." Amy felt her anger melt away as Sonic sent a lopsided grin in her direction. He pouted apologetically as he realised she'd lost some of the fire.

"I'm really sorry I forgot about the date Ames. Could we maybe reschedule?" Sonic asked hopefully as he scratched the back of his head nervously.

Amy let out a soft sigh. "I knew it, Sonic. Why can't you ever just remember to turn up?" Amy asked, the anger starting to boil up inside her again.

"I'm sorry Ames. I just lost track of time." Sonic responded, holding up his hands defensively.

"I know you have a terrible memory. But that doesn't matter, because I have something that will make you remember." Amy stated proudly, her hand hovering over her bag.

"What?" Sonic asked, a look of confusion crossing his features. "What do you mean by that?"

Amy ignored his words as she reached into her bag and pulled out the Flipswitch ray gun, holding it casually in her hands. Sonic looked worried as Amy lifted up the gun, pointing it at his chest. Sonic was vaguely surprised that her hand was a steady, but he couldn't say the same for his own voice.

"W-what, Amy why are you-"A sharp golden ray shot out of the device and covered the blue hedgehog in a shimmering hue. Amy watched in anticipation as the blue hedgehog stepped back from the shock and then corrected his step. Sonic looked around him oddly as the shimmer of the Flipswitch ray dissipated around him. Disorientated and confused, Sonic looked Amy in the eyes, blinked once and then fell to the ground.

Amy's eyes widened in shock and she quickly ran over to him and dropped to the ground next to him. The Flipswitch dropped from her hands and lay forgotten on the side. She gently shook the blue hedgehog and Sonic's eyes fluttered open. He stirred slowly and sat up blinking in uncertainty.

"Sonic, are you okay?" Amy asked frantically. The blue hedgehog turned to look at her, annoyance flashing in his eyes.

"I feel a little dizzy." Sonic said brashly, giving Amy a once over. "Do you mind?" He asked, holding his hand outstretched towards the pink hedgehog. Amy quickly grabbed a hold of him and helped him to his feet, making sure he could stand properly before stepping away.

"Thank you." Sonic said. "It's the least you could do after all, considering I fell because of you."

"I'm really sorry about that." Amy apologised as she went back to retrieve the Flipswitch device, stashing it safely back into her bag. "Hey, do you mind if I ask you something?" She asked hopefully. This was the moment of truth.

"I'd rather you didn't." Sonic said rudely, but Amy brushed it off. He was just annoyed that she'd shot at him.

"Do..." She took a calming breath. "Do you wanna run away from me right now?" Her green eyes glittered in anticipation and Amy was sure that she'd forgotten how to breath in the long seconds it took for Sonic to register the question and reply.

"Run? Why would anyone ever want to run away from you?" He replied calmly.

"YES!" Amy shouted, letting a squeal burst out of her chest. "I knew it would work!" The hedgehog jumped up and down excitedly.

"Hey do you mind? You're gonna burst my eardrums!" Sonic shouted angrily, glaring at the pink hedgehog as he held a hand up to block an ear. "Your little dance party interrupted me from finishing. I wouldn't run away from you because I wouldn't get away fast enough!"

Amy looked at Sonic in disbelief, unsure if she'd heard the hedgehog correctly. Surely, she must have misheard him. Sonic would never say something like that, right?

"Besides, running is too much effort. Now if you don't mind I'd like to leave, you are an incredibly annoying girl." Sonic spat before turning to walk in the opposite direction.

"Huh? Hey, wait up..." Amy ran after the hedgehog and grabbed his arm to stop him. "That can't be true." She said firmly, shaking her head. "The old Sonic thought I was annoying, you're not supposed to." Sonic tried to wrench his arm from the girls grip but Amy held on tight.

"Well then, I guess the old Sonic and I have something in common." He stated bluntly, his green eyes showing no emotion towards the rose hedgehog. Amy released her grip on his arm and took a couple of steps backwards, her eyes never leaving his.

