I recently got into The Big Four fandom, and since two of my new OTPs were Jackunzel and Merricup, this story was born. But I decided to make it even harder for myself- I'm only going to use CGI characters. I made lots of fanart of them on Deviantart anyway. So a whole lot of Dreamworks and Disney Pixar and other studios with these animated characters. Sorry to disappoint, but it's in the Rise of the Guardians and Tangled crossovers because Jackunzel will be a main couple. Along with Maveler and Mericcup. If you don't like them, well, not everyone can like them. Here it is! Oh and I own nothing. None of the movies used are mine, nor will they ever be.

The dark castle walls of CGI high loomed ahead, and Rapunzel pressed her hands against the school bus's windows, trying to get a glimpse of the pristine campus ahead of time. Trees blocked the route, but Rapunzel still tried to peek through the leafy branches.

"Calm down, would ye?" her friend Merida said in her thick Scottish accent, pulling on Rapunzel's light purple shirt. "We'll get there in due time." Rapunzel smiled sheepishly and sat down by her.

"Sorry, I'm just so excited!" she said, bouncing up and down on the old brown seat.

"Calm down a bit lass," Merida chuckled, grabbing Rapunzel's wrist. Rapunzel shook off Merida's hands but let out a nervous giggle.

"Sorry, I just- I don't know what I was thinking," she said. "But I really can't wait to see my friends again, and Flynn." She said that last name with a dreamy smile, looking out of the window at the dirt path.

"Cut out the mushy stuff about yer boyfriend around me," Merida groaned.

"Sorry," Rapunzel giggled, fiddling with her long blond hair. "I really like him. I think I might lov-"

"Ah-hem," Merida interrupted snottily. "Like I said, don' wanna hear that." Rapunzel smiled a there's-nothing-left-to-do with you smile and turned her attention back to outside of the bus. Rapunzel's breath caught in her throat as they approached the grand castle that had been turned into a high school. It was right there. Right in her path. She was seconds away from the grand double doors-

"Merida," she said in a hushed voice. "Merida, we're here!" She clamped a hand on Merida's thigh and squeezed. Merida laughed lightly at her friend, but decided to put up with her over excitement for one day. Rapunzel deserved it anyway, with all the rock music she had had to put up with during the bus trip.

The bus stopped right in front of the steps leading to the castle doors. Merida picked up her backpack, Rapunzel eagerly mirroring her movements. Students flooded the aisle ways, all trying to get off the bus at the same time. Merida couldn't blame them. The bus smelled horrid. Yet only Rapunzel bounded off of the bus with a bright smile, ready for school. All Merida could do was follow her and pray she didn't forget anything she might need at home.

"Merida, this is it," Rapunzel sighed, twirling. Her skirt flowed out around her knees, making her look like a princess. "We're sophmores now. Almost seventeen. Or sixteen. Aren't you excited?" She jumped up and down, hugging Merida's torso in her grip. Both girls made their way up the stairs, and Merida pushed Rapunzel's hands off.

"Yes, ecstatic," she said sarcastically, moving up the stairs stubbornly. "Who doesn't want to be back at school?" They reached the large doors, already opened by other students.

"I knew you'd come around," Rapunzel beamed, going inside the school with the large stream of teenagers. "Isn't it all so exciting?" Merida smiled briefly at her before looking around. She was trying to find her best friend Hiccup, but he didn't seem to be anywhere by the looks of it- He had told her he'd give her back her favorite CD when school started.

"Rapunzel, Merida!" a voice called out from the loud ruckus of greetings in the hallway. Merida shook away her thoughts of her CD and turned to the owner of the call. Mavis, a longtime friend to both Merida and Rapunzel, was approaching with a huge smile that showed off her pointy canine teeth.

"Mavis!" Rapunzel squealed, rushing to embrace the girl. Mavis tossed some books she was carrying onto the floor, running towards Rapunzel as well. Merida stood off to the side, not a huge one for hugging. Mavis and Rapunzel wrapped their arms around and each other, hugging fiercely like they hadn't seen one another for years.

"Merida?" Mavis said, she and Rapunzel looking up expectantly at the redhead. Like they wanted her to join in. Merida was not going to be seen hugging in the middle of the hallway. She'd never hear the end of it if any of her guy friends saw her doing such an act. Plus, she did really have to find Hiccup.

