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Chapter One: The Missing Redhead

Naomi can't help but chew feverishly at the end of the pen. She is tackling a particularly open question on her latest politics mock exam. "Bloody Brown…" she mutters to herself and recoils as Kieran sends a sharp tut her way. She glares at her 'step-dad', although she refuses to call him that, he will always be Kieran, the pervy old guy who tried it on, to her.

Naomi leans back in her chair and sighs. She's usually so much more into this. She loves politics, she really does, but right now she doesn't care about the misdoings of overpaid politicians or the receding economical climate that they've created. Because something…something has changed lately. She's not a self-centred person, she doesn't analyse every aspect of her life, or fret over past mistakes or care about grudges or arguments…but the world has changed and that's something even Naomi, the Ice Queen, can't ignore. We are not alone in the Universe…or at least it would seem that way. A couple of years ago a ship of unknown origin crashed into the River Thames, then there was the ship on Christmas day, the Star over London, the little marshmallow men that she'd seen all over the news and so much more. Everyone pretends like it's okay, that the universe hasn't become instantly bigger, but they're all liars. The Human Race never changes.

Naomi lets her eyes dart around the classroom. Its occupants are the same familiar faces that she sees everyday. Her gaze falls on Cook who is sending a suggestive wink her way, she raises an eyebrow at him, and he brings his hand to his mouth, pressing his tongue against the inside of his cheek and giving her the universal sign for a blowjob. Her eyes drop down to the pen, which is resting between her lips, and she pulls it away, sending him a look of disgust. He laughs mutedly, even then it's a big dramatic motion, but Kieran doesn't notice. He winks at her and she returns the gesture with her middle finger. He nods towards the clock on the wall, taps his wrist and cocks his hand towards his mouth in a drinking motion. She nods. She'll go for drinks with him after this.

Her eyes move over to Katie, who, in her second year of Roundview, has changed a lot. Not that Naomi knows her; in fact, she's never spoken to the girl. It's pretty much a well-known fact that Katie Fitch is a massive bitch, but this year she's been quiet, a shell of herself ever since her twin dropped out of college. Emily. Now, that is a girl that Naomi has had some conversations with…one conversation with. Naomi shakes her head, refusing to relive that memory or any that may relate to the redhead. Katie must feel her gaze because the brunette snaps her head towards the blonde, a steely gazed fixed upon her features. Naomi's eyes snap back down towards her mock paper. She sighs and leans forward, half-heartedly starting to scribble an answer to the question.


Cook howls and slams his empty shot glass down onto the table. Naomi follows after him, but with a tad more grace. Cook sends her a wink before he clicks at the barmaid to get the same again. "So, Blondie, how'd you do?"

Naomi is wiping away the remains of a rather disgusting batch of Sambuca when he asks her the question. "Aced it."

Cook claps his hands together and laughs. "Knew you would. Ready for the real thing, then, yeah?"

Naomi nods. "What about you?"

"Me? Ah, you know me, Naomikins, didn't even open the paper, did I? I'll be fine." Naomi swallows her concern. They don't really talk about the important stuff, it's an unspoken agreement. Best friends, always there for each other, but never to push each other. Cook's hand is already sliding round the empty shot glass. He brings it to his mouth, using his tongue to rescue every drop of alcohol from its glass prison.

"You're disgusting." She grimaces at his shameless antics and can't help but playfully push at his shoulder.

"You love it." His grin is cheeky.

"No, I tolerate it." Naomi looks away from her best friend, around to the other occupants of thepub. Keith's usual lot is in. Old fuddy duddies and a couple of underage chavvy fucks that Keith doesn't mind serving as long as they keep themselves to themselves.

"What you thinking about?" She doesn't know. Not really.

"The world."

"Up in the clouds again, are we, Blondie?" the barmaid hands Cook a pint from of the counter and he takes a hefty gulp. "What you thinking about the world, then? How you're gonna change it and all that?"

"No. I don't know. Maybe?" Naomi hates to be uncertain. All her life she's known one hundred percent where she wanted to end up. She knew A to B, but now, now that's all slipping away from her.

"Well, that's deep and shit."

Naomi can't help but laugh at how simple Cook can make things sometimes. She rolls her eyes. "You wouldn't know depth if it bit you on the nose, James."

