When Scout got up the next morning he noted that Engineer had already left to the shed. He thought about going to visit him the first thing in the morning, but he chickened out. Instead he put on some clothes, and got his ball, and started playing. He put on his blades, and he played alone, by hitting the ball, and then going to fetch it. If he would have several balls, he could hit them all in a row, and then go fetch them at the end, but with only one ball it was a little frustrating.

Scout kept playing about for a while, but soon got interfered by Sniper.

"Hey kid, what you up to?" Sniper came by, and Scout waved his hand at him. "Just playing some ball. You wanna join?" He asked, and Sniper huffed. "I'm rubbish at batting."

"Bullshit, take the bat, I'll catch!" Scout laughed, and threw the bat at Sniper, who leered at him.

"Fine, but no laughing if I miss 3 and get out." Scout grinned, and nodded. At least the Sniper was a game.

And as Sniper has said, he was rubbish at baseball. He barely hit a single ball, and when he hit they didn't fly straight, but the man got some strength behind the bat at least. Whenever Sniper managed to hit the ball, Scout had to run as fast as he could to catch the ball, even if he nearly had to follow the ball that kept rolling on the ground.

"You are kind of like a dog you know. I throw a ball, you fetch." Sniper joked, and Scout laughed. "Yeah. Still fun though." Scout grinned, and he rested against his knees to breath some air.

"Man, this stuff would be so awesome with some bonk! I could fetch those things in like, a second." Scout puffed, and then the idea hit him. He should actually try ask Engineer if he had some.

"I'm going to ask if I could get some bonk!" Scout straightened himself, and he was already about to go, but he remembered to tell Sniper off "I'll be back later, no need to wait me or anything!" Sniper only laughed and waved him off "Have fun!" He yelled, and from the corner of his eye Scout could see the man returning to his tower. Scout run with his blades to the shed, so it was a breeze. He could hear the sound of welding, but he didn't think that it would be much of a trouble if he got in now, he could always close his eyes until Engineer stopped to see the imprint of his work.

Scout pushed the door open with his eyes closed, and he carefully made his way forwards. He knew how much there was junk on the floor, so he took small steps.

Scout knew that Engineer couldn't hear him over the welding, so he waited patiently until the man stopped, and when he did his mouth was quicker to say his thoughts than his eyes were to tell what he saw.

"Hey, Engineer, I was thinking if Maybe I could..." Scout mumbled, but was comforted with a sight he had no way to prepare to. Engineer was welding something, and as difficult as it was to understand, Scout was sure that the something was attached to his hand.

"What the hell?" Scout backed away. Engineer had a prosthesis. In his right arm.

"Scout?" Engineer turned around, and Scout could see the prosthesis fully. It had a similar round part where the prosthesis was attached to his arm, below his elbow. Under that was another round metallic object with buttons, attached to the upper round part by two tubes. On the back of the palm there was round objects, and metallic bars to replace fingers. It was just as crude as Scout's leg was, but the most shocking thing was that the man had it in the first place. It was attached to his frickin' arm! He had a perfectly fine hand, why would he do something like this?

"What have you done." Scout said I shocks, backing away some more when Engineer tried to come closer and comfort him.

"Scout, don't you get it, I'm just like you now. Engineer 2.0" Engineer said, but Scout was disgusted. The man's arm moved like a realm hand when he moved, finger flexing in to fest in a tightening motion, and Scout shook his head.

"No, I don't get it. How could you do this!" He yelled, and Tried to come closer, but Scout shook his head and held his hands in a barricade. "You cut your fucking arm off!" Scout felt the sting of tears in his eyes, but he refused to let them fall. How could Engineer be this Stupid.

"Scout, calm down, I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I though..." Engineer was trying to explain, but Scout didn't want to hear it.

