I'm back with another fic! This one won't be very long, but it's something at least! (I just wanted to mess up Izaya again. I have a problem with that.)

WARNING: This fic contains malexmale non-con (non-consensual sex, aka: rape)


He didn't make a sound when they had surrounded him.

He didn't make a sound when two or three grabbed hold of him from behind.

Even as they dragged him, struggling against their grip on his limbs and neck, he remained silent.

He knew what they wanted. They wanted to make him scream. They wanted to make him beg them to stop and let him go.

He wouldn't give them the privilege of hearing that.

Of course he wanted to get away. Of course he was terrified thinking about what they were about to do to him. Would they torture him? Kill him?

He knew he had to get away, and even though he knew they probably enjoyed the way he struggled in their grasp, that was the one thing he couldn't avoid.

However he refused to scream.

The streets were empty anyway. The rain forced all of his lovely humans to hide away and wait for it to stop.

It was the perfect time to ambush someone alone on the streets. No one would see.

Even if he were to scream until his voice died out, no one would hear him. The rain would drown his cries out.

If he wasn't afraid for his life, he would have congratulated these men for a job well done.

He winced as he was forcefully thrown against the back wall of the alley, his head smacking into the wet brick with a dull thud. His vision blanked for a moment as he felt himself being pressed to the wall by two larger men while the other two tied his arms behind his back.

He wondered for a moment why they didn't tie his legs as well, that is, until he was forced to his knees while a cold hand worked its way under the front of his shirt.

The realization hit him hard and sparked a new adrenaline in him as he quickly got his balance and stood up forcefully slamming the man behind him into the wall. The instant those hands were off of him, he bolted, not thinking twice about how he was going to untie himself. That was something he could figure out later. He needed to move.

"Shit!" he heard one of the men yell behind him.

Izaya was nearly at the entrance to the alley when a solid form collided with him from behind, tackling him to the cold, wet ground. Pain shot up his leg as he realized that the impact must have caused him to roll on his ankle. Even if he managed to get out of their grasp again, he wouldn't be able to run fast enough anymore.

He was trapped.

And even though he knew it was completely futile, he continued to struggle against the larger man's grip.

"Just knock him out or something, jeeze!" another man said brazenly.

"Where's the fun in that?" a much cooler and calmer voice responded, "He won't learn his lesson if he's not awake for the punishment."

He must be the leader… Izaya thought, mustering up the harshest glare possible before turning to examine the man's face.

He recognized it, remembering the picture at the top of the file. This man was in with the yakuza. He recalled watching this man's wife sobbing in his office as Izaya told her that yes, her husband had indeed been seeing other women. Five others to be exact.

Yet in this instant, he could not recall the man's name, or other personal information. The others around him were all new faces to Izaya's memory.

"Ooo that's a scary look," the man sang, kneeling down next to Izaya.

He stopped struggling as the man looked him in the eyes. There was an eerie calm in the air for a moment in which he felt the weight on top of him lighten, but the hands remained holding him tightly.

A few others grabbed him and dragged him back against the wall, forming a blockade around him before releasing him from their grip.

Izaya looked around for something, anything he could use to get out of here, but the walls were blank and flat, and the back of the alley was clear of any trash. He thought it to be strange for only an instant until his brain filled in the blanks.

"You've been planning this for a while, haven't you?" Izaya finally spoke, his voice much stronger than he thought it was going to be, "This place was cleared out before we even got here."

"We couldn't have you using anything to escape, now could we?" The man said with a sinister grin, "My wife left me, you know."

"With how much she was crying in my office I can't say I'm surprised," Izaya said calmly, "Oh by the way, you owe me a new handkerchief for that."

"Don't you realize you're in no position to crack jokes, Orihara?" he said shaking his head.

Izaya shrugged as best as he could manage. "It was worth a try, I suppose."

A sharp kick sent Izaya back to the ground, his clothing now completely soaked through. He shivered slightly, but did not make any attempt to pull himself up again. At this point, it would probably only lead to another kick.