"Oh, trust me, Naomikins, I've been up to my nuts in guts plenty of times. I know deep." He waggles his eyebrows at her suggestively. That's when Naomi realises her mistake. Naomi has chosen the wrong moment to take a large mouthful of Cook's beer and chokes on it, spitting it back onto the counter in shock. She can hear the sound of Cook's hand thumping on the table and his roaring laugh. She composes herself and eyes him steely. He's not fazed though.

"You're vile."

"Love you too, Blondie," Cook reaches for his pint and takes another hefty gulp. He then pats Naomi on the shoulder. "What's eating you?"

"Nothing." She insists.

"Fuck off, something ain't right with you. So, out with it. Fed up of you being more a grumpy fuck then you usually are."

Naomi doesn't reply, well, she doesn't reply initially. Cook just gives her a pointed look and she caves. "Why doesn't anybody talk about it?"

"About what, Blondie?"

"Aliens." She almost snaps at him because she's just been dying to say it. Cook's eyes widen in surprise and he leans closer to his friend.

His tone lowers. "Oi, keep it down, no one wants to hear about that stuff."

Naomi follows suit. "But why? It's not like it's some massive secret." Cook leans back in on his stool. His lip twists in thought. He grabs his pints and downs the rest of it, slamming it on the table and collecting his jacket in the same motion. It's quite smooth, Naomi can't help but think, but she doesn't have time to dwell as his hand wraps round her arm and pulls her from her seat.


Cook doesn't answer just pushes open the door to the pub and throws a hand towards Keith. Once outside Cook releases Naomi and zips up his jacket.

"What the fuck was that about, James?" Naomi glares at the boy.

"Calm it, Blondie, just didn't wanna have that conversation in there, 'tis all," He holds up his hands. "Now, let's go for a walk, shall we? It's a lovely evening." He holds out his bent arm towards her. She slips her arm through his and they start to stroll down the street towards nowhere in particular. "So…" he starts.


"Yep, aliens. Big old green blokes and lasses that live in the sky."

"Really helpful."

"Well, what do you expect Blondie? I'm no expert on…this sorta thing."

"Neither am I! I don't even know why I care." Naomi bites her lip in thought. She's not a fanatic. Sure, she loves a good conspiracy as much as the next person but…it's like it's frustrating because everyone is just being stubborn. Ignoring the truth. I guess that's why she cares…because her mum cares as well. That's who they are. Protest rallies, uncovering the truth and justice have always been important things in her upbringing. Thanks Mum…

"It ain't a bad thing that you do. People like to hide, it's safer that way, to ignore all the crazy stuff so that their lives ain't as boring." He has a point and Naomi can't argue. Everything seems so small in comparison now…so…so pointless.

"It's too big."

"What is?"

"The world, James."

"Don't think about it, Blondie." It's at this point that Naomi realises that the most emotionally deep conversation the pair have had is about extra-terrestrials. She should really roll her eyes at this moment because it's so completely mentalbut she can't.

"I can't help it. It's so obvious." Naomi finds herself looking up towards the stars in the night sky. She watches them as they slowly flicker, taking in their vast scope and capability. She rests her head on her best friend's shoulder. She doesn't know why she can't let this go.


It's two weeks later when Naomi's working a shift in the local corporate coffee shop - yes she does feel like a sell-out but all those protests don't pay for themselves - that she sees Emily for the first time in months. She's hardly paying attention, it's hard to when a queue is lining up outside the door; everyone begins to look the same. A small hand gently waves in front of her distant gaze, breaking her from her thoughts.

"Hey, Naomi." It's not the Emily she knew. This Emily wasn't the girl she'd seen months before. That girl had been shy, closed off, practically attached to her sister…this girl was bold, confident and happy.

"Oh…hey, Emily." Naomi can't help but shift uncomfortably. She always has done round this girl…ever since…no. Silence falls over the pair. Emily looks at the blonde expectantly and Naomi's eyes snap open in realisation. She grabs an empty cup from the side and turns towards the redhead. "What…what can I get for you?"

She tries not to notice the way that Emily bites her lip in thought. It's adorable. Naomi's eyes shut in frustration. "I think I'll have the…" Emily trails off. Naomi grabs her black marker, pulls off the cap and holds it over the empty cup. "…the soy vanilla latte. Yep, that's what I'd like, please." Emily's smile is so full. Naomi scolds herself.

"Okay, cool." She doesn't mean to come off as bitchy…well, she usually does, she's a bitch, she knows that, but she doesn't want to be at this precise moment. Naomi writes down Emily's name on the empty cup, lingering a bit longer than necessary hoping that Emily will move along and she can serve the next customer, but apparently Emily has other ideas.