"NO! What do you want of me! Has all of this been some stupid experiment for you!" Scout yelled, and tried to mimic Engineer, but even he knew that he was doing a poor job at it with tears flowing down his cheeks: "Let's make Scout some prosthesis, if they work, I can use them for myself! Brilliant idea! Let's pull Scout by the fucking strings and see how he falls head over heels to over me! Must be a shock for him to realize that his just one fucking experiment!" Scout yelled, and Hit Engineer's hands off him when he tried to reach over.

"Fuck you, just, fuck you!" He yelled, and turned around to run away. Engineer took a hold of Scout with the metallic arm, and Scout cringed. The metal was cold, inhuman.

"Let go of me!" Scout yelled, and he fought his arm off Engineer's grasp, and he was out of the shed before Engineer could do anything. "Just let me be." Scout cried, and he run. Engineer had no chance of catching him. Scout was the fastest person alive with the blades, and an average runner like Engineer had no chance on catching him. He tried, but he had no chance. The boy was out of his sight before he could spell his own name.

Engineer slumped against the doors of the shed. He buried his head in his knees and dug his hands under his helmet to cover his head.

Scout had not reacted how he had expected. Scout was not supposed to even know yet. He would break it to him slowly, tell him why he had done it, but now he felt like an idiot. He felt like shit when Scout had put it that way, even if it was not what he had meant. He did not want the other to see him doing this as a bad thing. He just wanted to be more like Scout, to show him that he cared. And what an awesome job had he done at that. Now the kid was lost. And it would start raining soon.

Engineer felt like crying himself, but it would be no use. He would have to find Scout, and explain himself.

Engineer looked at his hand, and he tightened it in to a fist. He was such an asshole.

Engineer got up, and he stated to search. He had no clue where the other could have went to.

Scout ran as far as he could go before he lost his breath completely and he collapsed. He had gotten in to an old barn. He crawled inside, knowing that the rain was about to fall.

The barn was full of hay, and it itched and Scratched Scout's arms and tights. He sat in the furthest corner and cried on his arms. Engineer was such a jerk. So stupid, stupid man. How could he have done something like that. Did he not care about himself at all? He had been so deep in love that he had not even noticed what a tool he himself had been.

Scout sniffled and swallowed in his self pity for so long, that he didn't even hear his name being called for several times.

"Scout!" When Scout actually did hear his name, Engineer had already found him, and was by his side in a moment. Scout only stared at him with a leer, not wanting the man to touch him.

"Damn, Scout! Even if I did this to myself and literally tested it on you, I only wanted for you to feel normal!" Engineer said, and slumped down against the wall opposite Scout, a good few meters from Scout.

Scout didn't want to look at Engineer.

Engineer sighed as he grasped some hay with his mechanical arm. "I just wanted for you to feel normal. I thought, that if I had a mechanical arm you would feel more normal. Like we were the same." Engineer tried to get the Scout to look at him, but Scout was persistent to avoid his gaze.

"I just hoped that it would at least make you feel more secure, or at least understood with me. Goddamnit Scout, In my head all this just made sense. I can't explain that." Engineer growled, and Scout paid a small glance at him, and he saw that the man was genuinely sad, filled with sorrow and regret.

"Only thing that I can explain, is that I have grown fond of you. I can say that I have learned to enjoy, no, love your presence. I love your personality, I like everything about you. And I have no idea how to express myself." Engineer mumbled, and Scout stared wide eyed at the man like a deer in the head lights.

"I care for you, Scout. Man, I frikkin love you alright, but if that's not what you want, then beat it." Engineer said, and Scout could hear the man's sorrow in his voice as Engineer stood up, and slogged out of the barn, with his head down, eyes on the ground. Scout felt sorry for him, and he really started to feel like a jerk for yelling at him. But he had been truly upset, mad even.

Scout notices that his cheeks were blushing. He had not expected the Engineer to tell him about his feelings, but now that he had, Scout felt like he was raised up to the clouds.

Scout remembers all the good times with Engineer. The time when he made him the wheelchair. When he made him delicious food. When he made him his prosthesis. He remembers how Engineer taught him to walk and run, and he remembers how Engineer taught him how to walk the steps to the trailer. He remembers when Engineer used to play ball with him and go for walks. And he remembers their visit to the town. He feels like the past weeks have been one big dream. One pleasant, happy dream.