The man then grabbed a fistful of wet ebony hair, pulling harshly so Izaya was looking at his face once again.

"I loved my wife," he spat, "It's your fault she left me. I bet you did this on purpose! You wanted to take her from me! With a pretty little face like that, I'm sure you could have any woman you wanted, you little fucker."

"Women like her are not my type," Izaya responded before he could stop himself, "And if you really loved her the way you say you do, you wouldn't have been seeing five others at the same time. But you see, this is why I love humans so much! Humans don't ever stop to appreciate what they have until it's gone! All they want is more and more!"

"Shut your trap now, or I'll shut it for you, kid," the man sneered, "You don't like women like her, huh? A beautiful woman like that should excite the envy of every man! That is unless they're not into women if you know what I mean."

Izaya instinctively tried to back away when the man's face grew close enough for Izaya to smell the faint traces of alcohol on his breath.

"And if that's the case with you, then you're going to love what I came up with for a fitting punishment," he whispered.

A cold hand reached for the hem of Izaya's shirt, gently lifting it out of the way as ice-cold fingertips trailed up from his stomach to his chest. Izaya couldn't stop the shiver that went through his body at the feeling of those frozen fingers against his already cool skin.

"Now then," he began, "let's get started."

There were laughs around him and the sound of clinking as two of them immediately began unbuckling their belts. The remaining two kneeled own and began working at Izaya's belt.

He wanted to scream for help, but whether it was pride or denial of his attacker's pleasure, he remained silent as he attempted to curl into a ball to escape the prying hands. It was his best option for defense. With his injured ankle, it wasn't likely he'd be able to land a solid kick on both of them before the others could attack.

It wasn't until hands forced him down and stretched his legs out that he began to panic. He wasn't going to get out of this.

He'd have to let them have their way with him and pray to a god he doesn't believe in that they don't plan to kill him when they're done.

Rough hands began to peel his wet clothing away, leaving his lower half completely exposed. He was flipped over and forced to balance on his knees while his face was pressed into the cement.

He could feel as each of them began to feel up his legs and ass, one of the men daring to smack it not once, but twice while the others laughed.

Izaya tried to hide his face only for the leader of the men to pull his face back up by his chin until his face was at level with the man's erect cock.

"Suck," he demanded, placing something cold and metallic to Izaya's temple, "and don't bite."

Grimacing , Izaya had no choice but to obey, letting the hardened flesh push past his lips while the others continued to caress the rest of his body.

"I suggest you get that good and wet, Orihara."

Nobody had to tell him twice. Izaya sucked and licked at the cock in his mouth, hoping that the sooner he could get this guy off, the sooner they'd leave him alone.

Izaya had let his mind wander away from the scene just long enough to realize that the cock had been removed from his mouth and was now pressed against his entrance. He knew what was next, and tried to go back into his own little world; however, once he felt that hard member force its way past his unwilling muscles, there was nothing that could distract him from the pain that came with penetration.

Biting his lip, Izaya attempted to relax his muscles to lessen the pain before another of the men kneeled in front of him, pressing his disgusting member to Izaya's lips.

"That's it, kid," the man cooed, "get it deep in there…"

Izaya gagged around the cock in his mouth as he was forced to deep-throat it, the owner of it holding his head still as he thrust himself into Izaya's throat.

The men continued to violate him, switching places from fucking his throat to his ass, but when one of them decided to cum in his mouth, Izaya couldn't take it anymore. The bitter taste in combination with the feeling of cum coating the inside of his mouth was too much. As soon as the man pulled out, Izaya's stomach lurched, and emptied itself with a violent shudder.

Vision blurring, Izaya forced himself to stay conscious. Even if slipping into a state of unawareness sounded rather appealing at the moment, fear and survival instinct got the best of him, adrenaline pumping through him to keep him alert.

"You need to learn your place, kid," the leader of the group said, pulling out after a second round.

"Hey!" a new voice jumped in from the entrance of the alley, causing everyone including Izaya to freeze on the spot.

He knew that voice.



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