"So…how are you?" It's awkward. They've never really spoken so Naomi doesn't really understand why Emily's making such an effort.

"Fine," Naomi bites her lip. "You?"

"Me? I'm great. Fantastic, even," Emily says with an almost distant smile. Naomi can't peg this girl. What's happened to her? "How's college? Nearly finished now?"

"Not long now. Final exams round the corner." Naomi nods her head slightly along with what she is saying.

"You'll do great," Emily offers. They slip back into silence as Naomi begins to prepare Emily's coffee. No more words are spoken, her hands go to work. Naomi finishes placing the lip on top of the coffee cup and hands it to the shorter girl, who takes it with a sweet smile.

"Thank you." Naomi watches the redhead as she heads towards the exit, she doesn't care that the next customer is becoming impatient, in this moment it's almost as if Emily has become the most alluring thing in the world to Naomi.

She doesn't feel her lips move, but they do. "Emily!" the redhead turns towards the blonde with an amused expression on her face.


"What… about you? What are you doing these days?" She's curious.

Emily smirks. "Many things, Naomi. Many, many things." And then she's gone. Naomi can't help but feel disappointed by the answer.


That's where it begins. Naomi doesn't really want to call it obsession. Because she's not obsessed. She's not. She's just curious…curious about Emily. Ever since the day at the coffee shop she hasn't been able to get the petite redhead out of her mind. So, she starts off small and sends a couple of emails to her tutor enquiring about Emily's disappearance. She's frustrated by her tutor's reply that the information is confidential and they can't tell her any more.

Her mother tries to help, and really she does feel a bit pathetic for asking, but she doesn't really know where to start. Her mum doesn't ask questions and she appreciates that.


"Why don't you just ask her sister, dear?" Gina asks her over a cup of tea.

"Her sister's a bitch." Naomi grumbles and scrapes butter onto her toast, a tad more forcefully than necessary.

"Naomi," Gina scolds and the younger blonde rolls her eyes. "If you want to know the truth you're just going to have to bite the bullet, aren't you, dear?"

"Katie can bite the bullet." Naomi grumbles to herself but concedes. She rises from the chair, stuffing the remains of her toast into her mouth and waves her mother goodbye.


The stub of her cigarette hitting the floor is like a starting gun for Naomi. She takes a second to crush the end of her death stick into the ground with her heel before advancing on the petite brunette. She's all alone, which is what Naomi had been waiting for, they've just got out of class and Katie is retrieving something from her locker. Perfect.

When Katie slams her locker door shut Naomi is leaning on the other side. "Hey." Katie takes a step back in shock and glares at the other girl.

"What the fuck are you doing? You scared the shit out of me!" Naomi doesn't say anything just watches the other girl cautiously. "What do you want, freak?"


"Jesus, spit it out! I haven't got all day, you know?" Katie practically growls and Naomi feels like retracting her previous analysis. The bitch was still very much in there.

"Your sister."

Katie's demeanour suddenly changes. "What about her?" It's almost protective.

"I was…She…" Naomi doesn't really have a clue what she's going to say. She's never really been a liar. "I…she was supposed to be working on a project with me earlier in the year. Yeah…she had some important files that I need for my portfolio otherwise I'm not going to pass…." Katie seems to buy it. Well, she seems to back down.

"Tough." It's not nasty or laced with venom, it's as if Katie is stating a fact. Naomi's eyebrows crease in confusion.


"She's gone, Naomi. You know, travelling. She's not around anymore. I can't help you…sorry." She does seem sorry. And that's when Naomi notices how tired Katie really looks up close. Heavy bags lay under the girl's eyes, her make up is poorly applied; the blemishes on her skin almost uncared for and her body language; there's no fight. Her shoulder's hang low, her arms are closed off and her face is hard.

"Oh…okay, well, thanks anyway." Naomi wants to be out of here now. It feels like she is almost intruding on something very secretive. She wants to know more, but now isn't the right time. She throws the strap of her bag over her shoulder, flashes Katie a tight smile and starts to retreat from the brunette.

"She left some stuff…" Katie calls. "You can, like, come and have a look, if you want?" Katie offers and it's good enough for Naomi. "Come round later tonight, yeah? Round sevenish?"