"I just realized- Hiccup might be lookin' fer me-" Merida stammered. "Gotta go!" She bolted away from both girls, losing herself in the crowd of students. Rapunzel gave her a perplexed look, but Mavis didn't even seem fazed.

"Typical Merida," she chuckled, picking her books back up. "How was your summer, Rapunzel?" Mavis and Rapunzel started walking by one another, weaving in and out of the cluster of students. Rapunzel mulled over that question. How was her summer? She knew it wouldn't measure up to Mavis's, for sure.

"It was great, I did a lot of painting, some lessons, reading, brushing my hair-" Rapunzel said, listing her uneventful summer. Truthfully, her mother never let her go out of the house during summer. She claimed there were too many thugs out there who might want to get a hold of Rapunzel.

"Well, with that hair, I'd say most of your summer was spent on brushing it," Mavis joked, touching Rapunzel's elaborate braid. It ended right at her ankles, and had plenty of prettily woven flowers braided in.

"I did brush my hair a lot," Rapunzel said with a small laugh. "What did you do?"

"Helped my dad out a lot in the hotel he owns," Mavis said with a shrug. "Spending a lot of time in the pool. Typical stuff you do in a hotel."

"Oh, that's fun," Rapunzel said politely, though she had an pang in her stomach. She had never even been to a hotel, so she had no idea what to say in response to Mavis's summer.

"Merida and Violet came over a few times during the summer," Mavis said, referring to Merida and another one of her friends Violet Parr. "We called your house, but your mom said you were sick."

"Oh, yeah, I was," Rapunzel lied. "Too bad I couldn't go." She wondered why her mother had never told her that her friends had called for her. She looked down somewhat guiltily, but Mavis didn't care.

"Well, we have plenty of time to hang now that it's school time!" she said cheerfully, hugging her books to her chest as she looked at Rapunzel. "We should form that band we've always wanted to start- you mentioned to me you started to play guitar?"

"Yeah, I did," Rapunzel said, her face lighting up. She hadn't had anything better to do with her spare time, so she started learning guitar. She was pretty proud of it.

"Great!" Mavis said, smiling widely again. "I've been singing a bit with my dad's band at the hotel, you know-" Both girls were passing the classrooms, and students clumped tighter around there. Mavis and Rapunzel squeezed their way to the bank of lockers lining the hallway walls, and claimed their assigned metal cabinets.

"Both of us in a band sounds really cool, but- won't we need more members?" Rapunzel said, twirling her locker combination. Mavis copied Rapunzel, becoming pensive of the blond girl's proposition.

"True-" she said. "Maybe we could find out if anybody we know plays an instrument or sings." Rapunzel brightened at Mavis's words, letting a lovely smile illuminate.

"Sounds like a plan!" she said happily. "Operation band is a go." Rapunzel shut her locker door, holding her math book in her hands. Mavis took out her own books, taking them in her arms.

"Gotta go to History," Mavis sighed. "See you for second period?"


Hiccup Haddock stood in the hallway, letting people swarm around him and bump into him. Let them. He was busy looking for Merida anyway. He stood on his tiptoes, trying to spot his best friend's head of crazy red curls, but to no avail. She had said that she wanted back her Asking Alexandria CD (which he turned out hating) on the first day of school. Still, there was a quarter to the first period bell and he didn't want to be late. He debated whether of not to find Merida at lunch and leave to his first class without her, or to just try and find her now. She would get annoyed at him if he left without her.

"Hiccup, look out!" someone yelled, and Hiccup turned to face an incoming skateboarder. He was too late though. They both collided in a jumble of backpacks, books, papers and limbs. Hiccup was crushed under the weight of the guy, and did his best to hoist himself up. Still, he had his legs stuck under the boy's torso.

"Tried to warn ya Hiccup," the boy shrugged, standing up and ruffling his hand through his pale, seemingly snow white hair. Hiccup got a better look at the boy, and sighed in exasperation. It was none other than his friend Jack Frost, the fun prankster of the school.

"Well, think before you skateboard in a crowded hallway," Hiccup groaned, standing up and dusting off his jeans. Jack picked up his old wooden skateboard that he took with him everywhere and inspected for damage. Finding none, he flipped it and stood it next to him. Hiccup frowned at how coolly Jack could just get out of an accident. Meanwhile, he got down on his hands and knees to collect his fallen things.

"Sorry," Jack offered. "I should stop boarding in the hallways. You heading to class?" He slung the skateboard over his shoulder and turned to Hiccup. Hiccup balanced his books and papers.