Scout remembers how he had admired Engineer, and he now realizes that he had always admired him, and how he always will.

So Scout thinks this over. He doesn't care if his gay or what, but he thinks that this deserves a chance. All he knows, is that he should try. If this works, then it works. There's no use trying to deny this any longer.

So Scout decides that he would forget today. He would go back to Engineer, and he would apologize and set things straight.

Scout decides, that now is his turn to explain.

It had started to rain before Scout had reached the trailer, and he was completely drenched. Scout assumed that Engineer was inside where it was warm, since he could see light from the Trailer windows. He didn't even hesitate at the door, because it was really cold and wet outside.

Engineer was sitting around the table, looking at the table when Scout got him, and he was dripping water all over the place.

"I'm sorry." Scout said immediately as Engineer looked up, and Engineer put down his hardhat.

"You are dripping wet." Engineer stated, and swiped some water off his face.

"Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. Me should talk this out." Scout mumbled, and tried to come sit around the table, but Engineer ushered him to the end of the trailer to change.

Scout pulled off the wet clothes and threw them in to the toilet to dry. Scout went to join the Engineer around the table, already feeling a little better with warm clothes.

"I... I want to say that I have been... Thinking." Scout mumbled, as he tried to form understandable sentences from the words that were in his head.

Engineer looked up at Scout, not sure about what to say, so Scout took over the talking.

"I just mean, that I got quite mad after seeing you do something like that so sudden. I wasn't expecting you to do anything like that." Scout mumbled, and tried to look at Engineer's arm, and take in the fact that the arm was now permanent. There was nothing he could do to change that.

"I was just... shocked I guess." Scout mumbled, and reached for the mechanical arm across the table, and took it in his hand. The metallic arm was cold, and hard to touch. It had edges that weren't sharp per se, but they were so unlike a human hand. Different.

"But You said that you did it with all the good things in mind, and I try to see that." Scout mumbled, and entwined their finger, Engineer's metallic finger felt too big between his fingers, and the edges were pressing against his flesh, but Scout didn't mind. Scout pulled the arm up against his cheek, getting shivers by how cold the metal was, and how hot his cheeks were.

"I just want to say that I care for you too." He mumbled, and leaned over the arm, and he reached his hand that wasn't entwined with the metallic fingers to cradle Engineers arm where the metal attached to the flesh.

"I mean that I love you too." Scout whispered, and Engineer looked him in the eyes. This time Scout did not turn his gaze away, but made sure to keep his eyes locked.

Engineer reached up to Scout, and pulled him closer to him over the table. "C'mere." He whispered to Scout's ear as he hugged him over the table, and Scout could feel Engineer's stubble scratch his chin.

He loved that.

Engineer got up to stand, and Scout followed him. The man gave him a proper hug without the table being between them, and Scout breathed in his scent with a shake breath. He was so glad that this could be dealt with with such simple things as apologizing.

"I have things to say too." Engineer mumbled, and and took Scout's arms in to his, the other hand was calloused, warm, a little hard, but still soft around his hand. The other hand was cold, metallic, and Engineer held his hand so gently that Scout thought that he might be worried about the actual strength the hand possessed.

"I have not been completely honest. When I said that I took you in with only pure need to get you out there, and to help you and to fix you, well I didn't lie, but it isn't the complete truth either." Engineer sighed, and looked on the ground, and Scout had to steer the man's sight back up to look at him.

"Then tell me." Scout said, sounding surprisingly stout, so Engineer did.

"Well, I have been planning this... improvement, for a longer while." Engineer mumbled, and Scout smiled at his choice of words. He had yet to see if it was an improvement or not.

"Everyone knew. That's why they let me have you in the first place. A kid who lost his legs, who better to test on." Engineer's voice was low, and Scout felt a little sad himself. He had been literally an experiment, but he let Engineer continue. After all, he had not intruded his speech earlier.