Katie's right. When she arrives at the Fitch's house it seems like Katie is the only occupant of the house for the evening, but when the brunette leads her up to her room it becomes clear that Emily is as long gone as Katie says. Emily's half of the room lays completely bare, no posters on the wall, no sheets on the bed, every single inch of the redhead's half of the room is completely gone, well, from what she can tell it has. She's never been here before. Katie starts to search around in her cupboard and pulls out a large box, placing it on Emily's bed. "Here's all the stuff she left behind. What you're looking for might be in here."

Naomi sends Katie a grateful smile and begins to empty the contents of the box. It's nothing of importance, she can tell that after the first couple of tacky bracelets leave the box. It's bits and bobs, nothing complete, all missing something. It's symbolic; Naomi can't help but feel, of how Katie is obviously feeling without her twin now. She feels sorry for Katie Fitch for the first time in her life.

She doesn't know what she's looking for…in fact…she isn't looking for anything specific because there isn't anything of importance to Emily in this box but she continues to look regardless.

"What course did you say this was for?" Katie questions from her bed.

"Errr…Politics." Naomi says without thinking.

"Emily doesn't take politics." It's sharp, Katie's rage coming back in full force. Shit, she's been careless. Naomi decides it's the time to be honest. She turns towards the twin, whose face is one of thunder.

"Listen, Katie…" she begins.

"Get out." Katie hisses. Naomi wants to stay and argue with the twin. To find out where Emily has been or where she is because she can't help but feel that it's important…but she doesn't. Retreats with her tail between her legs back to the safety of her bedroom and ponders more on the whereabouts of the little redhead.


"Oi, oi, Blondie, have I got news for you!" Cook hollers down the phone at her. Her groggy eyes shoot to the alarm clock on her nightstand. It reads 4:12am. She rubs with her hands at her tired eyes and sits up with a sigh.

"It's four-fucking-am, James! What the fuck do you want?" She snaps. She really isn't a morning person, especially not this early.

"Calm it, Naomikins, I'm only calling cuz Gina told me about your new obsession. Wondered where you'd been lately. Letting out your inner lezza?"

"Goodbye, Cook." She'd be having words with her loose-lipped mother in the morning. She goes to hang up.

"Hold your fucking horses, Blondie! Reason I'm calling is cuz I've seen her! I've seen Emilio and, fuck me, if she aint looking banging tonight, man." Cook calls and Naomi slowly brings the phone back to her ear.

"Jeggers, man. She's been here all night apparently or so Thommo says. I've only just got here cuz I was off getting me end away, but I've seen her. She's just about to get in a taxi, man. Thought I'd let youse know. Tell your mum I'll be round for dinner tomorrow, yeah?"

"You're a leech."

"I'm your leech." He replies smugly and Naomi can't help but laugh with him.

"See you, Blondie." Slowly lowering her phone back down to the bed. She bites her lip…. it's verging on obsession now. Fuck it.


"Come on, hurry up, you cow!" Emily pushes Katie out of the taxi and onto the pavement. Emily flashes the taxi driver a smile and hands him a couple of notes. "Sorry about her."

She jumps out onto the pavement and wraps her arm around her sister's shoulders. "Come on, Kay, let's get you home and into bed." Katie's head lulls onto her shoulder and kisses her sister on the cheek causing both girls to burst out into laughter. "You're drunk."

"I'm not drunk!" Katie insists, pushing her sister playfully. "I just missed you, bitch!"

"I think the lady doth protest too much!" Emily slurs back at her sister and the pair laughs as they make their way towards their house. Katie stumbles up towards the door, but Emily stops a flash of blonde.

"What are you doing here, Naomi?" Emily's voice is a mixture of shock and contempt.

"I…" She can't find her voice. It's lost. She doesn't even know why she's here. "I just wanted to see you…" It's pathetic, all three of them know it is, but it's all she's got.


"I…don't know." She feels like a fool.

"She's stalking you, Ems. It's weird. She lied to me so she could get into your room as well. Stupid lezza with a crush." Katie's words evoke something long forgotten in both of the girls and their eyes instantly snap away from each other. Naomi swallows hard. She can't think about that.

"Is that true, Naomi?" She can't stand the tone in Emily's voice. They're not friends, but everything about that tone suggests that they may never be now. Disappointment.

"Yeah, she's fucking mental, Ems! She's been asking everyone about you and—"

"Shut up, Katie,'" Emily snaps and her twin goes silent. "Katie," her voice is softer now. "I'll see you upstairs, okay? I'll deal with this." Katie looks like she wants to argue but she nods, heading towards the house. Emily eyes Naomi wearily while they wait for the other twin to enter the house. At the click of the door closing Emily takes a couple of slow steps towards the blonde.