"No. I'm waiting for Merida," he said, deciding to wait for his best friend after all. "Have you seen her?"

"Well, I saw her with her friend Violet," Jack said with a smirk. "Over by the Chemistry lab."

"Great!" Hiccup said. "I need to return her CD before class starts." He showed Jack the Asking Alexandria case.

"Why did Merida give you an Asking Alexandria...?" Jack questioned. Rock music was Merida's thing, definitely not Hiccup's.

"I know, they suck. She insisted I needed better taste in music," Hiccup sighed. "You listen to one song by One Direction, and she's convinced I'm brainwashed by pop society."

"Dude, why were you hearing One Direction?" Jack snickered.

"...shut up. Let's go with Merida," Hiccup said, turning to walk down the hallway. Jack followed him, one arm holding his skateboard and the other in his hoodie pocket.

"Is it just me, or did you get even scrawnier over the summer?" Jack asked, taking his hand out of his pocket to poke Hiccup playfully in the shoulder. "What'd you do anyway?"

"I actually grew over the summer," Hiccup said defensively. "My dad wanted me on the weights over the break."

"Oh, yeah, you said your dad wanted you to be more of a man," Jack said. "How's that working for you?"

"Umm.." Hiccup trailed off, not wanting to answer. Jack waited for a answer with a smirk on his lips. "I'm still working on it." Jack laughed knowingly, facing Hiccup and walking backwards.

"You know, you could just tell your dad you want to be an inventor or math whiz or something," Jack said. "Not the FBI agent he wants you to be."

"Hi Jack," a a few girls called out as they passed him. Jack smiled charmingly back. The girls giggled among themselves, nudging one another as they stared at Jack. Jack laughed lightly, and turned the other way around (the right way) and walked normally by Hiccup.

"So, I didn't see you over the summer," he said. "Too busy for me or your friends?"

"No, I saw Merida over the summer a few times," Hiccup said. "I just never saw you."

"That's probably because I wasn't here over the summer, I was visiting some out-of-state friends," Jack said. "You never returned my texts though." He gave Hiccup a curious look.

"Too busy, I guess," Hiccup said with a light shrug. "I was mainly on my own all summer, unless Merida barged into my house and ate all my food."

"Was she that bad?" Jack laughed.

"Ate most of my apples, and a pie I had bought," Hiccup retorted. The boys found the Chemistry lab, but Merida wasn't there anymore.

"Where could she be?" Jack asked. "I saw her there a few minutes ago, and-"

"Hiccup!" Merida demanded from behind the two boys. Hiccup jumped but Jack only laughed.

"Merida..!" Hiccup said in surprise. "What was that for?"

"Do ye have my CD?" Merida asked, grabbing Hiccup's backpack to look inside.

"Yeah, yeah, here," Hiccup said, snatching his backpack from Merida's hands and taking the CD out from the first pocket.

"What'dja think?" Merida asked, smiling widely. Hiccup swallowed hard. He knew Merida would lash at him if he said he hated them, but if he said he liked them Merida would see right through it.

"Umm, they're pretty good, you know, for a pop band-" Hiccup said faintly.

"They're classified as rock or metalcore," Merida corrected him. "But really? You liked 'em?"

"I- I guess-" Hiccup stammered. "Sort of..?" Merida put her hands on her hips and glared. "Okay, you got me. They suck."

"Don't ya dare say that about AA!" Merida gasped, thumping Hiccup on the head. "They're better than the One Direction crap you hear!"

"That was one song!" Hiccup protested. Jack watched their whole scene with a smile on his lips. "And what do you find so amusing, Jack?" he asked.

"You guys are just freakin' hilarious," Jack laughed, laying his skateboard on the floor and setting on foot on it. "You've got a lot of fire in you today, eh, Red?" Merida flushed slightly at Jack's words. Hiccup couldn't help but notice Jack could make all the girls melt, even when he wasn't trying.

"Aww, shutup," Merida said quickly. "I've got Chemistry right now. Are ya comin', Hiccup?" Hiccup turned to Jack.

"What class do you have?" he asked.

"Math. With Mr. Bunnymound," Jack said with a dreaded look on his face. "I think the guy has it out for me."

"Maybe that's because you constantly bait him in class," Hiccup said. Merida snickered. Jack shrugged.

"That could be it. See you later!" he hopped on his skateboard, propelling himself off with a foot. Merida had her eyes glued to Jack's disappearing figure, with a slight starstruck expression most girls had when they met Jack Frost. For Merida, it was odd.