"Well, It was supposed to be like that at first, but I couldn't help seeing a person in you, and I found out that I actually wanted to know that person. I learned to like you, and I don't regret that a singe moment." Engineer fondled Scout's lower back nervously, and Scout gave his other arm a firm squeeze to tell that it was okay.

"It's okay." Scout said out loud, and he smiled at Engineer, even if it felt a little forced.

"It's all bygones. Let's just act like none of it matters, and let's start anew." Scout felt like he was the main character of a sappy love novel, but he didn't care. At least it was his love novel.

"I meant it when I said that I loved you." Scout implied, and Engineer smiled back at him. "Yeah, me too." Engineer looked Scout in the eyes, and Scout smiled. "Then I see no problem." He said, and crouched down a little to kiss Engineer. It was still so weird to see himself as the one taller than Engineer.

The kiss was a mere touch at first, like trying the waters. It was long, soft, wet and tasted kind of salty, but Scout didn't mind. To him the kiss was perfect because he was finally able to kiss him, and what made it better was that Engineer was kissing him back. It was not perfect, it had too much tickling stubble and uncertain fumbling.

But it was an emotional kiss, not much of tongue included, and it probably carried more words than Scout could ever manage to say.

Scout liked it when he felt Engineer's metallic hand against his hip, giving him a squeeze. For some reason, metallic hand and prosthetic legs included, the moment was perfect.

So when Scout pulled up, he felt out of breath, and completely giddy. Engineer took him to the back of the trailer, so they could lay on his bed. The bed was not too wide, but it didn't matter. Engineer leaned against the wall, and Scout settled between his legs, leaning against his chest.

They both felt relaxed after that, and Scout took to playing with Engineer's metallic finger, getting used to the new improvement as Engineer had put it.

The TV had been put on, but neither acknowledged it as it had been turned low just to be background sound for their conversation. Something to look at, but to not pay any mind in to.

And when they both felt relaxed like that, they talked. They talked about everything. Or mostly it was about Scout asking question and Engineer answering them the best of his ability. Did it hurt? Why he wanted it in the very first place? When he had the idea to do it? All kind of things, but he barely remembered the answers to the fleeting questions.

"Well I guess this is kind of cool." Scout mumbled, and Engineer commented something along the lines of "Beats the wrench." but Scout barely noticed.

Scout felt really content at the moment. Suddenly nothing mattered, just the fact that he could spent time with Engineer.

Scout laughed out loud suddenly, and Engineer looked at him with marvel.

"Nah, It's just.." Scout mumbled, laughing a little between sentences before he got a good breath in and he continued nearly normally after that: "When we were at the city, Marine told me that you had the tendency of doing stupid things to gain people's attention. Well, I had no idea that you would go as far as to chop your arm off just for me." Scout laughed again, and even Engineer laughed a little, and he poked Scout between his third and fourth rib.

"Hey, don't you listen to her!" Engineer poked him again, and Scout fought his arm off.

"Hah, it's cool. At least I know that you have the hots for me." Scout grinned so goofy, that Engineer couldn't resist the tease and kissed the stupid grin off his face. Scout didn't mind at all, but kissed him back eagerly.

They kissed for several more times, before they started to get drowsy, and they fell asleep, being lulled by the faint pitter patter of rain outside. They were both tangled with each other, with Engineer's metallic arm jarring against Scout's back, and Scout's legs weighting on Engineer's. Neither of them cared, because they both had gotten the best sleep they had in a while.

In the morning Scout was the first one to wake up, and he noticed that he was being used as a giant teddy by the Engineer. This seemed familiar. He grinned. He wouldn't have minded that much, but the man had his leg over Scout's waist, and he was obviously dreaming about something, because his leg kept moving in his sleep. Kind of like a dog kept kicking or running on his sleep. It would have been too adorable, if the Engineer wasn't rubbing his dick through his pants.

Scout would have tried to push his leg away, but he was currently restrained by Engineer's arms that were holding him on place.