"What are you doing here?"

"I…I don't know." She repeats because she honestly doesn't, but something is driving her towards Emily. Some unrelenting force and better it be this than her curiosity about the ever expanding universe…

"You need to stop."

"Stop what?" Naomi's face contorts in confusion.

"This. Coming here. Looking for me." Naomi's gaze drops.


"Because…it's weird…and because you'll regret it, Naomi. I know you don't think you will, but you will. I promise." It's Emily turn to bite her lip this time.

"What if I don't care?" She's always been stubborn, one trait that she is most definitely proud of.

Emily smirks, it almost looks like admiration but she can't be sure. "This is bigger than you."

"The world's a big place."

"So is the universe," Emily's face becomes sad. Emily reaches into her pocket and wrestles out the keys to her house. She looks towards the door, towards Katie and her family, but turns back to Naomi with a sigh. "You don't know me…"

"I know."

"You won't see me again." Emily generally looks upset by this. Her eyes are sad as she looks at Naomi one last time. "Goodbye, Naomi."

"There's something…. something drawing me to you, Emily." She hopes it'll convince Emily to stay, but it doesn't.


It's surprising how crushed Naomi feels by the whole thing. She had been so close…so close to…well, she's not sure what but she was close to something. Close to Emily. She lies in her room for the next two days, music blaring loudly through her speakers as she tries to fathom some sort of explanation for her behaviour. She's not an obsessive person. She doesn't even like people that much really. There's just Mum and James and at the best of times they'll piss her off, but this is strange.

Her and James decide to go out for a night on the town. She thinks she sees Emily in the club, even follows a small redhead to the bathroom before she realises that it's not Emily after all. They drink way too much Sambuca and she pukes up her guts in the back alley of Jeggers. Cook still tries it on, though; she thinks she'd be disappointed if he didn't. She expects it now. It's a part of their friendship. He helps her walk home, her legs getting the better of her and carries her up to her room. This is the part where he doesn't try anything on because they are friends and she loves him for it. "Sleep tight, Blondie." He kisses her on the head and heads downstairs to the sofa.


"G, pass us the kettle, will you?" Cook calls, ushering the blonde woman with his hand while balancing his cigarette in his mouth. Gina is animatedly talking on the phone to one of her friends but hands the boy the kettle, then he pours two cups of tea and sets one down on the table. He looks towards the clock on the wall and smirks. Naomi is always up at the same time with a hangover everyday: 11.45. No reason. Just a fact. Cook smirks as he hears the sound of the floorboards creaking above his head as the clock strikes quarter to twelve.

He watches as the incredible hungover blonde with the frazzled hair sits down at the table across from him. Cook is pouring a bowl of cereal; Frosties. "Feeling peachy, Naomikins?"

"Oh, yeah, fucking perfect, James." Naomi grumbles, sipping at the tea.

"Language, Naomi, I'm on the phone." Gina calls from the other side of the kitchen causing her daughter to shoot daggers at her mother. Cook chuckles at his friend's scolding.

"Mummy's girl."

"Cunt." She shoots back and Cook's eyebrows shoot up.

"Feeling extra bitchy today, eh?" He offers her the packet of cereals but she shakes him away with her hand.

"Cheers for the tea," She mutters and Cook gives her a wink. "I saw Emily the other day."

"Still stalking your lesbian lover, then?" Gina passes by Cook and head's for the living room where she can get a bit of peace and quiet. Cook's hand is toying with the handle of his cup.

"I think she knew I'd been looking for her."

"Why are you looking for her, Blondie?" Naomi's face drops. "Now, don't get me wrong, man, those Fitch twins are booming but I thought you hated them. Why the change of heart?"

Naomi opens her mouth to speak but never gets the chance to finish because the look on her mother's face when she rushes back to the door instantly takes her from her seat. Cook follows quickly after. Gina stops in front of the TV, where images from the daily news are flickering on the screen.

"Jesus." It's not clear who said that. It's a report from a news helicopter; the large aircraft is circling what looks to be a whirlpool that has formed in the middle of the Thames.

"It is unclear what has caused this phenomenon to form in the middle of the River Thames, but one thing is clear: No damage has come to the City of London or its residents. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is meeting with the President of the United States as we speak to discuss how to deal with the situation. No one seems to be able to get close to the whirlpool apart from one person, a girl with red hair, who was seen on a platform above it. If anyone has seen this girl," a blurry picture flashes on the screen and Naomi's hand slapped to her mouth in shock.