"Earth to Merida, class starts in a few minutes," Hiccup said. Merida snapped out of her trance.

"Yeah, yeah. It is, ain't it?" she said, blushing slightly. When she realized Hiccup was staring at her with an odd expression, she turned a dark red of embarrassment. "Let's go, Hiccup- you're gonna make us late."


"The Civil War went on for-" the voice of the history teacher Mr. North droned on. Once-ler wanted nothing more then to go home, and class had barely started. He laid his head down on the desk, staring at the notebook he was supposed to be taking notes in. Mr. Norths' Russian accent and choppy English speech usually kept him awake, but today's lesson was dragging out unbearably long. A tap on his shoulder shot him upright again.

"Hey," Mavis, the girl he liked, said with a sheepish smile. "Can I borrow a pencil? I think I forgot mine." Once-ler swallowed hard. This girl he had been crushing on for years was sitting behind him, and she was smiling at him. Suddenly he liked history a lot better.

"Sure," he stammered, and fumbled in handing over his pencil. "Is this one alright, Mavis? I mean, I have another one you could use if you don't like it-"

"It's fine," Mavis laughed lightly, taking the pencil. "Thanks, Oncie." She smiled again, showing her sharp canine teeth. Once-ler realized she'd just given him a nickname, and blushed.

"Once-ler, are you taking notes?" the voice of Mr. North startled Once-ler out of his thoughts.

"Of course, Mr. North!" Once-ler lied. He searched around for his pencil, before he remembered he'd given it to Mavis.

"You don't even have pencil out," Mr. North said disapprovingly. "Once-ler, you are to come to school prepared. I don't want you to-"

"I have it right here," Once-ler interrupted him, holding up a stubby pencil he'd fished out from the depths of his backpack. "I'll start taking notes." From behind him, he heard Mavis give a small laugh. It made his embarrassment less worse for some reason, and he smiled as he hunched over his paper.

"Well then, I carry on lesson!" Mr. North said with a smile as he turned back to the class. "You must know of Lincoln. He was truly the greatest president-"

"Hey," Mavis whispered from behind him. Once-ler turned to face her with a red face.

"Uh, what?" he managed to say without messing up. Yeah. Real smooth of him. He mentally smacked himself.

"Do you play any instrument or sing?" Mavis asked curiously. Once-ler was glad for once that he actually did play and sing.

"Yeah, both. I'm good at guitar," Once-ler said with a confident smile. He laid his arm on Mavis's desk and leaned, trying to look suave. It worked until his elbow slipped and he fell onto the floor.

"Once-ler!" Mr. North boomed. "Why you on floor?" Once-ler groaned and picked himself up.

"I was just- ah- looking for something," he lied. Mavis tittered from her desk.

"Well, find quickly and take notes!" Mr. North said, turning back to his lecture.

"So, umm, why did you want to know?" Once-ler asked, sitting back down at his seat.

"Me and Rapunzel wanted to form a band, and we need more members!" Mavis said excitedly. "How about it?"

"Me?" Once-ler swallowed hard.

"Yeah!" Mavis beamed.

"I- I guess," he stammered.

"Awesome!" Mavis said, a bit louder than intended.

"Yes Mavis, Lincoln was awesome," Mr. North said, taking her enthusiasm as excitement for history. Mavis blushed as people turned to look at her like she was crazy.

"You should text me," Mavis said, turning back to Once-ler. "Here, give me your phone so I can put my number in it. I'll tell Rapunzel about you wanting to join too. Then maybe you could come over sometime so we could practice?"

"Totally," Once-ler said, still a shade of red as he handed over his phone. "That- that sounds awesome." Mavis put her number into Once-ler's contacts and studied his phone charm.

"This is a cute phone," she said with a smile. "Orange is a good color."

"Well, if you like it you can have it!" Once-ler blurted before he realized what he just said. Mavis laughed, showing her pointy teeth yet again. "I- I mean.." he stammered.

"No, thanks, I like mine," Mavis said jokingly. Once-ler felt like running and hiding. Or at least to change schools.

I love Flynn with Rapunzel. But I'm going to make him a huge jerk in this story. I'm sorry. :( I love you Flynnie! But next chapter will be up sometime soon, hopefully, so thanks for reading and check me out on deviantart if you can! My username is florairmatylee on there too. Till next time!