"No, no no no. This isn't right. You're supposed to be swooning over me. You're supposed to be in love with me." Amy said, her emerald eyes filling with tears.

"Oh come on, the waterworks, really? Can you go do that somewhere else?" Sonic said unkindly. "How did I ever put up with you?" He muttered as an afterthought as he turned to walk away from her again.

Amy looked on, confused and hurt, as Sonic walked away from her without even a glance back at her. Her eyes stung and she closed them tightly, forcing the tears to fall down her face and drip onto the floor.

'How could he say all that horrible stuff to me. The ray was supposed to fix our relationship, not make it a hundred times worse.' Amy choked down a sob as she opened her eyes and tried to find Sonic through her blurry vision. Her knees gave way beneath her and she collapsed onto the cold ground.

"I don't understand..." She whispered as she watched Sonic disappear into the distance.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Bu-

"Hey Knuckles, what's up." Tails said to his communicator as he wandered around his workshop. He couldn't be more happy that Amy had helped him tidy up the place. It was so much easier to find what he was looking for this way.

"Hi Tails. We got a situation. It's Eggman, he's storming Station Square. I need you to call the rest of the group and get here quickly. I'll try and keep him occupied until then." A soft click was heard and the communicator shut off.

'And here I was thinking he'd take the day off.' Tails thought as he punched in a couple of numbers into the communicator. A soft ringing echoed out for a few moments before the receiver picked up.


"Sonic. It's Eggman, he's attacking Station Square." Tails said hurriedly, as he began to get the X Tornado ready for flight.

"So?" Sonic said calmly, and Tails looked at his wristwatch with a frown. "Eggman's evil. All her does is attack. Call me when something interesting happens." Sonic replied flatly.

"Sonic, did you even hear me? Eggman's attacking Station Square." Tails repeated with a hint of confusion.

"Yeah I heard you the first time kid, and I told you I'm not interested. What do I care if he's attacking; it's not my job to stop him so why should I care."

"But-" Tails was cut off by the sound of Sonic hanging up and stared as his communicator in shock. 'Did that just happen?'

The kitsune brushed his bangs back as he pondered over the call. "Something's up, it has to be." He thought out loud as he paced around the workshop. "Sonic would never say something like that unless..." A sudden thought hit him and he ran over to a shelf in the corner of the workshop. "Unless someone hit him with the Flipswitch." He said as he looked at the empty spot on the shelf

"Amy." He sighed as he dialled in her number. A couple of rings later the pink hedgehog picked up.

"Hello?" Her voice was high and croaky Tails noted. Something was definitely up.

"Amy, are you crying?" he asked, taking a guess at her change in tone.

"No... I just... I need to tell you something. I did something awful Tails." She sobbed squeakily.

"Amy, I know you took the ray and hit Sonic." Tails stated bluntly, wanting to get to the point quickly.

"You do? Well can you turn him back because he..." The rest of her sentence was shrouded by her blubbing as she broke down on the other end of the line.

"Amy... don't cry." The kitsune soothed, in all honesty he'd never had to deal with a crying girl before and had no idea how to comfort her, especially over the phone.

"But it's all my fault." Amy bawled.

"It doesn't matter. What's important is that I need your help to get the old Sonic back." He stated simply, climbing into the X Tornado.

"You can get him back! What do you need me to do?" She asked quickly, her tone increasing in pitch.

"Eggman's attacking Station Square and I need you bring Sonic there. I've tried calling him but he says he doesn't care."

"But what if he doesn't listen to me? He doesn't want to be anyway near me anyway..."

"Use your hammer or something. Just make sure you get him there and quickly!" Tails stated as the plane engine began to rev. "Once we deal with Eggman, we can work on Sonic."

"I'll try but don't you need the gun to fix him?"

"No, the gun doesn't have a reverse switch. Only one person knows how to reverse the effects of the gun." Tails replied nervously.

"Really? That's great, who is it?" Amy asked optimistically. Tail's heard her breath catch in her throat when he spoke into the receiver again, a reply she was not expecting.