"Emily…" she breathes and feels Cook's hand gripher shoulder in comfort.

"Please contact us with information." The report ends and flicks back to live coverage of the whirlpool. Naomi stumbles backwards, dropping into the empty armchair behind her and staring at the screen.

"Well, they can't hide it anymore. They just can't expect things like this to keep happening and people not ask questions…" Gina returns to her conversation on the phone. Cook takes a seat next to her and pensively watches the screen. They don't say anything; there isn't anything to say.


While on shift two weeks later, Naomi finally starts to get some answers. The whirlpool that had occupied the River Thames for three days was gone. One morning when she'd woken up it had just disappeared. The papers all say it was a freak weather accident but she knew better. Everyone knew better, but they still went back to pretending the truth wasn't out there. It's a particularly dull day at work, hardly any customers and Naomi has decided to have a go at the crossword in the Guardian. Pulling her stool closer to the counter, she leans over the paper and begins to consider the list of clues. She's so lost in thought that she doesn't hear the door to the shop open, the bell ring or see the eager hands that rest on the counter in front of her. The fingers begin to drum impatiently but she doesn't notice. Too lost in her crossword. One of the hands reaches for the bell on the desk and presses it, leaning down to meet Naomi's gaze.

Naomi looks up startled at the raggedy man that was standing before her. She wasn't one for fashion but even this man's was questionable. A bow tie, really? And suspenders? In her analysis of the man she hadn't notice at how deeply he was looking at her. "Errr…can I help you?" she asks raising an eyebrow.

"Yes…yes, I believe you can," the man takes a step back and quickly running his eyes over the options of a drink. "Ah! Tea! I love tea. Earl grey, please, two sugars, a squidge of milk and tea bag first! Always tea bag first!" A large, joyful smile now covered his features.

Naomi stares at the man for a couple more seconds before reaching for an empty cup. "Name?"

His face seems to burst into an even bigger smile. "The Doctor," Naomi can't help but admire a man in that profession, it's a noble one, saving lives and helping people. Even if the NHS has been a pile of wank these days. "Pleased to meet you." He holds out his hand over the counter and Naomi hesitantly takes it. His grip is firm and erratic.

When he finally lets go of her hand she goes to work on his tea. He doesn't say anything, just bends down and starts to inspect the contents of the glass cake tray. When Naomi reaches the end of the counter and asks for money he almost looks confused.

"Ah, yes! Money, I always forget the money," he starts fumbling around inside his jacket and then pulls out a fifty pound note. Handing it to her with a smile. Rich prick, is what crosses her mind as she gets the man his change. "Thank you…Naomi. The service has been fantastic." He turns away from the girl, tea in hand, but then she realises…

"How do you know my name?"

"Well, it is your name, isn't it?" he swivels back towards the girl. "Says it on your name tag there," She glances down to the nametag that is resting on her chest and feels a sense of relief fill her. "But that isn't the reason. You are the Naomi Campbell, correct?" She slowly nods her head. "Well, not THE Naomi Campbell, little mistake on my part, thought she'd meant the supermodel, very temperamental woman and she loves to throw shoes, doesn't she?" Naomi is staring perplexed at the man. "Anyway, the point is…is your name Naomi Campbell?"


"Brilliant," the Doctor beams. "Well, Miss Campbell, you need to come with me."

"I don't make a habit of going anywhere with strangers, thank you." Naomi snips. She's growing impatient of this man. How does he know her name? And her place of work?

"And rightly so, but this time we're going to make an exception."

"I think you should leave." Naomi moves to collect the utensils she's just used to make the man's coffee.

"She said you had some fire in you." he leans on the counter, refusing to leave.

Naomi sighs. "Who did?"

"Emily." His face has turned deadly serious at the mention of the redhead's name. It unsettles her.

"You…you know Emily?" The Doctor nods. "Where is she?"

"A good question…" he replies. "Want to know the answer?"

She does. More than anything she really does. "Yes!" She doesn't mean to sound so eager.

"Emily is in trouble. She's trapped and I need your help to get her back." His words are serious.

"What kind of trouble?"

"The kind you couldn't even dream of," he pushes away from the counter and the massive smile returns to his face. "So, are you coming, Naomi? Emily's waiting! "

She doesn't know why she follows this stranger with no more than Emily's name thrown at her, but she does. Because she's obsessed and she needs to find the missing redhead.