Hey, guys! Guess what? I was just kidding! This was going to be a drabble series, but then when I was listing all of my favorite ships, I realized, who am I kidding, I love all of these couples! Then one after another, story ideas for all of these pairings started popping in to my head and I decided that I couldn't resist. So I'm making this in to a one-shot and going to start a new drabble series, with all of the couples in there. Thanks for the patience, guys! I'm such a scatter brain. Sorry.

The series will be called Heroes (I know, real original...), and is up on my profile. Thanks so much, again! If you're interested, go ahead and read. Again, if you have a prompt for me and/or a specific pairing, let me know through PM or review. Either works.

See you around,