"Ungh, hey Engineer, would you mind?" Scout mumbled, and he tried to turn around, But Engineer only buried his face deeper in to Scout's neck, and grunted, making Scout's dick think that the grunt was meant for him especially.

"Engineer, you are not being too fair." Scout whined as the man smiled, and laughed.

"You bastard, you are awake and still doing this to me!" Scout whined, but yelped as Engineer rolled them around, sitting against Scout's metallic legs, rendering Scout's feet useless.

"Well, I doubt that you mind." Engineer said, as he thrust down against' Scout's thigh and Scout was sure that the chills he got were caused by the exact reason. The good kind of chills.

Scout would have wanted to open his legs, but he couldn't. "You are such a tease." he whined, and tried to get up, but Engineer had hinds hands pinned above his head.

"Engineer." Scout whined, trying to pout, but his effort was in vain when Engineer bend down to kiss him. "Scout." Engineer made sure to suck on his lover lip, to literally kiss the pout off his face. When Scout smiled and his lip slipped off from Engineer's hold, they kissed again. Their teeth hit each other in the haste, but Scout didn't mind. He slipped his tongue out to lick Engineer's lower lip, and the man hummed as he took Scout's tongue in, and made sure to give it the proper treatment that Made Scout moan and lose his battle. Engineer took the change to push his tongue in, and Scout, being unable to move his hands, thrust up with his hips to rub against Engineer over him, making the other thrust back, pushing Scout against the bed with his weight.

Scout fought his arms free, or Engineer let them go, whichever, but now Scout finally managed to dig his hands on Engineer's head to pull him closer in the kiss, after sliding his hands against his throat and to his chest to push him off to breath.

"You are far too good at this." Scout panted, and and Engineer rolled his hips against Scout, making Scout dig his hands against Engineer's side and back, pulling him closer. "My point." Scout hissed, as he pushed himself up to nibble Engineer's throat with his teeth.

"Scout." Engineer muffled, as he had his fingers under Scout's shirt hem, and he kept dragging it up, until Scout had to let go of Engineer's throat for long enough to pull the shirt off.

"I have been wanting do to this for a while." Engineer mumbled, and smiled as he slid his hands up along Scout's body from his hips, over his stomach, over his chest, and over his shoulders before he pulled them down on Scout's sides.

"I have been waiting for this." Scout sighed, and put his hands on Engineer's shoulder, and pushed the suspenders down from Engineer's shoulders, winking at him as he pushed down the overalls.

Engineer shivered, and Scout would bet that he had heard a growl being emitted by Engineer. "You make me do the craziest of things" Engineer got his hands free from the overalls, and let Scout push the cloth down. "I know." Scout grinned, and looked at Engineer through his lashes, and Engineer couldn't resist him. He took off his overalls, and threw them off the bed.

"You look good with collar up." Scout teased as he straightened the Engineer's collar, before he slowly started to pop the buttons open, feeling the Engineer slide his hands down Scout's waist, Making Scout thrust up. He didn't want to hurry, he wanted to tease the other just like he teased him with his pure presence.

"Well, you look good without your clothes on." Engineer countered, and sneaked his fingers under the waistband of Scout's jeans. Engineer slid his hand under the waistband to the front, and opened the button of the jeans. Engineer looked Scout in the eyes with a eager smile, before he looked back down to slide the zipper down, slowly, and Scout could feel the man's warm fingers against his manhood, even if the boxers were hindering the friction.

"Tease." Scout breathed, as he pushed himself down on the mattress, and tried to arch his crotch up, but Engineer pulled his fingers back up to push down the pants. He got them easily off with Scout still raising his hips, and made sure to throw them off the bed.

"You calling me a tease? Ever looked in the mirror?" Engineer chuckled, and sat up on his knees to pull off his shirt. Scout saw the broad chest of the other, and he saw that the man had chest hair, and seeing it turned him on immensely. The trail went down from the man's chest, over his belly, and disappeared under the boxers. Scout had to use all his willpower to will his eyes look back up, where he fixed his sight on the man's chest. Scout felt like touching every single muscle on Engineer's chest and stomach, caress the pectorals with his hands, and bite the brown nipples, and giving them a lick. And before he noticed, he was doing exactly that.

Not to say that the grasso speciale lubricant they got from Josh got some improvised use.

"That was amazing." Scout mumbled as he finally felt secure enough to talk, and Engineer smiled as he held Scouts chin in place with his arm to place a tender kiss on his lips.


"Yeah." Scout agreed, and he rested on the mattress, letting Engineer play with his short hair.

"I Love you." Engineer was the first to say that, and Scout looked at the other's brown eyes, and he saw only honesty in there. He smiled, and gave Engineer's cheek a rub as he looked at him in the eyes. "I love you too." He said, and reached over to give him a deep kiss, but that was when they both heard loud, running steps from outside, and before either of them could do anything, the trailer door was pulled open, and someone walked in loudly, and yelled: "Scout, you maggot, get your shit together, you are late from your training you disgrace to America!" Soldier hollered, and Scout jolted up to stand in a fraction of a second, hitting his head on the top punk as he got up.

"Soldier!" He yelled in panic as he tried to gather up his clothes. "Oh god, don't come here! I'll be done in a second!" Scout yelled, and Engineer laughed as the other tried to pull on his red shirt.

"Welcome in to the team Scout. Welcome in to the team."


IT was weeks later, and Scout was finally accepted as the full on member of team RED. He got to wear the shirt, and got to wear the red badge of a shoe with wings again. He thought that he had deserved it, and he knew that he had deserved the victory of his first battle on the field.'

"They had no idea what hit them!" Scout cheered, as he followed Engineer, and told him recaps of the fight, telling about how his old team had been so shocked to see him on the other side of the field, that they barely knew how to react!

Of course, some of the Team BLU thought of him as some poor soul who had been brainwashed in to RED, or a betrayal to the team, but Scout didn't care. He was in his own team now, and he was happy.

The RED team had been good to him. Some of the members had warmed up to him after they got to knew him. Medic was still quite indifferent, but he accepted the fact that Engineer had done good job with him, whatever that meant. Heavy packed up Medics opinion, and Demoman was too drunk to care.

Soldier was very strict with him as suspected, but it wasn't anything that Scout couldn't deal with. Pyro was still completely indifferent about him, and the Spy had seemed to accept him as the new addition to the team.

The Sniper had been a little taken aback when he was told about Scout and Engineer, but even he had seen it coming. "Way to break up a guys change." He had pouted at Scout, but he didn't hold a grudge. Scout thought that the man had just said that to tease him anyways.

So he got along with his team well now, and it made him happy. The best part of the team was Engineer, who was by his side at all times. Scout had even gotten used to the gunslinger, as Engineer had taken to call is robotic arm. It had even proven to be useful in the field. So now after all the drama had settled, They got along well, and everything was sweet.

"Hey Scout. I have been thinking about a new project." Engineer said, as he was in his shed one day. Scout had accompanied him in, trying to help him with the best of his abilities, but he had to admit that he was still really rubbish with everything that had to do with electronics.

"If it has anything to do with any kind of mechanics to replace body parts, then forget it." Scout spatted, and Engineer laughed.

"Nah, nothing like that, just a simple project, here come take a look." He said, and waved Scout closer with his robotic arm.

Scout came by, and he recognized the blueprint. It was the one about the house, but it was modified a little, and the obvious change Scout saw that it wasn't designed like a bachelor house anymore, but more like a house for two.

"Since we are probably going to be together for a while, and the Trailer is getting kind of cramped, I have thought about building this behind the trailer." Engineer said, and Scout took the blueprints on his hands, and looked over them excitedly.

"Really, that's going to be awesome!" he cheered, and sneaked his hand around Engineer's waist. "Maybe we can get a dog or something, this will be so cool." Scout was excited, and Engineer smiled fondly, and cited Scout.

"Yeah, it will be awesome."

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